Murmuring Mystic


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Murmuring Mystic

Creature — Human Wizard

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, create a 1/1 blue Bird Illusion creature token with flying.

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Murmuring Mystic Discussion

Natalbee on Mass Awakening

5 hours ago

Thanks, BoyToy!.

You're right - Murmuring Mystic is just too slow, and it's not something I want to cast on Turn 4. And I thought Might of the Masses would be cool with Awakening, but by itself it really does nothing, so I'm thinking of reworking the deck a little. I might turn it into Kicker Control with heavy mana ramp and Fight with Fire/Sylvan Awakening as finishers.

What do you think about Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar as a big, reusable creature? It can also bounce the Gates to trigger Guild Summit again.

And that's a good idea about the mini board wipe against aggro. I'm thinking of maybe using Deafening Clarion instead, so that my land creatures and Multani can get me some life back.

Boza on The Guildmage Cycle

12 hours ago

There is a difference, but honestly, Guildmages were never playable outside of Limited and maybe a few in commander, but never in standard. There is no difference between tapping and not tapping for the ability, unless you want to activate it two or more times. And if you can afford to activate your guildmage twice in any format, you are probably already winning.

In constructed, even though the guildmages have to tap, I think that it is OK. League Guildmage is great in Limited and both abilities are OK in Standard, where you can never realistically expect to activate the ability twice.

Legion Guildmage having the ability to push early damage with its first ability and late game damage with its second one is exactly what the guild wants to do in Limited.

Selesnya Guildmage is less useful, but your Rosemane Centaurs having trample or not is a really big deal. Heck, your Flight of Equenauts being chumped by a Bird token from Murmuring Mystic feels awful. And the second ability takes over the lategame in a stalemate.

Swarm Guildmage has two very useful abilities. The small ability is useful versus aggro, where golgari really struggles to trade efficiently. The large ability is useful as a game ender. Making Vigorspore Wurm unblockable is a huge deal that has won me multiple games. And in combination with something like Izoni, Thousand-Eyed, it is amazing.

House Guildmage being an instant-speed source of surveil at a good price is incredibly important in the early game to power up your Disinformation Campaign and Dimir Spybug and filtering away lands in the late game. Locking down a powerful creature is an underestimated ability.

TLDR - They have uses which you have chosen to dismiss for unknown reasons. Maybe not as much in commander (though I would still have both Swarm Guildmage and Korozda Guildmage in my izoni deck) though.

Rabid_Wombat on The Hate Mill, Inc.

21 hours ago

I see your point about Teferi GingerSquatch93 so I have gone back to a mono-Blue mill build for now.

Firstly,Siren's Ruse is not that's very circumstantial as you can only really target Naru with it and you only have two of her in the deck. What you need to be worrying about is being swarmed by aggro decks...not if you can Counter a Counter with another Counter ;).

I'm running a playset of Essence Scatter and a few Blink of an Eye to try to slow down the rush of creatures trying to fade me.

I've also added a playset of Radical Idea for more card draw to fire up Psychic Corrosion. Can't believe you have ditched the Chemister's Insight...they make the deck work imho especially thanks to jumpstart.

And where has Overflowing Insight gone?? That card has been the game winner for me on more than one occassion - stalling the opponent until you reach seven lands then BOOM - mill for 28 sucker! For a deck to work you gotta have a card that accelerates your Wincon and Overflowing Insight was it for me. Heck...I've even been using Murmuring Mystic as a secondary Wincon (Bird Beatdown) but you've ditched him too :(

Natalbee on Mass Awakening

1 day ago

alejandrocroy: And between Sylvan Awakening and Murmuring Mystic I probably don't need Saproling Migration and Spore Swarm anymore. You're right that a Chainwhirler just destroys those tokens, and I'd probably be dead to a Poison-Tip Archer.

WKM on CounterMill

2 days ago

I've found Diamond Mare can be a good fit for decks like this. Also with Murmuring Mystic in the deck you might want to consider some mix of Sinister Sabotage and Wizard's Retort. 2-3 of Memorial to Genius could help in the late game. It really requires a dedicated build but if your not aware there is a instant win combo with Drowned Secrets in standard that may tickle your fancy involving Naru Meha, Master Wizard and Release to the Wind.

Caran_Lyg on Help with Improving UB Mill ...

2 days ago

I use 4 Opt, 4 Radical Idea for it's Jumpstart ability and instant speed with Psychic Corrosion. If you're going to use Murmuring Mystic you're gonna have flyers, when you have flyers you can use Navigator's Ruin. If you're going to use flyers you can use Siren Stormtamer to protect your creatures and Warkite Marauder equipped with Curious Obsession. Memorial to Folly seems good too if you use it to bring a creature back like Thief of Sanity or the Mystic.

Rabid_Wombat on Help with Improving UB Mill ...

3 days ago

Chemister's Insight x4 for more card draw and Murmuring Mystic for bird blockers to help against aggro/creature heavy decks.

Poaralion on The Hate Mill, Inc.

2 weeks ago

What I was meaning by "don't do anything" is : they don't have instant value. Ok you have your enchantment on the board then ? You have to wait till next turn to start milling with it. You grind your op because of milling but it's slow and doesn't help you survive by their own. Boros ? They beat you down too quick. Golgari ? They will be happy yo have some fuel in the graveyard. Mono-U ? They won't let you do anything scary.

About the birds, if a deck is playing some huge threat like this, don't worry it will have trample in it ( Carnage Tyrant / Doom Whisperer ) or they will find a way to pass throught ( Ritual of Soot / Goblin Chainwhirler ). Against a deck that spread on the board, saprobionte for example, they will have more than you ( and they will have them quicker ) so not a problem too. And all of this is if your Murmuring Mystic pass the turn ! If you launch it on turn 4, you're fully open to whatever your op cast : bounce, burn, destroy creature etc ; if you want to wait while holding a counterspell, it is 7 mana !

I wasn't aiming to be mean, sorry if you were thinking it was the case. I really like the mill, the deck seems to be able to mill an opponent without any problem but you're not interacting enough with the op. How do you deal with any creature based deck ? What do you do if you are the one getting counterspell'ed ? Your op won't sit there doing nothing.

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