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Vizkopa Guildmage - heal to win PDH

Pauper EDH* Budget Multiplayer Pauper WB (Orzhov)



Heal yourself to win! For more information on pauper edh visit the Pauper EDH Primer.

Your main advantage - you just peacefully heal yourself! You have no foes, because you dont targeting opponents.

There is two ways to play this deck:

1. One shot - everyone dies
You ramping and heals only for 3-4 HP each turn. Then on 6-7 turn you have 8+ mana and show Congregate , Crypt Rats or Gray Merchant of Asphodel , healing yourself to 25+ HP

2. Healing slowly but surely
Curse blinker with Trespasser's Curse ; activate ability at turn of elfes, if you control Soul Warden or Soul's Attendant ; keep your Deathgreeter if someone about to explode all creatures

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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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