Woolly Thoctar


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas (DDH) Uncommon
Shards of Alara (ALA) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Woolly Thoctar

Creature — Beast

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Woolly Thoctar Discussion

QuestionMarc on Modern Safari

2 weeks ago

It has come to my attention that this deck is extremely vulnerable to Lightning Bolt. When I built the original Safari deck for Standard during Alara block, Lightning Bolt was there too since it had just been printed in M10. My solution at the time was to play 4 Rhox War Monk, 4 Woolly Thoctar, and 3 Wilt-Leaf Liege. I'm not sure those are still the best options, but I am considering them and whether some of these should go in the board or the main or a combination of the two. Let me know if you think of a better answer to bolts!

Podkomorka on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

3 weeks ago

I'm going to say we stick with Agent_Fire's list. heltoupee has made good points and added good criticism.

Deck's Added:

Hagdorm on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

3 weeks ago

Here's my Woolly Thoctar deck: Woolly Thoctar Pauper Fun! It was built initially for multiplayer, but it's found a home as a 1v1 deck for now. It's an aggro list that chews through a single opponent, even at 30 life and 16 commander damage. I am still curious how it performs in multiplayer though.

Avadon on Budget Beast Beatdown

1 month ago

I used to play a similar deck. Maeyael tended up attract a lot of hate though. So I'd think a little more about protecting her or speeding up her ability. Swiftfoot Boots would do both. There are plenty of other beasts that wouldn't mind he proof/haste.

Behemoth Sledge is most useful for the Trample ability, but Haunted Cloak trades the +2/+2 for Vigilance and Haste, all for a 1 mama equip cost. Might be worth looking at.

Woolly Thoctar is a fantastic card, if you can find room in the maindeck for it, you won't regret having a 5/4 three drop.

skoobysnackz on Primal Hunger

3 months ago

Hey mr_funk I appreciate the suggestions. However, I do disagree with removing Rancor. With typical auras, getting 2-for-1'd is certainly a problem, but since Rancor comes back to our hand when it hits the graveyard from play and it only costs to cast again, I don't see it being a problem at all. It also gives trample to my creatures which is quite relevant, and it helps to activate Rhonas the Indomitable since only Woolly Thoctar and Ghalta, Primal Hunger do so alone.

Regarding Collected Company, the more I think about it, the more I think this deck is actually not the right deck for Coco. For Coco to be really used to it's maximum potential, I would typically want 25-28 targets at least and I only have 22 in this deck. I've been thinking of replacing it with Lifecrafter's Bestiary. Since my creatures are for the most part cmc 1 or 2, paying an extra shouldn't be much of a problem. If I do decide to stick with Coco, I will definitely make a change to my sideboard, but I want to hear other opinions on Coco Vs. Lifecrafter's Bestiary first.

TheVectornaut on Elder Dinosaur Highlander *RIX UPDATE*

6 months ago

Alpha Tyrranax

Allosaurus Rider

Then there are all the Naya beasts that look kind of like they'd be dinosaurs: Godsire, Woolly Thoctar, Hundroog, Paleoloth, Krosan Groundshaker, and so on.

KatsuShibata on Multicolor Mayhem

6 months ago

Loving your deck, and I love the Glittering Wish idea even more, sounds like a sweet deck with the inclusiomn of cards like Collected Company, I think you could also be a bit greedy and swap some of the creatures that you where using to control the board and use them as a beatdown strategy, basically change Reflector Mage and Lyev Skyknight for stuff like Rhox War Monk, Woolly Thoctar, Dauntless Escort, Jenara, Asura of War, Kitchen Finks...

Althought Collected Company sucks when using Knight of New Alara

Now, the deck gets fun when using Glittering Wish, it makes your sideboard very flexible, you can run a lot of stuff that makes sure your deck continues to beatdown uninterrupted, I'd personally think about Naya Charm, Bant Charm, Ojutai's Command, Detention Sphere, Izzet Staticaster, Dromoka's Command, Wear / Tear, Fracturing Gust, Firespout

Vaan on Naya Elvish Piper

8 months ago

If you're gonna focus on Elvish Piper to cheat big creatures into play you should streamline your deck a bit. I would cut the 4 Woolly Thoctar and 2 Wild Nacatl for +2 Elvish Piper, +2 Elvish Harbinger and +2 Llanowar Elves. Knotvine Mystic is too color restrictive to your current mana base, so i would cut it for +3 Fyndhorn Elves or +3 Birds of Paradise.

I would also cut 1 Plains and 1 Mountain, since most of the cards we want to cast are green and we have A LOT of ramp, 20 lands is just fine.

You only have 3 big creatures and 4 fetchable cards for your 4 Time of Need, so i would either cut Time of Need for +4 big creatures or for +4 Fierce Empath.

Try cutting Growth Spasm and Lightning Helix for +3 Beast Within, Might of the Nephilim is a very subpar card, cutting it (and the 2 lands) for +3 big creatures or Natural Order would give the deck a good boost.

Protean Hulk and Craterhoof Behemoth are good additions, if you can find space on the deck and the budget allows it.

For the sideboard you can add Summoning Trap, Obstinate Baloth and Nature's Claim.

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