Lone Rider


It That Rides as One


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Lone Rider

Creature — Human Knight

First Strike, lifelink

At the beginning of the end step, if you gained 3 or more life this turn, transform Lone Rider.

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Lone Rider Discussion

Haldarious on List of Color Pie Breaks/Bends

1 month ago

Verbatiam, those are all good points, but that's why this is a list of bends, not just breaks. also It That Rides as One  Flip has a colorless identity, but it's essentially a white card (Lone Rider  Flip), and white doesn't usually have access to trample. Normally black cards only get creatures back from the graveyard to the hand, so Shrouded Lore's potential to get back other card types pushes it towards green territory (which it was originally, but, Planar Chaos). Avoid Fate is a precursor to now-normal hexproof instants, but there will be instances in which they don't do the same thing (it doesn't protect against abilites or sorceries, for example). I included Hour of Eternity because it's essentially a reanimation spell in mono-blue, and mono-blue decks typically lack creature recursion - this list is meant to help out decks with color restrictions overcome their intrinsic shortcomings.

Kitsunemiku on Loot & Loop

1 month ago

Boza that's fair enough, though I disagree with you on some points. As Rurara_Rahura mentions the life gain is there to keep you alive until you can get the combo out. The deck has two main plans, gain life and combo out, as the game progresses redundant cards can be cycled out with Nahiri and Cathartic Reunion.

I do though agree that perhaps the main board Lone Rider  Flip and Ranger of Eos might be a little redundant but I think it has its pros & cons. For one it can flip easily and act as a blocker to some larger threats as well as gain us life and the ranger thins out the deck and gives us more life gain. On the other hand though it might in fact be better as you say to include more interaction. Swapping them out and perhaps adding in 2 more Cathartic Reunion to help find the combo pieces and more interaction to deal with enemy threats might be the way to go!

I have yet to take this deck to an FNM or anything of the sorts, so I will keep the list as it is for the time being and report back once I see how the deck preforms against tiered opponents.

Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your thoughts with me on the deck!

Chasmolinker on Ravine's Soul Sisters Deck

1 month ago

Does Lone Rider  Flip work in Soul Sisters? It seems good.

Siosilvar on Life Avalanche

1 month ago

The biggest thing to do is just play cheaper cards. White and black basically don't ramp, so I wouldn't run more than about 6 cards with CMC 4+. The few exceptions to that are Kor Cartographer who's already a 4 drop, white catch-up cards like Weathered Wayfarer, and black doublers like Crypt Ghast.

Cards I'd cut:

All five-drops except for the Archangel of Thune and maybe one or two others. They're not bad, but because they're so high in mana cost you'll rarely if ever play them so you really want just a few game-winners up here.

Chastise and Smite. Play Path to Exile or Fatal Push instead; being able to cast your removal at all matters more than what it gives your opponent. Condemn is the budget option.

Probably the Cradle of Vitality unless it turns out to be a consistent game winner. It's too mana intensive for Modern.

Sungrace Pegasus. If you're relying on these so that Odric can give everything flying, just run a fourth Aerial Responder instead and replace the other one with a better creature.

So, all that said, some smaller mana cost cards for you to consider filling in that space with:

1 drops

Better removal as mentioned, Path to Exile/Fatal Push/Condemn. Dismember can be good too, since your life gain should outpace the 4 life you have to pay for it.

Serra Ascendant. The best one-drop any lifegain deck can ask for. They're expensive but worth it.

Children of Korlis or Kami of False Hope. Lets you save life so you can activate Serra Ascendant and Chalice of Life. The Kami lets you saves your creatures in combat, the Children save you personally from more kinds of life loss and are another life gain trigger. Up to you which is more important.

Brave the Elements

2 drops

Lone Rider  Flip is a better version of Knight of Meadowgrain because he's a 4/4 most of the time (but sometimes a 1/1) instead of always a 2/2.

Blessed Alliance is a pretty neat toolbox card.

Honor of the Pure

3 drops

Oblivion Ring or its functional reprint Banishing Light. Lets you temporarily (or permanently, if your opponent doesn't have enchantment removal) get rid of anything that's causing you a problem.

Kambal, Consul of Allocation. Maybe just as a sideboard card against spell-heavy decks.

Vampire Nighthawk, it's a bit more versatile than Aerial Responder because it has deathtouch instead of vigilance.

Path of Bravery

Kitchen Finks. Not a lifelinker, but really common in life gain decks because they block twice and give you 4 life while doing it.

Atroxreaper on Ranking White Weanies...what would be ...

1 month ago

Lone Rider  Flip was a lot of fun for me.

Aleboth93 on Knights, fast and hard.

1 month ago

Suggestions: Lone Rider  Flip, Odric, Lunarch Marshal, Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers and why not Stoneforge Masterwork.

Anyway the deck is good, +1 from me :)

Camrakul on What a waste of a life (W/B Life Drain)

2 months ago

Nice deck.

My thoughts:

zephyr_chang on Human Soul Sisters

2 months ago

I would play some amount of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben in the main. I believe it hurts the opponent more than it hurts yourself, even with your low land count. And I would probably cut some Lone Rider  Flips if that's the case.

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