Savage Ventmaw


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Uncommon

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Savage Ventmaw

Creature — Dragon

Whenever Savage Ventmaw attacks, add to your mana pool. Until end of turn, this mana doesn't empty from your mana pool as steps and phases end.

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Savage Ventmaw Discussion

PartyJ on McScion

1 day ago

Hi, welcome on T/O? Nvm, seems you are already here for some time... onwards to some budget suggestions:

Have fun and if you like to check out my favo deck, feel welcome :) An upvote is always welcome :)

Enjoy and hopefully I helped you making it more budget in the end.


Jerich0 on Elvish Dragons

1 day ago

At a glance, I would remove Radha and Elvish Harbinger. Instead I would run Arbor Elves and Elvish Mystic They come out faster and can help you ramp a lot. Joiner adept is good but can die really easily, especially if you are building for modern. Dragonmaster outcast is a good card but unless you can ramp up to that point is not really worth running. But if you want to I wouldn't suggest running more then one. Dragon master is just to mana intensive for simular reasons. And Slumbering Dragon, while cheap mean you have to be attacked at least 5 times in total or by 5 creatures. Until then it's just there going nothing and by that point you could already of lost. For other suggestions for creatures I would suggest Dragonlord's Servant since it lowers cost of dragons. And for actual dragons for the deck, I would suggest Thunderbreak Regent as it punishes people for targeting your dragons. You probably could run a play set of those. Stormbreath Dragon can't be pathed and attacks the turn it comes out. If it comes down to it, it's monstrous ability could give you some extra damage if needed. Maybe run around 3 of those. At least 2 Thundermaw Hellkite, it flies, it hastes and it pings enemy fliers for one which is on but the best part is that it taps them, which clears up the skies for your dragons. Some other dragons you may one to consider as one offs are: Atarka, World Render and Savage Ventmaw

As for lands I would drop lands to around 20-24 and if you can get shock lands and fetchlands those will help a lot. Shocks work really well with Arbor elves as they can untap them. Since you are playing dragons Haven of the Spirit Dragon is a good tribal land. A play set of those can give you any color mana for dragons and can be sacced to bring a dragon back to your hand. May also consider 2 Aether Hub and if you can afford it, a playset of Grove of the Burnwillows will help more then cinderglades.

With how expensive Dragons are I think your current set of enchantments, instants and sorceries are a bit slow and don't really fit. (Infernal Plunge, Battle Hymn, Cryptolith Rite and Shared Animosity). Since you're playing Red, Lighting Bolt is a must have. 3 Damage for one red is to good. For two Atarka's Command is really nice and versatile. Utopia Sprawl can turn your forests into lands that can tap for two mana. Dragon Tempest gives your dragons haste and deals extra damage. And Sarkhan's Triumph can help you get any dragon from your deck that you need. Since you are in green Rancor is always great to drop on a creature and Sylvan Scrying can help you get your non-basic to your hand.

I hope this help, I was just saying the first things that popped into my head. Other then this, I would try to keep your deck at exactly 60 cards.

thoughtsinknots on Xenagos Zoo

4 days ago

Thanks for the comment REDWHITEandBLUE; I had them both in the deck before I put in Savage Ventmaw and Hellkite Charger but you've made me rethink adding them back in :)

ksuKaliber on Jake's Dragon Deck - 20th Birthday Present

1 week ago

Atarka, World Render lets big dragons hit twice. Balefire Dragon can (theoretically) sweep an army of anything equal to or less than X/6 if there are no flying enemies. Dragonspeaker Shaman makes big dragons cost less to cast. Hunted Dragon provides a little buffer of an army in case he's getting swamped early game, Savage Ventmaw provides a total of 6 mana every time he attacks. Utvara Hellkite creates a new 6/6 dragon every time a dragon attacks. And Zirilan of the Claw can be used to pull out big dragons or even something like Utvara (to attack and generate a free 6/6 that actually sticks around) for a turn, and only costs 3 mana. It could be used to pull out Draco for a turn, skipping the whole mana cost and upkeep and getting to swing with a 9/9 for a turn. Plus Dragon Appeasement would let him hinder an enemy by making them skip their draw-phase and only let them draw cards through sacrifice, or he could play it on himself once he gets a steady inflow of tokens from Utvara in order to draw cards when needed (including drawing extra cards if desired)

sarkhanisverybroken on My X wants me back! :/

2 weeks ago

Yah if I had remembered that we would have added Walking Ballista, so i think it would be a good idea to add Walking Ballista over Ivy Elemental, as well as Release the Gremlins for some more removal, possibly over Savage Ventmaw. Also a Mana Geyser would pair nicely with that Reiterate, and is usually better than say, Meteor Shower. But as with most things deckbuilding is a process and requires much refining and adapts over time.

Bhaal666 on Temur Partners (Valuetown)

3 weeks ago

I saw you have Sword of Feast and Famine and Savage Ventmaw. When I see these it makes me want to have Aggravated Assault and Hellkite Charger could add Bear Umbra for the cherry on top. combine the mana or land untap with the extra combat phases and bash down an opponent or two from 40 to 0 in one turn. Not the most efficient combo as you must win at combat multiple times but it is fun and really throws people off. Works well with the little bit of voltron you have going too. Laboratory Maniac for when you draw your deck.

nadder447 on HOWCANSHESLAP (Saskia Tokens)

3 weeks ago

First off, this deck is waaaaay too slow to be aggro in its current state. I play tested this many times and I got consistently torn apart in the early game while scrambling to build up a mana base for all the giant spells in here, which is the exact opposite of what aggro is supposed to be, even in EDH. Second, Warstorm Surge, Savage Ventmaw, and Aurelia, the Warleader are all just slowing you down. I would advise switching Warstorm Surge for Impact Tremors; its faster and more efficient. You could switch Ventmaw for Courser of Kruphix or Oracle of Mul Daya, either would really help with ramp. You might also try Sword of the Animist, which would work beautifully with Saskia. You really don't need Aurelia since you already have 3 enchantments that basically do the same thing and Gisela is just better anyway. You don't need Phyrexian Arena. You'd be better off with Bitterblossom, Awakening Zone, or From Beyond. Finally, you've got Stonehoof Chieftain and Siege Behemoth and at least one of them needs to go. Neither of them give you tokens, they both cost a lot of mana, and if your unlucky enough to get one of them in your opening hand (like I did multiple times) its really going to suck. The only way they could realistically work here is if you put in some green spells to cheat them out, otherwise I would try to replace them. I would look for something like Mardu Strike Leader or Precinct Captain. You've got a pretty dangerous deck here, just needs to get faster. Sorry for the long comment, but I hope it helps.

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