Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide (EVE) Uncommon

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Creature — Beast

(B/G), Remove a -1/-1 counter from a creature you control: Quillspike gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Quillspike Discussion

Pabs4444 on Another Haptra deck

2 weeks ago

Thanks for commenting! Throne of the God-Pharaoh is such a fun card! Using Cryptolith Rite to ramp, casting Harvest Season to ramp even further and thin the deck, then throne would do a ton of damage. I just love the synergy behind it. Totally forgot about Viridian Longbow. Thanks for the reminder. As for Quillspike it doesn't do as well in my deck because I do not have too many creatures that care for having the -1/-1 counters placed on them. I am planning a build that is largely Amonkhet/Hour of detestation based, and Quillspike will probably go in that deck. This deck already has an infinite combo in it and the infinite mana actually will not win me the game unless I have Exsanguinate. Thank you for the advise!

gdm1989 on Another Haptra deck

2 weeks ago

Since I already posted my edh in the other I guess I'll respond here since I used to use hapatra :)

Viridian Longbow is useful Devoted Druid, and Quillspike if you want to go for the infinite combo,Vhati il-Dal is hilarious in a hapatra deck. I recommend trying him out same with Throne of the God-Pharaoh

DragonBlitz31 on *Hypnotoad* EDH

1 month ago

jeacaveo & mrfab13 I am making edits right now. The ooze line, HD specifically, screwed up the manabase. I have too many lands entering the battlefield tapped and producing colorless. In testing, I hit Gitrog TURN 6 most of the time. That's why Gnaw to the Bone, Devoted Druid, Quillspike, and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord are coming out.

SorasOtherForm on Withering Scarabs

1 month ago

Blood Artist target your own scarabs with Blowfly Infestation. Alternatively, Altar of the Brood does the same for mill. If you want to splash green, Devoted Druid Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Quillspike fit into this deck easily. BG Janky Counter Combo is a deck that I built with a similar idea, if you want to see some other ideas

noshadowkick on Asps! Very Dangerous! (Hapatra)

1 month ago

@SmashAdams, here is my updated list so far.

I followed your lead and added the same cycling lands to beef up Archfiend and, as such, also added Life from the Loam.

I couldn't bring myself to break up the Natural Order package that can get me token pump (Craterhoof Behemoth), card draw (Regal Force), or an instant board presence (Hornet Queen). Testing may show if it's in the deck's best interest to remove this in order to make space for lower CMC spells like Blood Artist and ilk.

Harvest Season has such a high ceiling and I'm tempted to run it but the floor is so abysmal that I chickened out. I'll stick with Kreach and Cultivate for the time being.

You don't feel that Liliana's Influence is too pricey (mana wise) for the effect? I like that it can spread counters and make tokens but if I don't have a way to take advantage of those counters it's a pretty poor excuse for a board wipe. I'm still on the fence here and haven't added it yet.

I have more standalone token producers than you in Bitterblossom, Grave Titan, and Hornet Queen. I feel like I may be able to cut the Gravy Train but it's just soooooooo good.

Yahenni, Undying Partisan is in because I've been dying to play him and I feel like he could be good. I probably should find room for Sword of Feast and Famine and Sword of Fire and Ice though to get maximum value from him. I also feel like the swords would be of great benefit to Hapatra and keep her combat trigger relevant later in the game.

What do I cut for Path of Discovery?The second I get my hands on a Shizo it's going in. That one is a no brainer for sure.

Also, I think Devoted Druid still has a place even without Quillspike. It's fine ramp that can be cashed in for 2 snakes when ramp is not relevant. Also it's a decent creature to stick Journey to Eternity on because I control the death trigger. Also fine Natural Order fodder.

smashadams83 on Asps! Very Dangerous! (Hapatra)

1 month ago

noshadowkick - Ive been testing the archfiend with a cycling/discard package and used some of your tech in fauna shaman and survival of the fittest. I also included a bunch of cycling lands and Shred Memory which doubles as a tutor in addition to a discard outlet. Important to note that there are a ton of relevant 2 mana spells in this deck so its been really great so far. So 11 sources to enable the archfiend; 3 of them are permanents and thus repeatable sources. Its been working really well so far, the cycling lands are great for digging into your deck if needed late game.

I refined my deck and am really happy with it currently. Fauna Shaman and Survival of the Fittest are so strong in finding answers. It Has combos with hapatra + Devoted Druid/Quillspike/Blowfly Infestation as well as Earthcraft/Cryptolith Rite and Throne of the God-Pharaoh. Also, hapatra + Devoted Druid + Ivy Lane Denizen does the same thing as quillspike combo I believe. With combos for infinite mana and creatures, lifedrain effects, and anthems to push through damage, this deck has been great at attacking from a few different angles. The curve is a little higher than I wanted, however earthcraft/cryptolith rite or a flipped Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip have made a huge difference.

I also threw in Heroic Intervention to help with protecting the board and might possibly add Golgari Charm as my meta likes boardwipes. Anyway heres a link to the archfiend build. I wanted to share with you as I borrowed some of your cycling/discard tech. Thanks for the ideas and hopefully you can start slinging some snakes soon! - Hapatra - Cycling version.

Triton on Scaling entities

1 month ago

4x Utopia Sprawl and 4x Arbor Elf is a good ramp package.

Also I'd recommend bumping Mayael's Aria up to 3-4 copies if it's your main win condition. Idyllic Tutor is nice for tutoring it out of the deck as well. I think Unflinching Courage would be better than Behemoth Sledge because it requires less mana, albeit being more fragile.

For infinite combos, Devoted Druid + Quillspike makes an infinite power creature and is technically in your colors. :p

Hope this helps!

CatatonicEye on Snaaaaaake

2 months ago

I had not thought about Cauldron Haze color identity, forgot just because you are able to play it does not mean you are allowed to.

About Devoted Druid, there's 2 potencial combos for it, involving Quillspike and Undying Evil.

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