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Impetuous & Proud Boros Brawlers

Pauper EDH RW (Boros)


The basic idea of this deck is to always be able to attack into an enemy and get damage through, no matter what the board state is, no matter whether it's mid- or late-game. Sometimes this means leaving yourself open to counter-attack, though, so it can feel a lot like a bar brawl, where you gut punch somebody, only to get blindsided from somewhere else.

If your opponent goes tall, you should have no problem consistently tapping down their few threats with Proud Mentor, Aurora Champion, and the many other creatures like them in the deck. It's not uncommon for this deck to be able to tap down 4 or 5 creatures per turn cycle. If your opponent goes wide, then your pingers, like Prodigal Pyromancer, should be able to whittle down their numbers pretty quickly so you can still get through. There's also Cosmotronic Wave, in case token numbers start to outpace your pingers. This deck performs much better with at least one stomp deck in the game, though, since having a large creature around means Impetuous Protoge's power will be much higher.

Board wipes and large voltron threats with hexproof are the main weaknesses of this deck. Board wipes mean we lose all of our 2-3 toughness creatures that are either pushing through extra damage or tapping down threats, stalling our progress for several turns. If you get lucky, instants like Fortify can mitigate this damage. Hexproof threats are just immune to being tapped down, so we'll have a hard time getting damage around them without losses.

One idea for improvement that I have been toying with is replacing some of the pingers with more small wipes like Electrickery, Barrage of Boulders, and Radiating Lightning. The ones that prevent blocking also help with getting around hexproof creatures. Incorporating more lifelink might also help the deck survive a little better in the late game.


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