The Demigod of the Forge was plucked by Purphoros, enslaved to the gods will and sent into the world to punish any who don't pay proper respects to the lord of molten inspiration and creativity. Bound to only repeat his beloved Cymede's name until his divine duties are fulfilled, he brings from the ashes of his fallen foes followers of Purphoros...

Which apparently are Satyrs? Wait, why not elementals? Y'know, like the embers of the forge or something? Satrys? Really? Ok then...

Anyways, to Anax, he cares for naught but two things- to bring ruin upon all those who defy Purphoros, and to be reunited with his wife once more. He doesn't care what he needs to sacrifice to reach his goal, and as he has been forced to serve the red deity, he will compel others to abandon their loyalties and burn with him.

This deck has a few different strategies. The first, and most obvious, is to swing in with big dudes and make use of ETB and death triggers, getting two-for-ones with the sweet bonus of a Satyr or two when they outlive their usefulness. Some are in the deck to be played, die instantly, and give you their Satry goodness.

The second strategy of this deck is the good old tried and true steal-and-sac strategy, with classics like Act of Treason to steal your opponents best creatures, then get rid of them, netting you a few tokens whilst you're at it.

And probably the most obvious thing this deck can be used for is to wallop your foes in the face with a bunch of ex-revelling now-furnace-worshipping maniacs. There's a few pump spells and enchantments to maximise damage your satyr army can do.

- Ahn-Crop Invader, Bogardan Dragonheart, Orcish Bloodpainter, Scorched Rusalka, Skophos Warleader, Thermopod- Handy sacrifice outlets to either remove our 'borrowed' stuff or to get rid of creatures that've outlived their usefulness. Scorched Rusalka and Orcish Bloodpainter have the handy bonus of dealing a bit of damage to our foes whilst doing this, whilst Thermopod can ramp us. Ahn-Crop Invader and Bogardan Dragonheart can buff themselves to be 4/4s, so, if they're killed, they'll maximise their satyr output.

- card:Goblin Wardrums, Orcish Oriflamme- Get into the red zone!

  • Makeshift Munitions- Another sac outlet, fire your stuff at your foes!

  • Impact Tremors- The removal magnet. But if it sticks around, it can deal big damage as you grow your satyr forces.

  • Raid Bombardment- I think they also use this name to refer to a certain mobile game's advertising campaign. But it also ramps up damage as you attack with your sizable satyr squad.

- Burn Bright, Trumpet Blast, Volatile Claws, Volcanic Rush- Pump spells to make your satyrs do some extra damage or to help your stuff reach their full satyr-y potential.

Thanks so much for checking out this deck- please give it an upvote if you liked it and feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions!


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