Vizkopa Guildmage


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Uncommon
Commander 2013 (C13) Uncommon
Gatecrash (GTC) Uncommon

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Vizkopa Guildmage

Creature — Human Wizard

1: Target creature gains lifelink until end of turn.1: Whenever you gain life this turn, each opponent loses that much life.

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Vizkopa Guildmage Discussion

MrSilk on WB Martyr Pain & Proc

1 week ago


Yes, the draws have been a little wonky.

I've been brewing a different list; WB Martyr Pain & Proc list #2 that kind of removed the Tainted Remedy/Wall of Shards aspect and focuses more on a secondary Vizkopa Guildmage wincon. Once that list is more worked out, I'll be replacing this list with that one and likely keeping this list in an update somewhere.

Feel free to check it out! I am working on it there and I'm looking for any input on improving it.. Of course the manabase is important, so if you have any suggestions for a revamp, I'm all ears. :-)

Thanks for the help!

Kappalauzius on Orzhov Vamp Token Engine

1 week ago

There would also be or Vizkopa Guildmage maybe.

Enticer on B/W Vampires (Lifelink/Flying)

2 weeks ago

This doesn't directly refer to vampires, but what do you think of Vizkopa Guildmage? It's sort of similar to Sanguine Bond and Vampiric Link.

Naksu on Had a different idea, now its another sisters deck

3 weeks ago

Well pretty much what Ophidian said already. In my personal experience, Vizkopa Guildmage in place of Sanguine Bond is easier to pull off and has somewhat more uses with Nantuko Husk for example. In modern, without proper control tools, having more than 2 5-drops can get clunky. I also think your land count is too low for a high curve like this.

I recommend keeping the vague originality you have going, but streamline it to funktion even if you don't draw into the dream combo.

bonsai11943 on Orzhov Life.dec

1 month ago

Thanks for the reply! :)

Loved the Stoneforge Mystic + Batterskull combo! Haha :)

That was somewhat my previous deck actually (I still have my full set of Inquisition, Cabal, Swords). And then I just reworked my available cards into this deck because I found the strategy interesting and refreshing. That's what I like about Legacy. :)

Truth, it doesn't immediately end the game. But once you reach that point of infinite life, unlike your opponent's deck, this one was designed to have an end strategy. It's just a matter of waiting for Vizkopa Guildmage, fetching the said card through Shred Memory, or also waiting for Unspeakable Symbol.

But yeah, I completely agree that your suggested deck is more competitive. :) That's why I'm looking for suggestions on this deck that can improve it and still somewhat holds true to its general form.

khaos2639 on Sheer Ludicrous Amounts of Life Gain

1 month ago

Sunatar You are correct.... I don't really have a be-all-end-all strategy. Playing this deck is a lot like watching Phil Davis fight. You don't win. You just annoy them into submission.

Very, very good suggestions overall. I definitely do like the idea of Propaganda. Also, I'll be honest, so far Gray Merchant of Asphodel has been very underwhelming. It's a great card in theory, but most of the cards I have on the field aren't black.... so when he gets played, he's only coming in with 3-4 devotion.

Honestly, the soul sisters are primarily around due to the people I play with. My meta has a great deal of aggro decks, Elves, Slivers, White Humans, etc... so I end up getting ludicrous amounts of life off their creatures instead of my own.

The next round of changes I'm planning on making (with all the amazing suggestions I've received) would probably be something like this.

Remove Authority of the Consuls - Aerial Responder - Gray Merchant of Asphodel - Serum Visions - Ponder - Sword of Light and Shadow

Add:Phyrexian Arena - Sensei's Divining Top - Sorin Markov - Propaganda - Vizkopa Guildmage - Underworld Coinsmith

I've also thought about adding more sacrifice cards like the ones you mention... but the more I think about that... the more I think it wouldn't do well in here... and I'm just starting to build an Athreos, God of Passage deck using all brands of sacrifice shenanigans. My problem there is I don't know as many of the amazing sac cards... so the building is slow going so far.

Firmo on Death by karlov.

2 months ago

Great advice ! I never even considered Blood Tribute but it should be in this deck. Vizkopa Guildmage is a good card, but is it correct that his second ability cant be used as a fast effect? and that the skill must be activated before you gain life, and not wenn the lifegain is already on the stack.

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