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Whenever you play a Spirit or Arcane spell, you may search your library for an Aura card with enchant creature, reveal it, and put it into your hand. If you do, shuffle your library.

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Tallowisp Discussion

Happymaster19 on Spirited Away: A Paranormal Primer [U/W Spirits]

2 weeks ago

I forgot that Tallowisp makes that easier to do.

I’ll experiment. An issue I could see is that it leaves us much weaker to removal. And Burn is a pretty rough matchup.

onehitterquiter on You're Kirin Me, Smalls

2 weeks ago

Really cool deck!!! Have you considered Tallowisp? It could be used to grab things like Gift of Immortality, Shielded by Faith, and Indestructibility if you decided to go with a package like that. Also, Shining Shoal could be interesting with your general as you can tailor its cmc to destroy a specific target.

Other cards that may interest you are Erratic Portal, Nikko-Onna and Pteron Ghost.

Monomanamaniac on Attack in force

3 weeks ago

PlatinumWare another list of great suggestions! The Tallowisp is getting playtested into my other voltron deck White beatdown. The two blue creatures I'm considering, though neither can close a game on its own. The fetch land is also very neat, I like it with hallowed fountain if I need blue

PlatinumWare on Attack in force

3 weeks ago

I like the list! Bruna can be devastating when she's out! A couple of possibilities here. Tallowisp is a good option to get your best auras on the board quick, and I think you have enough spirits for it to be viable. Narcolepsy is a possibility that can hamper an opponent with a big baddie. Meletis Astronomer can be another good way to get some enchantments in hand as well. You may also consider some mana enchantments, although I think most of those are green. I would get 4 Flooded Strand for this deck as well. A bit pricey, but getting that sweet sweet blue on the field is nice, especially since you have some lifelink. I'm interested to see what you do with this!

Enral on Ghost Dad - (Budget Friendly)

1 month ago

This deck looks freaking sweet!That Rattlechains + Tallowisp combo is tech! +1

AdamChafee on Kindred Spirits

1 month ago

Gostgun, I'm not using Geist of Saint Traft for two main reasons: 1 is money. 2 is the fact that my deck isn't necessarily a traditional spirit deck that uses cards like Steel of the Godhead to give him unblockable. He winds up dying to creatures easily if something can block it. My deck is more oriented towards extreme defense until I can swing with fliers or Latch Seeker. If it were up to me I'd take out Call to the Kindred and Tallowisp for Aether Vial and Phantasmal Image.

I appreciate the feedback though! I definitely thought about having him if I went the more traditional route with this deck.

ketoglutarato on ghosts of the thunder

3 months ago

Dorotheus, thanks for your comment! I've been playing spirits since Eldritch Moon came out, so far i've played virtually every colour combination possible and almost every strategy. I think the deck has a lot to give, it still needs one good 2-CMC spirit to go over the top but it's probably the most promising tribe in modern.I encourage you to play every direction you feel, the core is strong enough to support whatever playstyle you feel more comfortable with (granted you keep a tempo- oriented approach). Maybe yo could start with the Collected Company version, which is the one that has seen the most success so far.I personally found Aether Vial to be a fabulous piece to the consistency of the deck, and this is why i'm playing it over collected Company. The curve doesn't allow for vial and coco to be played together easily (unless you have a lot of card draw), so Lead the stampede is the best option that doesn't hurt the manabase.

Green offers three other powerful spells to the spirits suite: Permeating Mass, Lead the Stampede and Strangleroot Geist. The first one is a very good piece against aggro, burn and other creature matchups, the second is a refill spells that synergizes a lot with aether vial and the third is very good against 1for1 trades (typical of midrange decks).This attempts tries to exploit Aether vial at best while still solving the problem of running out of gas.All in all, i'd suggest you to experiment a lot and have fun with out-of-the-box ideas. I've been linking unassuming cards like Mirror Entity (difficult to make work but powerful) and Nebelgast Herald (you don't realize how much it's strong until you play it). I've been splashing for black in a Lingering Souls build and it felt really strong (it plays out similar to WB tokens with more disruption).The only card i wouldn't recommend you is Geist of Saint Traft: in theory it's the best spirit, but i have never been able to make it work (except for the Tallowisp build). It was very underwhelming for my expectations, and the reason is that the card is strong by itself but doesn't synergize with the rest of the deck.

ZorrosRage on Ghost Dad - (Budget Friendly)

4 months ago

Kechl thank you for enjoying the deck. Cool little story.

The deck can definitely be adjusted and tested. I'll start with your suggestions.

Gift of Immortality is definitely a great card it the hard part is the 3 cost. It makes it hard to bring more than one in and there is a lot of times you just don't want it yet Tallowisp helps you get it When you do. After testing with all of the hexproof and counters with creatures I just felt it was amazing in the side but not in the main. It slowed down the main idea and usually wanted it game 2 after I had more knowledge of what I was facing.

The main win in the deck is the Geist of Saint Traft being buffed. It's super powerful with Steel of the Godhead

Selfless Spirit is a great card. Especially with GoI like you stated. This is just a decision on what you face and what you think your week against. Only 2 because I feel like I can try to stop most board wipes with the cards in the deck and the two for extra insurance. 2 I feel is a good spot for selfless with all of the control I have. A lot of my cards also cost 3 so I'm not going to have a lot to keep alive unless I counter.

I actually feel like if I have GoI thenKami of False Hope is better for me in more areas which is why I have 3. The main issues I've had is when someone is going to swarm the board and kami just locks their combat. A selfless helps me block but a lot of damage well still happen and I'll be hit for it. Being swarmed and big swings can be this decks weakness, but kami and GoI can help with that. The life link if steel of God Hand does also.

As for Eidolon of Rhetoric. No doubt is a great sideboard card. You just have to know what your going to face. I just chose to try to fight combo with the counters, but if your going to face it a lot it is definitely needed in the side. I don't really see storm very much so not in there current. Mainly what I see is death shadow, affinity, control, and mid-range stuff. I feel like my side is good for that.

As for Rootrunner it's just not a fit for the deck. Cost too much green and your already tight on Mana. There is really only 1 green for Rancor because Rancor is just that good. Buffs any flyers you want and makes them better without ever being wasted if you lose it.

Thanks for the suggestions none were bad. If you want to pick it up please let me know how it goes I do not get to test it enough but when I do it played great. You can adjust the side for what you need but I think the current one is solid. All the cards in the maybe area could easily go in vs certain decks if you know what your facing. Even if you face a lot of combo with Devoted Druid Oppressive Rays has helped me stop it. It can be a bit slow though. There is a lot of things you can adjust but this is how so far it tested best for me.

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