Hellkite Hatchling


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Anthology (PCA) None
Planechase 2012 Edition (PC2) Uncommon
Conflux (CON) Uncommon

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Hellkite Hatchling

Creature — Dragon

Devour 1 (As this enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice any number of creatures. This creature enters the battlefield with that many +1/+1 counters on it.)

Hellkite Hatchling has flying and trample if it devoured a creature.

Hellkite Hatchling Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

5 months ago

Slimefoot's Garden

Enchantment - Aura

Enchant land.

Enchanted Land has: ": Create a 1/1 green Saporling creature token."

As Slimefoot's hold and influence grew, the land became corrupted in it's image.

We have Hellkite Charger , Hellkite Hatchling , Hellkite Igniter , Hellkite Overlord , Hellkite Tyrant , Hellkite Whelp , Steel Hellkite , & Utvara Hellkite .

Add onto this beautiful family with an all new Legendary Hellkite.

CommanderAdventures on Kalaran Deck 1

1 year ago

Dragon Broodmother kann nicht dein Commander sein, Alternativen fuer ne Lifegain / Token / Devour Strategie waeren:

Empfehle ausserdem Karten die nix mit dem Lifegain / Token / Devour Theme zu tun haben (wie z.B. Flameblast Dragon, Radha, Heir to Keld etc.) zu replacen:


Podkomorka on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 year ago

Tribute accepted!

Deck added:

wraya2 on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 year ago

Hellkite Hatchling + Hellkite Hatchling, Voltron PDH

I offer my Hellkite deck as tribute!

djewell on Power Devour Pounding Hour

1 year ago

Sounds good! I have a few suggestions... this is always the hard part of deck building xD

Let's first go through and look at things that are not pertaining to your two win conditions, (Prossh or devour creatures)

We could take out Charnelhoard Wurm because it really doesn't help you out that much. All the creatures you sacrifice now (as opposed to the original deck list) are going to be tokens so you really don't need to much recursion. If a creature dies, just move along! Same thing with Hua Tuo, Honored Physician, Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper (as far as the whole "you aren't sacrificing non tokens" thing)

maybe take out Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, I just feel like you can do much much better with a token creation engine. The sacrifice thing kinda turns me off to it.

Hellkite Hatchling is a bit underwhelming for a devour creature.

Ophiomancer is a very fun card but is just slowing you down.

Shattergang Brothers is just not quite good imo. You aren't going to sacrifice anything else but a creature except on very rare occasion.

Quagmire Druid is not bad, but is a slot taken up in your deck. Keep it close by just in case you need more enchantment removal.

Smothering Abomination is good in a vacuum but I feel like if you get it out.. that you'll find its hard to have things to sacrifice at the beginning of your upkeep as you fuel devour and prossh.

Stronghold Assassin and Viscera Seer can come out if you're getting picky. They are good utility cards but if you're looking to cut fat out of the deck, they are viable options.

Foster I think is going to skip over some of your token producer cards.. and we don't want that happening xD

Vile Requiem is really really slow removal.

Hunter's Prowess because I think you are going to draw WAAAAAY too many cards off of that and not be able to hold on to them.

Also switch out the Borderland Ranger and put in a Caravan Vigil! That basically guarantees you an untapped land with all this token sacrificing that's going on.

Forkbeard on Red Green Dragon Commander

2 years ago

I'd say you're heavy on the creature side so here's 5 that in my opinion are on the weaker side (I made cut suggestions for the ramp cards, this will be to make way for the suggested removal spells): Engulfing Slagwurm (expensive and off theme! seems like it's just in here as a 'good stuff' card), Foe-Razer Regent (expensive and I don't think you have enough fight mechanic cards in here to properly take advantage of this guy), Hellkite Hatchling (just not very good - apart from Dragon Broodmother tokens, what would you devour?), Slumbering Dragon (too slow! without +1 counter generation, waiting around to activate this guy would be painful) & Stormwing Dragon (just not a good dragon, the megamorph surprise is kind of funny but waaay too expensive for what it does)

There's my 2 cents on replacement ideas, hopefully a bit of food for thought.

TheDuggernaught on draguns innit

2 years ago

if you want draw, there are better cards than Tower of Fortunes. It comes in turn 4, and can't be activated until turn 8. If you need draw, you will be dead by the time you get it out of Tower of Fortunes. Phyrexian Arena, Read the Bones, and Painful Truths are far better. You could also maybe use something like Faithless Looting. Also no to Verdant Force... and no to Hellkite Hatchling for that matter. If you want token generation, there are better cards (see Bitterblossom, Dragon Fodder (also fits the flavor), or almost any other card. No to Hellkite Hatchling because destroying your own board state is almost never a good idea. If you are sold in the interaction, just play Dragon Broodmother, which does what both of those cards do in a single card.

Izu_Korasu on draguns innit

2 years ago

okay so first, drop cards like Tower of Fortunes, Wave of Vitriol, Languish, Blasphemous Act, Hunted Dragon, Malfegor, Dragon Hatchling, Omnath, Locus of Rage, Destructor Dragon, Hellkite Hatchling and possibly Wood Elves.

in favor of either better dragons ex. Stormbreath Dragon, Broodmate Dragon/Dragon Broodmother, Thunderbreak Regent, Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury and Scourge of Valkas .... even Dragonmaster Outcast

dragon themed cards like Draconic Roar/Foul-Tongue Invocation Fearsome Awakening/Crux of Fate

or faster mana ramp Sakura-Tribe Elder, Farseek, Rampant Growth, Dragonlord's Servant

and while i realize this is casual, any changes toward dual lands, will help your manabase, especially toward getting the double black without sacrificing your ability to get double or triple red ex. Darigaaz's Caldera/Savage Lands/other uncommon duals even Cinder Glade/Smoldering Marsh.

but the above suggestions are mainly to suggest a change in the mentality of the deck, and streamline it ... why deal 13 damage to each creature when you can just destroy non-dragons? why use a mainboard slot for cards that only have uses in some matchups? why slow yourself down trying to prepare for everything?

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