Daxos has had a tragic history- stabbed in his sleep by the woman he loved, doomed to wander all eternity searching for her, only to pass her by without realising as he left the realm of Erebos. It was both an emancipation and a curse when Heliod chose this warrior to bear his mantle as a demigod- he became the envoy of the very being who killed his beloved Elspeth, a puppet to spread the faith of the sun-god for all eternity.

While Daxos has lost the freedom he had as a mortal, he has the boons of Heliod woven into him, and those boons grant protections and power no mortal could comprehend.

There isn't too much that's complex in Daxos's deck. He is a white voltron build designed around enchantments- just slap them on and make Daxos huge. Since Daxos's toughness is based on the grounds of devotion, he becomes naturally tougher with each enchantment that hits the field under your control. The deck also runs heroic cards as a contingency- just because Daxos is chosen of the sun, doesn't mean he's Heliod's only champion.

I'm actually upset that Chosen by Heliod didn't find its way in here. If it boosted power, I certainly would've included it, but as it's toughness-only, I concluded Daxos has enough of that going on to begin with.

- Akroan Skyguard, Hero of the Pride, Lagonna-Band Trailblazer, Wingsteed Rider, Revered Dead- No Daxos? No problem! These creatures can be pretty big beaters if you spread the enchantments around. Revered Dead's regeneration makes it very useful to put your auras on and tricky to remove.

- Altar of the Pantheon, Marble Diamond, Star Compass- Handy ramp!

  • Bladed Pinions- First strike AND flying? Really useful equipment.

  • Whispersilk Cloak- I love this card in this format, evasion and shroud is awesome, especially in a voltron build.

There's a metric tonne of enchantments in this deck, and the majority of them do the same thing, which is buff, give some kind of evasion or vigilance, or a combo of both. I'll pick out some of the choice ones-

  • Armament of Nyx- Cripple your opponents' stuff or give Daxos Double Strike!

  • Cage of Hands- Bounce, and then play on a more fitting threat when you need to do so.

  • Ethereal Armor- Probably the best aura in this deck, it can make the creature it's attached to huge!

  • Sentinel's Eyes- An easily recurrable vigilance-granter, which can be immensely valuable when used in conjunction with the card below...

  • Solid Footing- A surprise wincon of the deck, since Daxos's toughness is what gets boosted with each point of devotion, this can be devastating.

Similar to the enchantments, there isn't much to point out here- the goal for these spells is to protect your Commander from harm. Our instant-speed removal comes in the form of Crib Swap, everything else is enchantment based.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my deck, if you liked it please give it an upvote, and please feel free to give any improvement suggestions in the comments!


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