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PDH-Are my creatures vanishing or is it your deck?

Pauper EDH* Casual Jank Mill Mono-Blue Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick


Updated list here https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/pdh-manic-scribe-combo/

This deck seeks to win by milling out your opponents! We use the commander because he hits all opponents (instead of just 1), so it scales regardless of your playgroup size!

The combos

Archaeomancer + Displace + Peregrine Drake

Tried-and-tested infinite mana combo.

Redundancy for Archaeomancer in Mnemonic Wall + Salvager of Secrets + Scrivener

Redundancy for Displace in Ghostly Flicker

After generating infinite mana, you can use Archaeomancer + Displace + Manic Scribe which will mill out all your opponents, effectively killing them on their draw step.

Manic Scribe + Merrow Levitator + Retraction Helix

  1. Cast the merrow levitator the turn before(summoning sickness), with a counterspell or Mizzium Skin in hand and many islands.
  2. Cast Retraction Helix on merrow levitator
  3. Cast and bounce your commander for each time to mill the table 3 cards each.

  4. (Optional) Cast High Tide + Stonybrook Banneret this increases the available and makes your commander only cost

  5. (Optional) Having Sage's Row Denizen in play
Sage's Row Denizen + Shrieking Drake

This is a 2-card combo but it only targets 1 player

Manic Scribe + Wizard Mentor

This is a repeatable bounce effect which you have to recast for 5 mana each turn

The gameplan

We use manadorks, searchlands, and Dreamscape Artist to add more mana.

The artist also helps to add more Island into play which synergyses with High Tide

We build our deck around our commander's ETB effect, as well as other ETB creatures.

There are also symmetrical bounce effects with serve double purpose as threat removal and our own recursion

Our commander's second ability also mills the table, so we need self-discard cards to make this happen.

For this reason, I have added in more searchlands like Terramorphic Expanse which help thin the deck and activate delirium.

We are aiming for Instant, Sorcery, Creature, Land as the 4 different card types for delirium, although we have a smidgen of Artifacts and Enchantments in the deck that may help out in the oft chance that you do not hit the primary 4 types first.

Other than the typical counterspells/ bounce, we have

2-sided bounce

This can help to bounce threats while bouncing our own creatures to abuse the ETB effects


AEther Tradewinds


Peel from Reality


Commander shutdown

Deep Freeze


Run Aground



Totally Lost

Together with the commander's mill ability, this is akin to hard removal.

Other interactions

Using treasure cruise, you can Delve away all the creatures in the graveyard, leaving only the one you want. Then, use Haunted Fengraf to get it back.

Seeking improvement in the following areas

Defense: Should I add in some walls? What about timmy pingers?

Filtering: I'm not sure how fast I can pull off WINCON 1 since the available tutors are limited.


Updates Add


Here is the updated list for double masters. Notably, with Myr Retriever reprinted as common, Rona as a dimir commander now has an alternative infinite mana combo with artifacts.