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Aven Wind Guide's Token Party PDH

Pauper EDH* Tokens Tokens WU (Azorius)



There's no pauper commander quite like Aven Wind Guide . White has several go-wide/token commanders, then Blue has a couple as well in Murmuring Mystic and Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive , but all the potential go-wide UW commanders are based around buffing/protecting your flying creatures. Aven Wind Guide's embalm mechanic actually allows you to have your commander on the field twice, though there's no benefit to this.

In this deck, almost all card slots go towards token creation. There is a little card draw and control going on, but much less than you'd typically see in a UW deck. The blink/bounce spells help reuse ETB effects to create more tokens, then some lifegain creatures help keep you alive.

New cards to consider: Defend the Campus

The tokens are not very strong, but their evasion and vigilance allows you to freely swing into anyone who doesn't have flyers. If they do have tons of flyers... well then you're kinda in a rough place, but that's where the few pieces of removal come in handy. The help get over larger creatures, there are several instant/sorcery-speed anthems and a few anthems attached to permanents. Strong preference for anthems that increase power (as opposed to toughness).


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