Reassembling Skeleton


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Uncommon
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Uncommon
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Uncommon
2012 Core Set Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon
Archenemy Uncommon

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Reassembling Skeleton

Creature — Skeleton Warrior

: Return Reassembling Skeleton from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

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Reassembling Skeleton Discussion

GiantMonsterGames on The Walking Dead

1 day ago

Like the deck man! Blood Scrivener seems so good, I didn't play test with it but I feel I should have. When I was testing my deck I didn't find I was getting as much value off Bloodsoaked Champion as I would have liked. That's why I'm running Reassembling Skeleton in my deck instead of it.

dondorgatho on Sek'kuar death keeper wither

5 days ago

maybe you could replace the artifacts with some small returning creatures to get some death triggers for your commander, Meren of Clan Nel Toth and The Scorpion God

like Bloodghast Bloodsoaked Champion Geralf's Messenger Nether Traitor or Reassembling Skeleton

and while you're at it some sac outlets like Viscera Seer

enpc on Started off BUGing, Now I'm Nag(a)ing

1 week ago

The main reason I added Mike was to give the ballista package some redundancy. I'm not sure if I want to keep it in the deck, but Mike seems strong in conjunction with Raza. I hear what you're saying about Victimize vs Tooth and Nail - I think that it seems like a good tradeout. Do you think it's still work running Ghostly Flicker/Peregrine Drake?

I originally added Blasting Station + Nim Deathmantle as another wincon that works with Palinchron, but I'm not sure if it's worth the slots.

If I added raza, do you think it's worth adding cards like Reassembling Skeleton and Gravecrawler? I think Bloodghast seems strong regardless but I'm aware that slots are important.

PookandPie on Monkey See, Monkey Do

1 week ago

Well, I do have some advice I can offer regarding Shattergang, mostly because my friend tried playing him for a little while. The deck can be slow- there's nothing wrong with being a little slow. You just have to make sure your opponents are also going slow, too.

Contamination is one of the most dangerous cards you can run. Mana rocks and Cryptolith Rite would help you still get your red and green, and it's easily upkept by your token generators. I happen to like Reassembling Skeleton, Bloodghast, Nether Traitor, etc., in Shattergang (reusable Edicts are nice), and they work wonderfully with Contamination. I'd definitely recommend at least one or two of those to go alongside Contamination, as your opponents will assuredly hate it when you and, like, Chainer, Dementia Master are the only ones who can still cast your spells.

Nihil Spellbomb should really be in here. It and Salvaging Station would form a cute little draw engine, and it doubles as graveyard exile to prevent people from keeping their stuff by using Reveillark, Karmic Guide, etc.. I'd suggest cutting Profane Memento for it. Yes, Memento gains you life, but cards help you win the game, so I strongly feel that'd be a better use of that slot.

Ophiomancer is a decent option as it helps upkeep Shattergang's first ability quite nicely.

Awakening Zone seems quite good here. A token every turn that can be sacrificed to Shattergang, or turned into mana ramp, plus the enchantment can be used to get rid of pesky enchantments your opponents have. I don't see a negative to using it, at least.

Creakwood Liege is strong in here as well. Makes solid 3/3 tokens for you.

Solemn Simulacrum seems like he would be decent here, as well. 4 to ramp, then 2B to make each other player sacrifice a creature and you draw a card doesn't seem terrible at all.

Mycosynth Wellspring is reasonable for an inclusion. 4R to draw 2 cards, each player sacs and artifact isn't bad at all, and Glissa can turn it into an engine.

Phyrexian Arena would be a decent draw engine. You can draw extra cards off of it and then sacrifice it if you get low on life.

I really like Hangarback Walker in Shattergang decks, and it would be especially great in yours due to Glissa. See, getting a few tokens out of it is wonderful, repeating it just makes it absurd (as it's a good card on its own).

Garruk Wildspeaker or some creature that ramps might be a better call than Life and Limb: I don't like the idea that your Forests can be board wiped by a Toxic Deluge or Wrath of God or something, even if your opponents Forests can be sacrificed to your Edicts, even if it does make your saproling tokens generate mana (which, only one card of yours makes Saprolings right now, and it's Sporemound. If you had a heavier saproling theme before, LaL makes sense, but you don't seem to have that any longer).

Viridian Emissary is pretty functional. Farhaven Elf and Wood Elves work too.

Birthing Pod is another card of which I'm a huge fan- it'll chain you straight up through to your Avenger of Zendikar and Sheoldred.

Nullmage Shepherd is phenomenal with token decks. Your opponents have multiple enchantments/artifacts and you don't have enough mana to force them to sacrifice the one you specifically hate? No worries, just tap four dudes and destroy that one anyway! I strongly recommend this card if you're able to get 4+ creature out regularly.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker is a high recommendation because he makes tokens you can swing with and then sac to keep other creatures off the field. Very advantageous. If you want to go infinite with it, Zealous Conscripts makes infinite tokens for you to attack with, and Conscripts is especially good here since your Commander is a sac outlet (this could easily replace your Necroskitter + Glistening Oil combo, IMO).

I have apparently recommended too many cards, and I can't also recommend Nullmage Shepherd, the mana dorks, or Kiki and Conscripts. Just know that they exist and might be of great benefit to you, lol.

Recommendations for cuts:

Profane Memento removed for Nihil Spellbomb, as mentioned above.

Unwinding Clock is another card in a very weird place. The only card it works with well is Myr Turbine (which is a combination I loved back when I played lockdown Arcum), and you don't run Possessed Portal to make it a tried and true lock (which, the Possessed Portal lock is only really good in Arcum, anyway, so it's probably best you don't run it). I don't see much reason to run one card that is only good with Myr Turbine, and has slight use with Salvaging Station (meh, requires a lot of mana for Shattergang + that over other people's turns), Bow of Nylea (meh), Whip of Erebos (super meh), Sol Ring (meh, you run few instants and most don't want double colorless), and pseudo vigilance for Wurmcoil. That doesn't seem worth the four mana slot to me, especially over something like Reassembling Skeleton which could be used to make Shattergang always viable to activate.

I don't like Praetor's Council. I never have. It's too much mana for what it does, and you could shortcut the middle man, with a sac outlet, and use Living Death or something to just dump all your stuff back into play (Nihil Spellbomb helps with this a ton, too, remember).

Explorer's Scope isn't very good, in my opinion. I would think that slot better utilized by Golgari Signet or something from the above list.

Infiltration Lens just seems worse than some of the other draw engines mentioned before- I wouldn't even run it over Phyrexian Arena.

Shield of the Avatar seems unnecessary.

I'm assuming Glistening Oil is in here for Necroskitter or Kresh (nothing else seems to be able to get big enough to OHKO an opponent with infect), but I'm not sure that's actually worth it. A Rogue's Passage in the mana base would probably get the same job done, because if Kresh isn't being answered then he's always going to get stupidly big. As for Necroskitter, I don't think that combo is really worthwhile as it takes an entire round of turns, then you have to kill the creature its attached to.

Deathrender seems cute but unnecessary. Eldritch Evolution could basically do its same job for way less mana investment (lol it can turn Vorapede into Sheoldred or Avenger).

Bow of Nylea doesn't really seem worth the slot.

Necroskitter. You have Glistening Oil but it's really your only way of putting -1/-1 counters on things. It's a cute combo, but Black Sun's Zenith would probably be a better choice. Either way, I don't think that combo is viable enough to warrant both of their inclusions, as Necroskitter is worthless without Oil, and Oil is worthless without Kresh or 'skitter, because putting it on opponent's creatures without them just turns it into a BB: Kill a mana dork on your next upkeep, which isn't super valuable.

Those are all of the suggestions I have for your deck. This should, ideally, lower your curve and reduce the number of cards that are dependent upon other cards in your 99 without being strong themselves. As far as speed goes, Shattergang isn't a particularly quick deck unless you build a combo variant (like Kiki Jiki and Conscripts) with a bunch of tutors, and while you do have an infinite squirrel token combo, both of those are good on their own.

dlamars on The sting of value!

1 week ago

Hmm well you could swap Midnight Banshee out for Grim Poppet, I've wanted to play the banshee for a long time but she is slow and puts a target on your head. The poppet is less scary politically and interacts well with lots of cards here like Carnifax Demon and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed.

I'm not sold on Butcher Ghoul, if he ends up not living up to your expectations Reassembling Skeleton is also a option.

sonnet666 on Teysa's Darkest Hour

2 weeks ago

Hi there.

I was resolved not to comment on this deck, because I play Teysa IRL, and I'm certain I have enormous biases about how Teysa can and should be played (The fact that you're not running the Teysa + Nether Traitor + Phyrexian Altar infinite mana combo hurts me.), but I think I need to drop by just to give you this recommendation:

Razaketh, the Foulblooded

Until Raz gets banned, he's basically a must-include in this deck. Here's why.

He fits in perfectly with your Animate Dead/Entomb cards, and if you get him out with Teysa and at least one black creature you've basically won the game.

First tutor: Darkest Hour. Play Darkest Hour. Tutor for every card you desire. Win.

The fact that he's a tutor and a sac outlet is just beautiful.

That said, I fully expect him to get banned in six months, so don't get attached. But so long as he's available and you're the face of Teysa combo, you should have him in here.

Also, just general advice. I don't think think the 0-drop creatures help you very much. When you had Attrition and Mind Slash in here there was an okay chance of them being helpful, but now the only value you get off of them is if you happen to have Phyrexian or Ashnod's to turn them into mana. There's enough here already that you're likely to always have a creature to go off with Teysa.

I'd cut all four for Raz, Bloodghast, Nether Traitor, and Skullclamp. (Skullclamp is the super important one here, since it's draw, which you need; it combos with any infinite mana sac loop to draw your deck, thereby acting as extra wincon; and it turns Doomsday actually viable as opposed just a really risky tutor for Darkest Hour.

You also have enough instants and sorceries that Dark Petition is probably better than Diabolic Tutor.

Phyrexian Reclamation, and Spirit Bonds are a couple extra cards I find fantastic in Teysa. Don't know what you'd cut for them though. Reassembling Skeleton is nothing to scoff at either.

KBgamer2010 on EDH - Razaketh, the Foulblooded

3 weeks ago

I would recommend cards like Reassembling Skeleton for reusable sacrificial creatures, you'll want cards that makes tokens and life gain too

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