In life she adventured on the high seas, defying the many attempts of the jealous Thassa to bring her to ruin. She escaped the gaping maws and reaching tentacles of the deep dwelling monsters to sail over the edge of the world and into the starry expanse of Nyx, and with her triumph, she finally earned the respect of Thassa.

This is also confirmation that Theros is flat, NOT a globe, take that, roundies!

Please note that this deck has been compiled with heavy influence from Kind of Blue: Callaphe Voltron PDH, and you should definitely check out that build and upvote there if you like this brew!

As mentioned initially, this deck is a voltron build similar to Ruffigan's deck. I've tried to change certain elements (primarily in the creature base) but in all honesty, there isn't much complexity to this one. Just suit up Callaphe, drown out your foes' stuff and keep swinging in!

Callaphe has a handy natural ability to avoid danger- namely your opponents spells- but she'll still need some help to stick around. She can become very big very quickly, and can take opponents out with commander damage fairly early on with the right tools.

A lot of the creatures in this build are just there to soak up damage, defenders of the shore whilst Callaphe is out smacking things in the face. Here's some notable ones-

AEther Adept, Mist Raven- These can bounce pesky blockers, whilst also feeding into Callaphe's power.

Ghost Ship- Every sailor needs a ship, and this one sticks around. It can block fliers coming your way, and survive to tell the tale, provided you have the mana to repair the hull.

Martyr of Frost, Spiketail Drakeling, Spiketail Hatchling- They can help with the devotion side, and delay opponents with any wise ideas.

Merfolk Looter, Tandem Lookout, Thought Courier- Card advantage is always nice!

These enchantments, similar to the creatures, are fairly self-explanatory. They're there to keep your opponent's stuff trapped in the riptide or make our sailor even more slippery.

Notable inclusions are Sigil of Sleep, repeatable bounce for your foes' stuff, Eel Umbra to protect Callaphe some protection from board wipes and both Protective Bubble/Starlit Mantle to make sure she can't be hit by your nefarious opponent's spells.

At risk of sounding like a broken record, not much to point out here, either. Counterspells and card draw spells can really help, here's a few notable includes-

Artful Dodge, Distortion Strike- Immensely helpful spells that can make your commander unblockable, with the bonus of a recast!

Turn Aside, Keep Safe- It won't only protect Callaphe when someone pays the extra mana to target her, but it'll also help protect anything else we have on the board.

So, aside from the standard ramping stuff, I've also included card:Nuerok Stealthsuit just for that extra bit of protection. There's also Courier's Capsule for the card advantage when you need it, and the Mantle of Tides which has the bonus to help us out with devotion. It also auto-equips to our creature in the event of drawing two cards, which is fairly likely in this deck.

If you've checked out Kind of Blue: Callaphe Voltron PDH, you may be wondering, why cut out some of the really good cards like Wall of Kelp or Flood. This is because I'm an idiot who doesn't like old card frames at all, and I prefer ascetics over any kind of strategy. I've included cards with the newer card frames solely for that reason, and definitely check out Ruffigan's deck for some way more useful and viable options!

Anyways, thanks so much for checking out this deck, and please leave any suggestions below!


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