Hedron Crab


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Uncommon

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Hedron Crab

Creature — Crab

Landfall Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Hedron Crab Discussion

Jokester1393 on Graveyard Moonshine

5 days ago

Sands of Delirium,Curse of the Bloody Tome,Sphinx's Tutelage,Hedron Crab,Doorkeeper (if going defender route), Startled Awake,Compelling Argument all the mill cards I know off the top of my head. Like the way it's going though would be fun to play against.

Bano42 on Draw to the Death

6 days ago


Yes, the initial thought was the synergy between Evolving Wilds and Hedron Crab.

I'm on the fence about it, but I don't want to take them out of the deck yet bc I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

Hexcimal on Avalanche (Turn 3 Infinite Landfall/Infinite Mill)

1 week ago

For all newcomers checking in, I apologize for the state of the main board not matching its description.

Consider it under construction while I try to tweak and experiment on making this a feasible Turn 3 win kinda deck.

Plan on doing so by utilizing Springleaf Drum in tandem with a full play set of Hedron Crabs (over Altar of the Broods). Still working through kinks currently.

Thoughts, suggestions?

Darth_Savage on Mill

1 week ago

As a start, remove anything that costs 5 or more to cast, ignoring Archive Trap. That is 21 cards, taking you to 50. Add 2x Hedron Crab, 2x Tome Scour, 2x Mind Funeral, 2x Breaking / Entering and 2x Archive Trap. Then remove 3x Crumbling Necropolis, 2x Dimir Aqueduct add 3x Evolving Wilds, 2x Terramorphic Expanse.

Darth_Savage on Mill

1 week ago

For mill to work as a tactic, it needs to be the complete focus of the deck. Your deck is almost closer to a commander/edh one, first because it is mostly singles and second as it is at 71 cards. For modern the format is full of turn 4 or 5 wins, this means that the cards that cost more than 5 will rarely see play, in your deck that is 21 cards (ignoring Archive Trap as it is a 0 most times). So you have two choices here, rework your deck for modern or rework it for commander.

  1. Assuming modern first, a few weeks back I knocked up an example mill deck Mind Mill, have a look. Ok the first thing is you need 4x Hedron Crab and ways to trigger it multiple times, like Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse when you are on a budget. You want most of the work of the deck to cost 1 or 2 mana, since you are on a 5 turn clock.

  2. For commander, well you need more land, around 44 or so and you can only have 1 copy of each non-basic land or spell. I'd suggest Phenax, God of Deception as your commander, but mill would need a lot of help against a 99 card deck...

Hope this is of help.

sylvannos on Azorious/Dimir Deck Help

1 week ago

Here is a really sweet low-budget, Azorious mill deck built around Sphinx's Tutelage and Fog effects.

The issue with going straight mill is you basically become a really bad burn deck. Instead of your opponent having 20 life, they have 53 life and lose 1 life per turn from each draw step. So if you consider a burn spell like Skullcrack, it deals 15% of your opponent's life total for . Compare that to Breaking / Entering, which costs and mills 8 cards out of your opponent's 51 (soonest you can cast Breaking / Entering). It's roughly the same at 15.6% of your opponent's "life." However, Breaking / Entering and Glimpse the Unthinkable are the two best direct mill spells. Everything after them is low quality, compared to the massive amounts of 3 damage burn spells.

Because of this, it's much easier to just play a control deck that has a mill finisher. By simply playing something like Sphinx's Tutelage, then sitting back and killing/Fog'ing everything else, you'll have a much easier time winning the game. Not only that, but you don't have to worry about trying to setup Jace's Phantasm or Hedron Crab. You can take those out of your deck and replace them with more removal and draw spells.

I would consider moving towards combining your two decks and eventually building Esper Mill. You play all of the Holy Day cards in white, the draw spells in blue, and then all of the utility and removal in black.

Lastly, Nephalia Drownyard is really useful. I'd also play Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver in multiples, possibly even 4 copies. Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver is an absolute brick wall against aggro and puts control decks on a fast clock. The real king is going to be Visions of Beyond due to how easy it is to get 20 cards in a graveyard.

Darth_Savage on Countermill

2 weeks ago

The simplest comment I can make is have a look at Mind Mill, I made it a few weeks ago to demo out a mill deck while trying to help someone else. If you just want a few card recommendations then -

  1. Hedron Crab, really this is a must for mill decks, it is one of, if ot the most reliable sources of repeated mill.

  2. Altar of the Brood, this lets you mill for every permanent (be it land, enchantment, creature or artifact) you play and doesn't have an activation cost, it mills because you play the game.

  3. Mana Leak, go to counter in modern, counters that cost more than 2 mana are just too slow, they tie up your mana meaning you can't play a mill spell.

Lastly, if you do look at the linked deck, you will notice that most of the deck is 1 mana spells, 24 cards in all, your deck by comparison is top heavy and light on cheap spells. Spells like Archive Trap almost always cost 0, because fetch lands and tutor effects are widely used in modern...

Wurmlover on Countermill

2 weeks ago

your mill package is not nearly strong enough to consistently win. you need Manic Scribe, Glimpse the Unthinkable, Archive Trap, Hedron Crab, and probably Ensnaring Bridge if you want to be able to win. cut Codex Shredder, Millstone, Coerced Confession, Destroy the Evidence, and basically every sorcery and artifact you have but Seer's Lantern and Tome Scour. replace your 3 creatures with Fog Bank

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