Colorless Ramp With Sandstone Oracle

Though not as colorful as the deck name would suggest, this deck does its best impression of Green by barfing your hand ASAP to power out Oracle in the first 3 or 4 turns. This will hopefully draw you 4-5 cards and allow you to start powering out beaters and ramping into your next cast of Oracle. Ideally you will be able to kill it in combat but if not you have a couple of fail safes: Ancestral Statue and Guardians of Koilos to return it to your hand and Ashnod's Altar, Bloodtallow Candle, Gremlin Mine, and Scour from Existence to kill it yourself. Being colorless, the deck is naturally completely vulnerable and has no ability to react to spells, so I threw in a few walls to hopefully bide time. While you won't be winning many games with this, I think you'll find it is surprisingly fun to play.


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