Foundry Inspector


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Foundry Inspector

Artifact Creature — Construct

Artifact spells you cast cost less to cast.

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Foundry Inspector Discussion

Peisistratos on Oracle's Combo

7 hours ago

The idea of mixing up a Paradox Engine shell with a Paradoxical Outcome one is interesting, and a lot of pieces intertwine. However, Paradoxical Outcome troubles me: it can sure win by itself (i.e. without Paradox Engine) with a couple of Foundry Inspectors, but that is very very hard to get; and once you get Paradox Engine, there are more reliable ways to win - ways that allow you to make less of a lot of pieces you currently play and focus your list with a huge gain in consistency, to begin with.

For reference, here is my take on what Paradox Engine can accomplish in the current Standard. And here you can find my Aetherflux Reservoir list for the old Standard (BFZ-HOU), with some thoughts on how the card could be used in the Standard we are in now.

KingMoney on Artifact Tribal

1 week ago

I did a rakdos variant of construct aggro which had a ton of luck, I would HIGHLY suggest Walking Ballista, its removal on a stick, and it synergizes with Foundry Inspector, Metallic Mimic and Verdurous Gearhulk. The inspector reduces the cost of the first counter by 1, the mimic just adds counters to it, and the gearhulk will turn that ballista into a machine gun.

I'd be wary using Unclaimed Territory, because its gonna be producing colorless most of the time unless you use it on the gearhulk, which won't be a problem creature wise for the constructs, but for your Glint-Nest Crane and your sorceries and instant's, it might be a problem.

backinajiffy on Gearhulk Exploitation

1 week ago

K1ngr3ese Hey thanks for the thoughts, definitely a lot going on there.

My favorite suggestion was Kitesail Freebooter as I've gotten wrecked by this card before and the plays it can make against hard removal decks are great. Also, it has an ETB trigger so that's great.

Scrap Trawler is definitely an interesting idea, I'm not totally against it but I don't really know how I would use it unless I planned on returning Foundry Inspector after it got burned or something.

Yeah, you won't really get the feel for how useful Supernatural Stamina is because its super situational. Its amazing at dodging removal for key peices of the puzzle, but you have to have the peices in play, have the mana to play it, and have the enemy kill a creature with control so the stars have to align but when they do its glorious.

Sweltering Suns is definitely an option, I really love that card. I just have a big concern with the double red mana requirement, I doubt I'll really ever be able to play it on turn three.

Also, removing red from the deck just isn't an option since combustible keeps the engine going and cathartic reunion is a major peice of the puzzle. However, I have considered cutting the white but I've gotten turn 4 gearhulks before and its just too much to pass up.

backinajiffy on Artifact Tribal

1 week ago

This is pretty cool, I like what you've done here.

Trophy Mage Could help you get another Foundry Inspector so that you can keep pumping them out.

I'd also personally drop in another Spire of Industry just so that you could make sure you could pop your Bomat Courier if you ever really need it. I play him in another deck I have and getting that free card draw is a freaking miracle sometimes.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary I also agree with, I'd say to go two of them since the combo with Foundry Inspector is ridiculous and would cause you do dump your hand insanely fast if you get him out and you'll need to keep the gas going somehow. I think its a better source of card draw than Chart a Course here by a lot.

Cragon18 on Tezz Seems to Have an Invisible Touch

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment and +1 backinajiffy. I have found Treasure Map  Flip to be so good that I just want to see it every game. I could see dropping to 3 copies and maybe doing a one of Metalspinner's Puzzleknot as you suggested for an additional cantrip and tezzeret's touch target, or I could go ahead and add the 4th Herald because that card is insanely good. Thanks again and I'll let you know how testing goes!

Thanks for the comment and +1 Chewy5150. I only currently have a single copy of Tezz so I did not add him to the deck. I have been meaning to do some playtesting with the one copy to see if it's worth adding him/more copies of him. I do not deny that he would be great in the deck though. I have found the artifact lord to be medium. Benefits are that he makes my Ornithopter and Hope of Ghirapur more potent in the event I cannot find my enchantment or a herald so that I have at least a small path to victory. He also is great at eating up removal. Many opponents don't like the idea of a lord on the battlefield and use removal on him instead of my 5/5 or Herald. However, there are times when he is just a 2/3 for 3. I could see replacing him for Contraband Kingpin rather than Foundry Inspector. Kingpin helps filter for my win-cons and also helps block against aggro with some lifegain where the inspector dies to Shock and dies in combat much more easily. Thanks again!

Chewy5150 on Tezz Seems to Have an Invisible Touch

2 weeks ago

The only other thing I'd think about is the value of your artifact lord. Is he that useful? the +1/+1 may on a 5/5 doesn't really add much. Foundry Inspector might be more valuable

Suns_Champion on Full Equip

2 weeks ago

Some things I like:

I'm glad you have a lot of the key pieces already. Stoneforge Mystic, Sigarda's Aid, and Steelshaper's Gift and such.

I also like the fact that this deck seems like it can function very well without the commander.

Some suggestions to put in:

Dowsing Dagger - just a good equipment that, ya'know, turns into a black lotus later.

Sram, Senior Edificer - you desperately need card draw my friend.

Puresteel Paladin - I see him in the maybe board. Put him in.

Stonehewer Giant - never underestimate tutors.

Leonin Shikari - two words: combat tricks.

Dispatch - good removal.

Swiftfoot Boots - protection, haste.

Sword of the Animist - you'll be attacking a lot, this will ramp you a lot.

Open the Armory - yayyy more tutors.

Hammer of Nazahn - auto equip.

Sun Titan - omg dude. 60% can be recurred by this guy. SO worth it.

Foundry Inspector - discounted artifacts.

Sculpting Steel - copy all your best stuff.

O-Naginata - double strike is useless without trample.

Inspiring Statuary - all of your equipment are now mana rocks for your creatures.

Some things to take out:

Grappling Hook - too expensive.

Hammer of Ruin - to limited in what it does, to conditional.

Empyrial Plate - you'll never have enough cards in hand to make this worth it. Better options out there.

Bonesplitter - just a weak equipment.

Cranial Plating - Illegal in a Balan ddeck because of the activated ability

White Knight - lackluster.

Paladin en-Vec - focus on equipment creatures. Stick to the plan!

Hope some of this helps friend!

colton815 on Tronfinity deck help

1 month ago

sylvannos Foundry Inspector and Etherium Sculptor dont make +1/+1 counters.

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