Oh you, Zada!... Again. This is probably one of the most budget decks for PDH out there. And one of the funniest. So let me ask you a question. what's better than, say, a Brute Force (that is really a bad card in commander)? Make it double, triple, quadruplbl... ok you got it. Do it for us, Zada!

What is it? - This deck is basically the EDH deck that found a new home with the Zada, Hedron Grinder's downgrade in Master 25. No joke, the cards are pretty the same. And the point of the deck is to point (ahahah, I deserve Hell) the spells we cast at our commander, tocopy them and create a horde of buffed creatures ready to turn sideways. In a case with 10 creatures on our board, for example, our little Brute Force turns in a +30 flat damage for only ! This is absurd even for Commander's standards! And there is more!

Is there more than damage? - Yes, it is. The draw. Spells like Stun on our little Zada (we can cast in on our turn, it doesn't matter that our creaturs can't logically block) becomes a pay draw X, with no downsides. And it's not even the best card in this section. We have double strike pump spells (pretty self explanatory), trample spells, and cards that damage our horde to do something fun, like Make Mischief that magnifies our board.

How many swings to win? - One. Really I've done like 400+ damages in a sigle turn. Make creatures and tokens, draw a lot, gain a lot with Inner Fire, spell spell spell. It's a good plan to not sacrifice our resurces before the big one to deal only a few damage. Wait untill you can go off safely, but not too long because remember you can only win throught Zada.


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