Realized that Hero of Iroas was printed as an uncommon in ultimate masters, so I decided to make a PDH deck around him

So after about a year after building this deck, here are some observations.

  1. This deck is decently fast, I can consistently get lethal commander on somebody by turn 4, and there is a high enough density of protection enchantments that people can’t deal with hero easily

  2. This deck is also fast and consistent enough to compete at normal EDH tables, against high power decks running interaction.

  3. With all the above being said, I’m really pleased with the performance of this deck. A lot of people underestimate us because of us being mono white and not having access to good card quality, and then they die on turn 4. It’s refreshing to play a good mono-white deck after seeing white being left out in terms of power creep in recent sets(looking at you eldrain).

Anyways, see y’all later


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+heliods pilgrim +transcendent envoy +sentinels eyes +oblivion ring

-cho mannos blessing -knightly valor -hopeful eidolon -a three mana artifact/enchantment removal spell with cycling, don’t remember its name


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