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Fleetfoot Panther's Catnip Trip PDH

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GW Pauper EDH headed by Fleetfoot Panther. Wanted to do something weird with this color combo (not tokens or a similar go-wide strategy), and Fleetfoot offers me just that! This is a bounce/blink deck with a ton of EtB triggers for my creatures. The secondary theme is Enchantments cause they're the best source of control for GW and Constellation/enchantment mechanics are fairly common, then recursion of enchantments benefits from the blink/bounce theme as I can repeatedly get those enchantments out of my GY, if they even get there in the first place.

The deck fares well against both control and aggro, but struggles in ending games, so I honestly don't suggest using it if winning is your goal. I picked several auras that have built-in recursion so that you're able to reuse them and turn otherwise useless creatures into capable bodies, but the low number of finishers is evident most games. The deck is ultimately tons of fun to pilot, with lots of complex moves to make such as when to use Fleetfoot to bounce another creature and when to use bounce spells on Fleetfoot itself.


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