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Disciple of Deceit Banishing Combo

Pauper EDH* Infinite Combo UB (Dimir)


The centerpiece of this deck is a combo using Banishing Knack or Retraction Helix and a creature that can untap itself to replay a 0-cost artifact over and over while an ability triggered by casting the artifact wins us the game. The reason I chose this combo to use is because all the pieces have a relatively low CMC and there are A LOT of alternatives for everything but Banishing Knack or Retraction Helix. Our commander's whole purpose is to tutor for the combo pieces.

The Artifacts: We have limited ourselves to non-creatures for our 0-cost artifacts so that all of our artifacts work for all of our triggered abilities that win us the game. These 0-drops include Bone Saw, Accorder's Shield, Cathar's Shield, Herbal Poultice, Lotus Petal, Spidersilk Net, Tormod's Crypt, and Leonin Bola. We have included a ton of these because this is the one combo piece that our commander can't tutor for. On average, you should see one of these by turn 5. Trinket Mage can also tutor for these, though, allowing our commander to indirectly turn any 3-CMC card into a tutor for a 0-drop. Etherium Sculpter also turns a few 1-drop artifacts into a 0-drop you can cycle.

The Untappers: These need to untap themselves every time you cast an artifact or one enters the battlefield. These include Battered Golem, Mirran Spy, and Zephyr Scribe. Unfortunately, all of these are at 3-CMC, so we have plenty of 3-CMC cards to discard so our commander can tutor for our untappers.

The Triggers: These win us the game. Cabal Paladin or one of the ping equipment and auras like Viridian Longbow combined with a second untapper gives you infinite damage dealt to your opponents. Night Market Lookout with Mirran Spy as your untapper also allows for infinite drain. Glaze Fiend and Elusive Spellfist both become large and evasive so they can take out one opponent. All these occupy the 1, 2, and 4-CMC catagories, allowing you to get a wincon by discarding a huge variety of cards.

The rest of the deck has some recursion to get back our untappers and triggers, as well as some spell recursion to get back Banishing Knack and Retraction Helix, should we lose them. There's also a few utility cards with flashback so you can get some use after them after being discarded for a tutor. There's several ways such as Hermetic Study, Survivors' Encampment, and Whispersilk Cloak that allow us to tap or attack with Disciple of Deceit so it can untap and tutor.


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