Scorched Rusalka pauper edh

fun toolbox/aggro deck, built to counter general-centric decks. Rusalka comes out first turn and is rarely a target. Attacking aggressively and using Rusalka's sac ability keeps steady damage when a token or small creature's blocked. Having a large pool of gain control cards, rusalka has access to cheap sac without tapping, making it ideal for sac-ing many, many creatures, chiefly, your opponent's large creatures/ generals. with instant speed activation through Rusalka, cards like Rukh Egg and Dragon Egg become fast flying threats that can easily run away with the game.

being able to check any large creature lets 3+ power first-strikers reign supreme. Splatter Thug, Fault Riders, Blood Ogre, and Plated Geopede rule the mid game, and Dragon Egg,Rukh Egg and/or Gathan Raiders finish the game if it goes long ( or you just face damage with sac-ing creatures).

a fun combination to point out, Ember-Fist Zubera + Volatile Claws turns ember-fist into a bomb if you have a decent board and are going for a kill.

this deck gives you a lot of answers and is very hard to slow down. Even in games with multiple opponents Rusalka can fair well; that being said momentum is very important, losing that can be very punishing. If you do slip and lose advantage, first strike creatures allow the deck to sustain, and then you can sit back with Tim effects, and finish opponents who become more aggressive targets (this is the worst case scenario).


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