Eidolon of Rhetoric

Enchantment Creature — Spirit

Each player can't cast more than one spell each turn.

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Eidolon of Rhetoric Discussion

MrAwesomeSocks on Avacyn, Angel of Boardwipes

4 days ago

Hey man! Thanks for the upvote on my deck :) Your deck has always been an inspiration to me! Anywho, on to the suggestions!

I see nothing but combo decks in your Meta. A couple cards that just shut them down are Eidolon of Rhetoric, Curse of Exhaustion, and Rule of Law. Basically, turn your deck into a mono-white Hatebear machine!

Best of luck!

Jewishman on Soul Assassins

2 weeks ago

I really like this deck, the synergy factor is tops and it has great flavor overall (if that makes any sense). Against aggro / creatures / tokens, you're a total monster, but how do you find this deck goes against control and creatureless? I played a few games with your deck on Xmage and consistently dominated against the creature meta, although I had to add more Stony Silence and Rule of Law. Against some of the meta decks like Burn, adnauseum, storm, affinity kinda, it was hard to keep tempo and I lost against storm a bunch of times because I drew mostly cards with no targets. I think the mainboard is perfect but the sideboard needs more spell interaction like Rule of Laws or even better Eidolon of Rhetoric to trigger all your other cards. Aegis of the Gods might also be a cool guy for forcing your opponent to deal with your creatures first and Bloodchief Ascension against storm in the sideboard if you dont mind the 3ish turn delay on turning it on. Otherwise Sign in Blood works well providing draws for a cost that doesnt matter and occasionally finishing off your opponent a turn sooner.

Lmaokai on Azkaban [Modern Enchantment Prison] *Primer*

2 weeks ago

Just wanted to suggest Chained to the Rocks instead of Journey to Nowhere. Eidolon of Rhetoric for aggro? Anyways besides that the deck looks sweet and I might play test it so I can begin to understand it a little more.

p0megranates on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 weeks ago

-Logician: Chain of Vapor is harder to stop against Sisay because the deck doesn't just run out of steam and can consistently play more than 1 relevant hatebear.

I agree with everyone else here re: Teeg vs Sisay, as well as the possibility your meta might not be optimal. I'd also add that Sisay lists these days also just play Paradox Engine as a win, which makes Sisay both a fast (albeit fragile) combo deck and a stax deck at the same time, whereas Teeg doesn't have that advantage.

I took a look at your list; it seems pretty good for the most part, but the lack of Carpet of Flowers, Null Rod, Root Maze, Stony Silence, Chrome Mox, Hokori, Dust Drinker, Ethersworn Canonist, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Tormod's Crypt, Grafdigger's Cage, Containment Priest, or Rest in Peace is suspicious to me and makes me wonder if you're actually playing in a cEDH meta or if you're just stomping pubs. (Especially the Eidolon/Ethersworn honestly). I'm not saying play all of those cards-- e.g. Chrome Mox doesn't synergize with Null Rod obviously, Loyal Retainers can't do anything with RIP/Cage out-- but in a hatebears list with few artifacts and few ways to recur the GY it seems like you should be playing some of those? Because specific hatebears are sometimes useless (Hushwing sucks vs Zur for example), so can be turned into fast mana with Chrome Mox, or you can limit artifacts and go for Stony Silence. But either one or the other makes sense. (Heads up: I play both in my Thrasios Tymna Hulk list!)

I don't think your list is bad and I've seen lists very similar to it, you just have some interesting exclusions that don't really make sense to not run in a competitive meta. I think your deck would be very good at most LGSs and I think it can win sometimes at competitive groups, but lack of Rule of Law type effects would mean you have no real way to stop things like Food Chain Tazri. I see some of the cards are in your sideboard but in cEDH those are mainboard cards. And if Food Chain combos aren't a thing in your groups such that you don't need to mainboard them... might indicate something...

But if you think your list is that good and everyone else is wrong, go prove people wrong in the next cEDH Cockatrice tournament.

The thing is, your deck is mostly fine except not mainboarding Rule of Law effects, creature-cheating hate and mass artifact hate but... honestly the single best way I see that deck being upgraded for a more competitive meta would be to make Captain Sisay the commander. Lol.

Daedalus19876 on alesha testing

2 weeks ago

n0bunga: Thanks for the fast response! Here are my thoughts on those:

Archetype of Finality was an attempt to make sure Alesha (and the reanimation target) survives combat. Did you not find it useful enough in that role?

I see your point on Azorius Justiciar.

I have Stonehorn Dignitary in here already, but I thought it might be handy to have Blinding Angel for redundancy (and since it has evasion, it might stick around to keep one player locked down while I use my recursion on something else).

Awwwww, I like Dauthi Mindripper to make Alesha into ": Target opponent discards three cards."

Kor Cartographer was there to grab Shocks, and the Flagstones/Crucible/Stack combo is WAY too much money if I plan to build this IRL.

I also see your point on Noosegraf Mob. Getting ten power for 2 mana is pretty sweet though...

Netherborn Phalanx is too conditional, I guess...

I can't afford Fulminator Mage. For now, Goblin Grenadiers will have to take that slot. There is frequently someone with no creatures in my meta, though, so I think he'll go through a reasonable amount of time.

Vampire Hexmage kills planeswalkers and neuters Atraxa. I'm a fan...But maybe Thief of Blood could do the job better...

Oppression is so viciously fun, though. And I don't plan to cast many spells, since much of my deck works by recursion from the GY...

Possibility Storm is in there for the lock with Eidolon of Rhetoric/Rule of Law. Nobody gets to play non-commander spells ever again!

MindAblaze on Help me stop Yidris/Storm

3 weeks ago

Add Arcane Laboratory, Curse of Exhaustion, Ethersworn Canonist and Eidolon of Rhetoric to the Rule of Law suggestion.

You could also tax him with stuff like Lodestone Golem and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben if they fit the strategy.

Steelspike on Help me stop Yidris/Storm

3 weeks ago

My first suggestion would be to just stop playing with him altogether until he agrees to stop playing that deck.

Aside from that, Grafdigger's Cage, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Stonehorn Dignitary, any instant speed removal, Time Stop effects, anything with split second Krosan Grip for example.

Maybe Kaervek the Merciless, Tsabo Tavoc or Ruric Thar, the Unbowed to really discourage the storm.

Instant speed tutors as well, to get some anti-storm creatures, like Planar Portal, Planar Bridge, Corpse Harvester (with Quicksilver Amulet, or Cryptic Gateway), or Chord of Calling.

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