Darksteel Myr


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin Uncommon

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Darksteel Myr

Artifact Creature — Myr

Darksteel Myr is indestructible. (Lethal damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it. If its toughness is 0 or less, it's still put into its owner's graveyard.)

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Darksteel Myr Discussion

Flyboarg on Flayed Army

3 weeks ago

Darksteel Myr works with soulflayer's ability =)

Vaan on Infinity Myr

4 weeks ago

I really don't think going is the best color combination for an artifact deck. allows you to run Thoughtcast, Thirst for Knowledge, Fabricate and Academy Ruins and has Faithless Looting, Galvanic Blast and Shrapnel Blast.

If you plan on comboing off to get infinite mana you should find a way to kill your opponent on the spot, like Banefire/Fireball. Darksteel Myr does nothing towards helping you combo off, i would definetely cut it.

Also, consider Mindslaver and Buried Ruin.

Catalog9000 on Did Hour of Devastation change ...

1 month ago

700.4. If a permanent is indestructible, rules and effects can't destroy it. (See rule 701.6, "Destroy.") Such permanents are not destroyed by lethal damage, and they ignore the lethal-damage state-based action (see rule 704.5g). Rules or effects may cause an indestructible permanent to be sacrificed, put into a graveyard, or exiled.

The important text here is the part about how they are not destroyed by lethal damage.

But on the new card, Without Weakness, it says "Damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it. If it's toughness is 0 or less, it's still put into its owner's graveyard."

So the official rules say it basically ignores combat and non-combat damage, but the new card says it still hits the graveyard for 0 or less damage.

My understanding was that if I swing with a 2/2 Indestructible Zombie and it is blocked by 3/3, my zombie technically becomes a 2/-1 but that is ignored and damage is scrubbed off. Now it would appear that the damage is checked and is seen to be below zero, making it hit the graveyard.

So what gives? And yes, I am aware that older cards like Darksteel Myr also used this wording. I am asking primarily because I have a Mono-white Knight Tribal deck that uses Knight Exemplar, and I've already been hit with this argument that my Indestructible Knights die to blocking. Hence the post, here.

R2crus on Keep Trying

1 month ago

You could use couple of Stuffy Doll instead of full set of Darksteel Myr

TurtleZoom on Big Guy!

1 month ago

Thank you all for your comments. You are such beautiful people. Everytime I recieve a comment I learn something new, and I am so thankful for that.

Hyperalgialysis, I would love to have Prophet of Kruphix in the deck but it does not appear to be commander legal. Coiling Oracle is definatly going in the deck however, so thank you.

ComboCrazy, I do like Beast Within, however I am not willing to part with Scour from Existence, so I will run them both. Also I feel silly for forgetting Llanowar Elves, thank you very much for reminding me. I was just running Blisterpod because I knew I had like 50 of them XD

NV_1980, you have probably just introduced me to two of my new favourite cards. Elvish Piper and Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir are amazing cards thank you for that. Also I was hesitant to put in All Is Dust because of my big hydras that could be killed by that spell, but I see your point that it could be necessary if they have a Darksteel Myr or something.

Finally, IAmTheWraith, thank you that zoom tuttle in my spirit animal :)

Keep those suggestions coming everybody. May you all be blessed with endless pizza!!!!!!

escesare on Wrath of the Gods

3 months ago


Seeing as most control decks have 1-4 win conditions, while we have 8 (ignoring Bontu and Oketra), I don't think it's necessarily a problem. Even if they do nothing, they're still an upgrade from Darksteel Myr (which doesn't work with Porphyry Nodes).

That said, we did pine for a faster way to close out games against combo. Sapling of Colfenor could be help since having 4 indestructibles is required to consistently beat down with Oketra (and we're restricted to 3 due to legend rule). I'm not sure what else we can do... We did well against any creature decks, of course. More importantly, we'll never be better than a tier 3 deck as long as Path to Exile and Dismember are some of the most played removal in Modern.

Traveler247 on Sexy Vedalken Allure

3 months ago

Hey! This is Eden. First off, this seems like a fun budget build. I'm liking what you put together. This comment is just to give you some ideas if you decide to tune the list further.

For starters, you have some really weak cards, and there are some cards that are generally good with Nin that aren't terribly expensive that you could run. The cards that seem particularly weak to me are: Goblin Electromancer, Goblin Flectomancer, Bloodshot Cyclops, and maybe just the quantity of creature steal and sac outlets. People aren't always playing relevant creatures, and once you have a sac outlet, you don't need another. You could cut a few sac outlets for cheap tutors. You also have this instant and sorcery sub theme going on that's just kinda halfway there. I would suggest cutting that. Also, you play two cards that combo with Kiki-Jiki: Zealous Conscripts and Pestermite. So you have three combo cards. Typically, you want your combo cards to be useful outside of the combo as well. Zealous Conscripts is your strategy, so it's good. Kiki-Jiki copies some interesting creatures, but you really don't have a lot of targets for it. With the stealing it does get a bit better. Pestermite is just terrible outside of that combo. I would strongly suggest cutting it.

I would suggest adding: Stuffy Doll, Darksteel Myr (indestructible means you can hit it for as much as you want with Nin), Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, Thought Vessel, Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, Basilisk Collar, Illusionist's Bracers, Vedalken Shackles. Tutors like Fabricate, Whir of Invention, Gamble, Mystical Tutor, and Muddle the Mixture can also help add consistency to the deck.

Overall, you have a strategy that doesn't revolve around Nin. This is fine, I often build my decks that way, but it's important that the decision be conscious. Many of the cards I suggested make the deck more Nin-centric. If you add them, you'll be more focused on playing and resolving Nin each game; however, the power that it offers can be worth it. I just want to be clear that my suggestions change the direction of your deck a bit, and I'm not sure if you want that. Anyway, I'm excited to play against it! Cheers!

Spirits on Kaalia and Friends

5 months ago

Hi TheDoctor_Y2K, fellow Kaalia of the Vast player Kaalia, the Purifier EDH

Is this a Duel Commander Banlist? or Commander?If it's "Duel Commander" when you edit the deck there is a format for that.

If Commander Sol Ring is a critical add to the deck.

Also you have WU on the Exclude Colors list, which is making your analytics very wrong for your deckstats. You should be excluding UG ()

Command Tower is excellent for any deck. Avacyn, Angel of Hope is a flagship angel for this desk.

Rune-Scarred Demon is an all-star, he is 6/6 and replaces himself with a Master of Cruelties or an Avacyn, Angel of Hope or tutors up a combo card or solution for you.

Darksteel Myr doesn't seem to fit in this deck, not sure if he's part of a combo?

Boros Charm is an excellent protection card, you have a few that it could replace, keeping in mind it does all permanents.

Lightning Greaves is an amazing protection for Kaalia of the Vast or another key angel/dragon/demon.

Sacred Foundry, Blood Crypt and Godless Shrine would give you a good land upgrade.

Divine Verdict seems pretty narrow. Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Hero's Downfall.

You have a good initial base here, needs some performance metrics added. Cool start, nice to see another Kaalia of the Vast player.

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