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[cPDH] Malcolm + Breeches Combo

Pauper EDH UR (Izzet)


DISCLAIMER: This deck was the start for that archetype and my submitted deck for the PDH contest. I think Kediss is the better partner competitive wise and I keep the work flow going there: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/DXNiyhzKu0CtukXTI9UfDw

This deck aims to compete with Tier2+ decks. As my testings suggest so far, it usually combos around turn5/6 if left unchecked, while it also has several ways to interact with other combos, and it also can protect its own combo.

Pirate-wise I only put the evasive cmc1-2 pirates in the deck. Any more expensive pirate wouldnt make sense, as they wouldnt fit in the curve. You always have Malcolm on 3 and you dont wanna take another turn just to develop another pirate. These cheap pirates can give you explosive turns if terms of ramping, because you could get like 1,2 or even 3 treasures per turn if left unchecked. These treasure will help drastically to combo off and gonna make you 1-2 turns faster.

How the combo works:

Plan A: Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator + Viridian Longbow + Freed from the Real is the basic idea and kills the table. Any other pirate would be sufficient too, but you still have to have Malcolm on the battlefield. But in case your Malcolm would be affected by summoning sickness, you can still put Bow+Freed on another pirate or even on a non-pirate and make them a pirate. There is also ways in the deck to give haste. Instead of Longbow you can also use Hermetic Study, Psionic Gift or even Quicksilver Dagger to some extend. The problem is: Freed is the bottleneck. There is no alternatives for Freed. So if Freed would get exiled, we couldnt combo anymore. Thats why there is alternative ways to combo without Freed:

Alternative B: Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator + Reckless Fireweaver + Wings of Velis Vel + any artifact drop (like a Treasure by Malcolm ;) ). If Fireweaver is a pirate and pings the opponents, you generate treasures thanks to Malcolm, which will trigger the Fireweaver again, and so on. This combo doesnt even need a Longbow / Study / Dagger, which is superb. Also, I chose Wings of Velis Vel as an example here, because notice how Wings can be found by Vedalken AEthermage.

Alternative C: Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator + Battered Golem + Viridian Longbow + Wings of Velis Vel. Works like Horseshoe Crab when you look at the necessary pieces, but this one also makes mana, which is important to know if you used a Dagger instead of a Bow here, because then you draw cards until you find a Bow or Hermetic Study and then put these on the Golem.

Alternative D: Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator + Horseshoe Crab + Viridian Longbow + Wings of Velis Vel. Here you have the Freed already printed on Horseshow Crab, so if youre missing Freed, you could just grab the crab. Note that if you put a Dagger on the crab instead of a bow, you might need open mana (or Lotus Petal) to put a Hermetic Study or a Bow on the crab, so your decksize doesnt cap your crabs ability to shoot around :)

Alternative E: Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator + Pili-Pala + Viridian Longbow + Wings of Velis Vel. I added the fourth alternative to Freed. So now we have 4 redundancies in the Battered Golem slot, 4 redundancies in the Longbow slot and 4 redundancies in the Wings of Velis Vel slot. To be fair, Reckless Fireweaver is more efficient than Alternative C-E as the Fireweaver doesnt even need a Longbow piece. But the basic idea is to maximize the chances to find a piece for each slot. The Longbow slot and the Wings slot are the easiest to find due to our tutors Dizzy Spell, Muddle the Mixture, Drift of Phantasms, Merchant Scroll and Vedalken AEthermage. So having a fourth natural piece for the Battered Golem slot is really nice to have.


1) There is also Fireweaver / Mirran Spy combos that requiere you to cast free spells like cmc0 artifacts over and over again. I chose not to play these combos, because I dont wanna have (more) dead cards in my deck (most of the free spells are absolutely unplayable otherwise). And the reduncancy in the deck as it is, is already very good. So thats why I dont play Mirran Spy, Sigil of Sleep, Retraction Helix or Banishing Knack. I'd rather have as many counterspells and interaction as possible.

2) I am only playing the most effective cmc1&2 pirates to get the ramp boost by Malcolm (and the potential of late game with Breeches). Most of the pirates are just very bad topdecks, and all you want from your pirates is to connect right after you slammed Malcolm. So there is no place for pirates in the curve from cmc3 upwards. I'd rather have as many counterspells and interaction as possible.


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