Auriok Salvagers


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Uncommon

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Auriok Salvagers

Creature — Human Soldier

1W: Return target artifact card with converted mana cost 1 or less from your graveyard to your hand.

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Auriok Salvagers Discussion

enpc on Partner Combo (Thrasios & Tymna - cEDH)

2 weeks ago

Overall I really like the list. There are a few particular card choice questions I have as well as some overarching ones.

  • I'm guessing budget isn't an issue here, so how come no Noble Hierarch? It seems better than Llanowar Elves / Avacyn's Pilgrim. The same thing goes for Deathrite Shaman, given that you have 10 fetches and your opponents will most likely be fetched out too.

  • is there a reason you're not running Sol Ring / Mana Vault. I get that all your rocks are zero drops, however both of these still provide so much value.

  • While I get that you have Pull from Eternity as a backup in case your Laboratory Maniac gets extiled, would it still be worth running backup in win condition? Since you're already sporting the Bomberman Package, have you considered Walking Ballista? I know it's a bit boring, but it works well and given that you have a few infinite mana outlets, it seems good.

As for a few cards I have been really happy with:

  • Birthing Pod is a solid choice IMO. It lets you either pod a 1 drop dork into Grand Abolisher prior to setting up your combo or dig up Vizier of Remedies to complete your infinite mana outlet. It also works over 2 turns to let you pod a 2 drop creaure (e.g. Thrasios) into Trinket Mage (fetching LED) into Auriok Salvagers. I personally run Kiora's Follower as well which lets me do this over 1 turn.

  • Mogis's Marauder is pretty good as well. It lets you form a separate hulk line, getting Marauder, Hermit Druid and if you're running it, Deathrite Shaman. This lets you immediately combo off as well, giving haste to HD and DRS who eats a land to pay for the HD activation.

oo7x7oo on Sharuum Artifact Combos: Infinite Possibilities

2 weeks ago

Auriok Salvagers only combos with LED and has no other use, he is also harder to search that's why I don't use him.

I don't just throw in cards that combos, there are a lot more cards that combo with my current list but they are not versatile or cannot be part of other combos, thus I don't consider those cards.

Kiba_Kamui on Sharuum Artifact Combos: Infinite Possibilities

2 weeks ago

I liked this deck and i built a another version with your list and NV_1980 list.

But i think if you put Lion's Eye Diamond you need put Auriok Salvagers, only for the combo with two.

LTmiller on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

Screptile I'd love to see those decks play at a table with three t1-2.5 decks. It'd be funny, because they are sounding very good with how you're talking about them, but I know they're not. The reality is JVP is a high tide commander, not control. You cannot win trying to play control against three combo decks that are a majority of t1-2. You just simply can't counter enough.

As for Clique, I feel as though she/he, whatever it is, (no knowledge of the lore behind the fae) most likely won't even come down before a game is already being won. Like I said earlier, sitting down with other decks that are ALL very threatening and powerful, you simply can't provide enough counter magic to three other people to do anything to stop them. Even if you do, you're going to win with a 7 turn clock to 1 of the 3 opponents? Ha. That's a joke in and of itself.

For example, just to show you, I was piloting the Thrasios/Tymna Doomtide deck played/created by one of the labmen yesterday against a Nath stax deck (that I built), a Keranos stax deck (Cameron of the labman piloted this on an episode and I fell in love with it, also my deck), a Paradoxical Arcum deck, and a Karametra Echantress with some prison aspects to it and my opening hand was 3 fetches, Mox Diamond, Mana Crypt, Imperial Seal, Vampiric Tutor, I'm on the play, play mana rocks cast seal (drew a flusterstorm) go get LED. turn 1 sol rings etc. from everyone else a bit of hand sculpting. Drew led, cast thrasios. turn 2 hand sculpting someone made every draw a card (some random kid that isn't included in my earlier listing as he's playing an AWFUL Nekusar deck) I respond with Vampiric Tutor, get Auriok Salvagers draw it, my turn draw land play salvagers, LED, response from the arcum player was force, i replied with a flusterstorm. Win.

You're going to tell me you can control me and two-four (my usual group) out of the game when we are all playing stax, combo, and prison decks? No. That's impossible. Literally. I think they're both fine where they are.

n0bunga on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

I'd agree with moving Gitrog to T1, out of totally unbiased reasons. enter image description here

But seriously, I know mine is far more thematic, though it still holds well competitively. And I would concur, Gitrog has a lot of great interactions and can just win.

Dialing it back to the Sliver Overlord, I had offered a few suggestions, and I was also dumb enough to misread FC. But I had another thought of a possible outlet, emulating a similar package that Thrasios runs: Buried Alive, Angel of Glory's Rise, Trinket Mage and Auriok Salvagers. You don't need to worry about creature-specific mana/etc, and it should be relatively quick enough (as Thrasios proves) to get it out very early, get your infinite mana, and go to town with various combos outlets, like the Slivers that deal damage, or drawing your deck to cast LabMan.

buildingadeck on Moneyless Storm

1 month ago

Sorry about that. Meant to add Auriok Salvagers to that combo.

thegigibeast on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 months ago

Ok everyone, I was thinkering about the Daxos the Returnedlist today and here is what I have come up with:

I think we are all stuck about the win condition needing to come from enchantments but... I mean we are not obligated to stick to enchantments!!! Like it has been mentionned before, Bomberman combo would be something pretty spicy IMO with this commander, since it can be an infinite mana sink at the very least (we only need one counter on him). I would stick to that idea, so the core of the deck would be having at least 1 experience counter, then infinite mana. No matter if the commander is still in play or no. We start by generating infinite white with Auriok Salvagers + Lion's Eye Diamond, then we go for infinite black, then infinite tokens. Simple. I know we have to wait an entire turn then to swing and win, but that would be a start.

To gather exp counters, I would add in the deck a suite of enchantments that would help fighting against top tier strategies. I am still looking to list them all, but for sure things like Rule of Law against storm, Leyline of the Void against any graveyard based strategy/Protean Hulk, Leyline of Sanctity against anything that can target you (Aetherflux Reservoir/Walking Ballista)... Many enchantments out there will help us hate on top tier decks, so we could play like a suite of stax enchantments, with all the support from white and black to tutor and draw and have good enchantments, I think it could be fairly potent.

I will work on a decklist form now and post it here again once I will be done to get comments/feedback, and compare with the other lists you guyz are working on.

thegigibeast on Come on and Sram

2 months ago

I would say that the equipment effects are not really important; the idea simply is to keep on drawing. I would, however, include every euqipment that can allow me to draw cards, because it would let us try to restart the chain in case it stops. The only ones here I can't see in the list are Diviner's Wandand Avarice Amulet. I would exclude the Amulet as it is too slow and costs 4, but I would consider adding in the Wand. It would be an infinite mana outlet if we manage to get the Bomberman combo (Auriok Salvagers + Lion's Eye Diamond) online, so it would be a win condition. Sitting at a CMC of 3, it would be the top of the curve, with other win conditions already at 3 (i.e. Monastery Mentor).

As for the swords, I would play only the ones that can help going even further in the combo turn (Sword of Feast and Famine) or the ones that can draw you cards (Sword of Fire and Ice). I would leave the others out of the deck since at a CMC of 3, it starts to be pricy for an equipment that will only be ised for protection or recursion. I would drop Sword of Light and Shadow, since I don't even know what you want to recur with it... As I said above I would replace it with Diviner's Wand, unless you have some pretty good explanations to convince me to keep it in?

Tagging two other deckbuilders here hoping for thoughts GartaNakhla

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