Rakdos Cackler


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Rakdos Cackler

Creature — Devil

Unleash (You may have this creature enter the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. It can't block as long as it has a +1/+1 counter on it.)

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Rakdos Cackler Discussion

DjustGreat on Rakdos Aggro Help

2 weeks ago

Looking to make my super-budget red/black aggro a lot better now that I have some cash to invest in it. Where should i start?

Creatures: 4x Crimson Muckwader 2x Desecration Demon 4x Diregraf Ghoul 4x Hellhole Flailer 3x Hellrider 4x Lightning Mauler 4x Rakdos Cackler 4x Vampire Nighthawk

Land: 4x Bloodfell Caves 8x Mountain 10x Swamp

Instant/Sorcery: 2x Shamble Back 2x Doom Blade 1x Hideous End 4x Burst Lightning

Thanks for any/all suggestions!

wraya2 on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 month ago

Wait, I think I figured it out. Does this work or am I trippin?

Swamp, Dark Ritual, Lotus Petal, Simian Spirit Guide, Tainted Strike, Reckless Charge, Assault Strobe.

Swamp > Dark Ritual for 3. One for Rakdos Cackler, one for Tainted Strike. Simian gets exiled to pay for assault strobe, lotus petal pops reckless charge to get Cackler to 5P. Upon attacking, use one of the last floating black mana from Dark Ritual to play tainted strike, which would deliver 12 infect because of double strike. Yeah? Yeah?

wraya2 on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 month ago

Fellas, I need some help in trying to make this Turn 1 Win Scenario work... See below:

Starting Hand On the Play: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Lotus Petal, Tainted Strike, Demonic Appetite, Reckless Charge, any card. Swamp cracks D.R. for the 3 mana, use one to play Rakdos Cackler (the Commander), one to play Demonic Appetite (gives Cackler 5 P/T). Use Lotus Petal to play Reckless Charge (8 P/T) and, upon attacking, play Tainted Strike to deliver 9 points of Infect damage. Clearly this doesn't win the game but there HAS to be a way to get that last tick of poison we need in 7 cards, right?

Podkomorka on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 month ago

There was no discussion over our debate deck lists. Deck placement left the same.

Deck added:

wraya2 on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 month ago

Yo, check my 1v1 Rakdos Cackler deck at Rakdos Cackler - PDH.

Drimilyon on Toshiro UmezawAH MY GOD I'M DEAD

1 month ago

The main thing I see here is not having big finishers. Sure, kill your opponent's creatures but then what? You need something to end the game. You have some good creatures there. I think you should take out Nightveil Specter (if you play against a different color you can't cast anything) and Rakdos Cackler for Vampire Nighthawk and Skinrender (he can also act as a removal).

Having 2-4 bombs that actually win the match is the important part. I'd take out Toshiro Umezawa. He needs to have a creature die, which means you probably used a removal, and if you want to cast another one you can just cast it from your hand instead of playing with your graveyard, that's not what the decks does... Good bombs like Grave Titan, Overseer of the Damned, Massacre Wurm (Works well with your removals) and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet can REALLY change the game.

Also, get yourself some ways to draw cards. You get more removals, and you cycle through the deck to reach the cards you need. A bomb, a special removal, idk, something. Erebos, God of the Dead can cycle nicely and she's a big creature. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is also great. Never mind the thing about humans, he buffs your creatures and gives them Undying which is really good. Bonus - creatures with ETB (enter the battlefield) effects can work well with it because they do their effect twice. Skinrender which I mentioned earlier can be used as a removal twice in a match, or just used to weaken enemy bombs.

You could swap Hero's Downfall for Vraska's Contempt. 1 more mana but takes care of indestructible and gains you some life.I don't think Bojuka Bog fits this deck, I'd take it out for Cabal Coffers but if you're on budget, just another Swamp.

Now when I think of it... Having so many removals in one deck can be cool, so nvm my earlier comment hahaGood luck with this deck man, it looks REALLY cool and has great ponential!

TheDevicer on Can someone please explain to ...

3 months ago

So when Theros first came out, people were playing a Red Deck Wins list with mono mountains, Rakdos Cackler, Firedrinker Satyr, Ash Zealot, Boros Reckoner, and Fanatic of Mogis as a finisher. Beyond that, you had burn from Lightning Strike and Magma Jet.

The deck didn't care about taking damage because it was almost always attacking. Yes, there were games when the opponent played some decent blocker like Fleecemane Lion and now you could no longer attack into them, but you had burn and Fanatic of Mogis to provide you with a lot of reach in the late game.

In short, Firedrinker Satyr is not great. It was just an aggressively costed early game threat that was just good enough to see some play. That quickly disappeared off the face of the earth even in Standard once the format evolved.

Lokotor on Marchesa, The Black Rose - Primer

3 months ago
removed Flayer of the Hatebound high casting cost meant I rarely ended up casting it and the effect wasn't critical to the win strategy. not many token swarm decks or similar that can't be broken through via stax so the direct damage wasn't necessary.

added Basilisk Collar additional source of lifegain for the mid-late game. too many games are leaving me at low life and unable to use cards like necropotence, etc...

added Decree of Pain testing out an extra board wipe, with the number of rocks we're running the deck should be able to play it, but it's between this and Damnation

removed Nevinyrral's Disk not enough enchantment decks or similar problems to deal with, we have spot removal and counter spells to deal with the occasional problem artifact or enchantment as it is so a more immediate, creature wipe is probably the way to go.

added Bloodcrazed Paladin he should function as another copy of Rakdos Cackler with the added benefit of being able to get large for attacking/blocking.

removed Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker CMC made it so he was never cast

dropped Slave of Bolas added Mark of Mutiny should hopefully be able to take and retain whatever the best threat on the board is without the built in sacrifice for 2 less mana and easier color requirements.

added Massacre Wurm extra synergy with grave pact and should fit well as a stax piece.

removed Crumbling Necropolis added Fellwar Stone drawing too many lands, better to drop a rock than hold onto a land.

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