Savage Ventmaw


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Uncommon

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Savage Ventmaw

Creature — Dragon

Whenever Savage Ventmaw attacks, add to your mana pool. Until end of turn, this mana doesn't empty from your mana pool as steps and phases end.

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Savage Ventmaw Discussion

Lythia on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

3 days ago

Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome! And Zimmers_0 I don't know too many cards of the top of my head that weren't already listed but maybe Savage Ventmaw or Mana Geyser? Also, n0bunga I love that deck idea! Partially (I'll admit) due to my love of Invader Zim. "Bow down before the power of santa or be crushed by his jolly boots of doom!"

cornpie987387 on How Would You Like Your Death Served?

2 weeks ago

Also, Savage Ventmaw works great with Hellkite Charger. ALSO it hurts meh to not see a Thunderbreak Regent, because you can punish im so hard for targeting you dragoons.

CaptSillva on Scion of the Tribal-Dragon

3 weeks ago

Have you considered Urza's Incubator, Savage Ventmaw, and Aggravated Assault? Savage + Assault = unlimited attacks.

MirkwoodWolfPack on Dragon Hive

3 weeks ago

Oloro_Magic, I actually did have Savage Ventmaw at one point, but I found that the deck generates so much mana that when Savage Ventmaw would hit the field it made me wish I just had one of my token-generators on the field instead. As far as Silumgar, the Drifting Death goes, I almost agree with you in that Atarka, World Render would be better, but that limits me in what I'm able to kill. If Silumgar and two other dragons attack, every creature an opponent controls with 3 toughness or less are immediately wiped when I declare the attack, and any bigger creatures left are severely weakened, whereas Atarka giving dragons doulbe strike limits me to being able to only kill whichever creatures decide to block however many dragons I have. As far as the mana goes, I never have a problem getting Silumgar out. With hexproof Sylvan Caryatid, the two dragon lands, and not to mention Elvish Piper giving me any creature for free regardless, I've never thought twice about it. I almost wanted to put in some Black land for Silumgar and Broodmate Dragon but I found that it just wasn't necessary since so many of my cards allow me to ignore the color of mana or ignore mana all together with Elvish Piper. I guess what it might honestly come down to between Silumgar and Atarka would probably be how many creatures the opponent is playing with. If I'm going up against aggro green elves or something, Silumgar is definitely coming, but if I was going up against Black or a deck that uses less total creatures, then Atarka would definitely be the better pick, so I'd probably just side one of the two out in Game 2 depending on the deck I was fighting. But the cool thing about this deck (because it utilizes Elvish Piper) is that I can side-in pretty much any creature I want and abuse their ETBs like Kederekt Leviathan or something, but I'm getting off track.

What I'd honestly love is to get some Dragon Eggs in here to combo with Overgrown Battlement and to abuse Scourge of Valkas even more with belated dragons entering battle. The more dragons on the field sooner, the quicker the game usually ends.

What do you think about what I've said, am I crazy or making sense? Really appreciate the input either way. Love to get an outside opinion. You get tunnel vision hard when working on a single deck for months.

Oloro_Magic on Dragon Hive

3 weeks ago

Savage Ventmaw can give you tons of surplus mana to cast another dragon with also I feel you should focus this deck down to wither Jund or Gruul, SIlumgar is a stretch on your mana base, Atarka, World Render would work just as well in the colour you play.

epajula on The Dragon's Nest

3 weeks ago

Hellkite Charger with Savage Ventmaw is bonkers if you can keep them both out. You must be excited about the C17 spoilers.

jboss1642 on Actual Dragon Deck

1 month ago

I have a lack of 3 drops mostly because I try to ramp over 3 mana and straight into 5 plus territory, where there lie many a dragon. I definitely want a couple more Channeler Initiate and a playset of Savage Ventmaws. Any other suggestions?

legomanalec on Scion is Dragons

1 month ago

I'm surprised you didn't put in the Moltensteel Dragon + Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon Combo. Its an instant win. You could also put in Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind + Curiosity for another instakill combo!Also Living Death Is a great card because you will have so many dragons in your graveyard from scions ability, why not bring them all back?Aggravated Assault + Savage Ventmaw would give you infinite attack phases. Personally I like to put a bunch of ramp in the deck because a 5 drop Rainbow commander can be tough to get out. (sorry for so many suggestions)I also feel Thran Foundry and Elixir of Immortality are good cards because you don't want your graveyard to just be a pile of dragons.

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