Reassembling Skeleton

Creature — Skeleton Warrior

: Return Reassembling Skeleton from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

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Reassembling Skeleton Discussion

Firebones675 on Devil's Recourse

5 hours ago

Hi, I'm really sorry for the delay.

Your deck strikes me as particularly aggressive and wants to win the game as soon as possible (that's not necessarily a bad thing). That being said, a few of the cards in the deck like Squealing Devil, Stinkweed Imp and Reassembling Skeleton are on the slower side. I would personally replace them with more efficient ways to pressure your opponents life total like Lightning Bolt, Rift Bolt or Lava Spike.

Yesterday on Does Panharmonicon's ability still work ...

5 days ago

Thanks. So just to confirm, Reassembling Skeleton enters directly from the graveyard and so triggers River Kelpie's first ability (twice with Panharmonicon), but Skaab Ruinator doesn't count as entering the battlefield from the graveyard if it uses the stack to be cast from the graveyard, so only triggers River Kelpie's second ability and not the first?

Neotrup on Does Panharmonicon's ability still work ...

5 days ago

Deathbringer Regent triggers twice, but it won't activate the second time unless there are still 5 or more other creatures, because it has an intervening if clause. So if 5 creatures regenerate, it will try to kill them again, but if only 4 regenerate, it won't bother.

River Kelpie will trigger twice if a creature enters the battlefield from the graveyard, but only once if you cast a spell from the graveyard. In other words, it triggers twice from Reassembling Skeleton, but once from Skaab Ruinator.

You are correct in what it refers to, as well as anything with the phrase "as thic enters" the other thing of note would be things that enter with counters don't enter with additional counters.

Ohthenoises on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

5 days ago

See I ran a Stax deck with ghoulcaller Gisa (Like actual factual Smokestack/Descent into Madness

I would T3 Contamination with a returnable creature in play (let's use Reassembling Skeleton as an example) that package had great synergy with Skullclamp too.

After that I used Gisa's tokens as a way to break parity on Smokestack.

My group hated me and it was really unfun to play so I never bothered to tune it too much but honestly that's the only way I could see Gisa being ok

TheLeonarding1 on Ertai's Counter Prison

6 days ago

Thank you! I put a lot of work into it, I'd like to know how yours runs! I don't know anybody else personally who runs an Ertai :p

The first budget replacements I can think of are Archaeomancer and Mnemonic Wall for Snappy and Gearhulk. They'll still get you the extra mileage from your counterspells, which are notoriously weak in EDH. I was given my Force by a retiring friend, but without that I'd probably run Rewind, as it's another "free" counterspell. Docent  Flip and Guile are cheap rares though, and they're my primary win routes, so just loading up on your favorite counterspells should do fine, as long as you have a variety in mana costs. Reassembling Skeleton is a bomb Bitterblossom replacement, and so good for Ertai I'm always considering running both, but it's one of those random uncommon I can never find! A Wall of Denial is a fine wall in place of Spellskite too, and it's shroud doesn't prevent Ertai from sacking it.

Now that I'm thinking about it, returning a counter with Archaeomancer, sacking to counter a spell, returning and replaying seems pretty alright...

Tyrant-Thanatos on First 11 days in M.T.G.! Help me defeat my gf!

1 week ago

Just FYI, there are various Formats in MTG you can play. Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Casual, etc.

Standard is limited to only newer cards, Modern allows cards going all the way back to 8th Edition (July 28, 2003), and most other formats allow cards from any printing, barring banned ones.

Presumably you're playing casually (correct me if I'm wrong), and you have your deck flagged as Standard at the moment, and it contains a couple of cards that are not legal in Standard (because they're too old).

If you are playing casually, there's loads of good cheap cards you can get your hands on. Hymn to Tourach can be found in the $0.60 range and it's incredibly powerful in casual play.

Also a real quick rules note:

she takes my cards and turns them against me using act of treason....i had my nightmare at 7/7 And she beat me to death with it
If she uses Act of Treason on your Nightmare, while it is under her control it will have power and toughness based on the number of Swamps she controls, not the number you do. So unless she's also running Swamps, that shouldn't be an issue at all.

Other suggestions for low $ black cards include: Unearth, Black Knight, Reassembling Skeleton, Stitch Together, Royal Assassin, Mutilate, Promise of Power, Delraich, Avatar of Woe

None of these are "must have" cards, but they're all inexpensive (<$2 each), and can be incredible in the right deck in casual play.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

1 week ago

Suggested Cuts:


  • Hymn of the Wilds (this card sucks in multiplayer. Every deck needs its instants and sorceries)



  • Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile discourages attacks, even against other players, which is bad. If we had included Azorius hard control, stax or tax this card would be fine though
  • Gustcloak Savior I dont think it does enough
  • Herald of the Host Serra Angel isnt good enough for this format
  • Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip pikers arent good enough in this format, and he sucks as a planeswalker I think
  • Crescendo of War too slow
  • Dusk / Dawn I think that ultimately there wont be a deck that really benefits from this
  • Just a general note about white: we have too many pump effects. Lets cut a couple.










I think our next task will be deciding which are the best 50 or so cards in each color from our pool. that should lay the groundwork for deciding which narrow cards (i.e., archetype-specific) cards we should include. Curious to hear your thoughts on cuts/additions!


zephyr_chang on Budget Zulaport Sacrifice

1 week ago

Bloodsoaked Champion and Reassembling Skeleton are quite expensive to get back, what about Bloodghast instead? Or some creatures with Undying? I agree with recursion - Immortal Servitude could be good for the deck. Also, you might need more than just Viscera Seer as a sac outlet. Maybe Blasting Station or something?

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