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PDH(UB) - Marsh Croc, Mayor of Value-town

Pauper EDH* UB (Dimir)



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This is one of my best PDH decks. Marsh Crocodile is a behemoth of value that adamantly refuses to stop delivering:

  • He's a 4/4 for 4 mana, which is actually pretty huge in Pauper.

  • His EtB Discard effect is packed with value in multiplayer games: each opponent discards, and you get to play a madness spell (or put a flashback spell into the grave for use later). It's pretty gross.

  • His EtB Bounce effect is busted in a deck packed with other EtB Value cards. I like to attack with him, push him through 'cause he's huge, bounce him for a Ninja of the Deep Hours, draw my card, then re-cast Marsh Croc, bouncing Ninja.

  • I'm really not kidding about him refusing to stop delivering; he does not cease to transpire.

  • Art by Kev Walker, as a nice bonus.


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