Ajani's Pridemate

Creature — Cat Soldier

Whenever you gain life, you may put a +1/+1 counter on Ajani's Pridemate. (For example, if an effect causes you to gain 3 life, you may put one +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

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Ajani's Pridemate Discussion

youhoo2645 on Tainted Lifegain (W/B Faceburn)

3 days ago

I would replace all of your creatures with 4 Ajani's Pridemate, 4 Soul's Attendant, and 4 Soul Warden just to make this deck a little more aggro and much more consistent.

Stanleyman on Black and White Genesis Chamber

3 days ago

Balik je postaveny na lifegainu Soul Warden a Soul's Attendant a Suture Priest ziskane zivoty pomohou Ajani's Pridemate k vice counterum.Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip by mel co nejdrive flipnout a pridavat dals tokeny do hry.Doomed Traveler je idealni blocker protoze kdyz zemre tak vrati se nam jako Spirit.Genesis Chamber vytvari spousty tokenu i souperi.Z toho ale vytezime zivoty diky Soul Sestram a souper ztrati diky Suture Priest .Blood Artist je skvely lifegain a navic zpusobuje poskozeni za smrt.Souperovy tokeny by se mely do hrobu dostat bu v boji anebo diky Zealous Persecution

Firebones675 on Life, Death, and Sex

4 days ago

Not sure what your budget is but there's a modern deck called soul sisters you might be interested in. The name comes from Soul Warden/Soul's Attendant. You then use the lifegain triggers to attack with large creatures like Ajani's Pridemate and Serra Ascendant and as a finisher use Archangel of Thune.

TheMadRocketeer on White Exiling Unit, for begginers

2 weeks ago

My suggestion is to look into White Weenie (WW) builds that have been done and look at the high-value creatures and support cards you'll find there. They are often cheap in $ as well as in CMC. Here are a few to get you started.

Suggestions under $1:

  • Elite Vanguard - A definite 4-of in WW decks. All-around value.
  • Mardu Woe-Reaper - Same as above, with a bonus ability.
  • Soldier of the Pantheon - Same as above, with two bonus abilities.
  • Doomed Traveler - If it's killed, it comes back once, better.
  • White Knight - The epitome of white creature value. So solid.
  • Lone Missionary - Life gain is useful, especially against other fast decks. I say "other" because if you go WW, yours will be fast too.
  • Oreskos Sun Guide - Life gain.
  • Ajani's Pridemate - Grows when you gain life.
  • Archetype of Courage - Gives the entire team a great ability and denies it to your opponents.
  • Fabled Hero - Already good, and if you run any creature buffs that target . . .
  • Frontline Medic - Protects the team in battle and can save you from a Fireball.
  • Call To Serve - Creature buff plus evasion.
  • Knighthood - Gives the team a useful ability.
  • Rootborn Defenses - Protects the team.
  • Honorable Mentions over $1:

  • Fiendslayer Paladin - Three great abilities. Marvelous against vampires (which will be running black and/or red).
  • Honor of the Pure - This is super in a WW deck.
  • Journey to Nowhere - Exile-based creature removal.
  • There are a ton of possibilities if you go this route. Good luck with the deck.

    hardhitta71194 on Kitty Katz

    3 weeks ago

    Looks good! Ajani's Pridemate might be good, since you got some lifegain going on. I built a cat deck once, I'll make some suggestions tomorrow when they come to me. Lol

    Why no Ajani Planeswalker? Because the mana cost?

    flipnation on Life gain is actually good

    3 weeks ago

    you need some more good pay-offs, like Ajani's Pridemate, the Chalice of Life  Flip that you have is not enough, I suggest playing both plus Serra Ascendant, she's phanomenal. if you want to you could play some kind of soul sister deck, here's the first link I found on that deck.

    Be warned, there are some expensive pieces, but not all of them are needed.


    Warxuaroz on Selvala, Counters Returned

    1 month ago

    Now that I looked over my modern selesnya deck based on lifegain and counters, I can recommend some more:

    Ajani's Pridemate

    Ageless Entity

    Voracious Wurm

    These are mostly just for lifegain combos in modern but maybe you'll find them attractive!

    DeepbloodEclipse on Life gain control

    1 month ago

    I'd remove scrabbing claws, I really don't see any use for it except a mild form of graveyard hate, it's more of a sideboard card against delirium and dredge if anything. Opressive Rays only affects one of the opponents monsters, while Ghostly Prison affects all of them. Sungrace Pegasus for Aerial Responder. Remove Arashin Cleric for Ajani's Pridemate. Remove Honor's Reward it's in fact too slow and not enough bang for your bucks, replace it with just about anything. Rewind is also stupdily slow, you can't play it until turn 4, too slow, there are cheaper variations. Annul is more of a sideboard card against well, what it's effect says. Wrath of god will blow up your creatures too, bye bye lifegain.

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