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PDH(B) - Ihsan's Shade

Pauper EDH* Mono-Black


This deck, along with Mono-blue Hedron Crab mill, is my other worst PDH deck.

I like Ihsan's Shade, not because the card is any good, but for story and flavor reasons. I decided I wanted the deck to reflect that. So I put a couple of fun restrictions on myself for deck construction.

  • First, every card needed to be related to Ihsan's Shade in some way. Since he is a fallen paladin, I focused on cards about Darkness and shadows, Fallen knights and evil clerics, and stuff like The Damned. I also added in Shades (his buddies!) and lots of skeletons (his armies!), and some other pretty horrible soul-damaging events (Sever soul, syphon soul, soul kiss, corrupt, etc.)

  • Second, Every card is pre-modern, with the old-school (printed before mirrodin) border.

These restrictions limited my options pretty severely, but I'm still very pleased with the result. It's a bad deck, but it's a pretty deck and a cool deck, and that's more important to me sometimes.


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