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[PEDH] Quintorius - Never Forgets

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Another elephant in the room? Flashback, graveyard sheniaghans, spirits there are a lot of directions to take this commander and I decided to mesh together the best aspects of each one.

This is not a clear cut deck. There is a combo but it involves a lot of moving parts. There's loads of hand filtering and draw but do not solely rely on the combo. This deck is capable of developing a sizable board state and just smacking in.

Oh, boy this ones a dosey. So, first off you're going to want your commander out to maximize value. Then, you'll need both Workshop Assistant and Myr Retriever ; one in hand one on the battlefield. Lastly, you'll need Ashnod's Altar .

So, with all this on the feild - minus either a Myr Retriever or Workshop Assistant in hand, you can start your loop. Just follow these steps.

1) Sacrafice either Myr Retriever or Workshop Assistant to Ashnod's Altar this generates mana.

2) play Myr Retriever or Workshop Assistant from hand - we get an etb to return an artifact from our graveyard to hand - bring back Myr Retriever or Workshop Assistant

3) start looping - with this loop you can generate infinite etbs meaning you can kill table with Impact Tremors and with cost reducers and mana you could Fireball table.


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