Foundry Inspector


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Foundry Inspector

Artifact Creature — Construct

Artifact spells you cast cost less to cast.

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Foundry Inspector Discussion

bewarekraken on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Infinite Combo $50)

10 hours ago

My only suggestion would be to replace Metalspinner's Puzzleknot with Implement of Malice. It's also a 2-drop artifact that replaces itself, has a cheaper self-sacrifice cost (also in black), with an absolutely brutal effect if combined with Pia's Revolution.

I'm actually working on a Mardu Gearhulk version of this deck with Tamiyo's Journal but I'm keeping Foundry Inspector in mine because gearhulks are journal expensive.

jacoby0813 on Improvise One's Anguish

16 hours ago

Efficient construction is tough to run because it cost . That being said what's the alternative? Hedron Crawler ramps and it is also an artifact creature, so maybe? Also Foundry Inspector has a lot of potential because instead of running your cost artifacts you can run cost artifacts that do more like Pacification Array or Renegade Map. Overall looks great! I love Herald of Anguish.

ChaosEngineer on Mono Red Revolution

1 day ago

I've been brewing with a similar kinda thing but haven't figured it out yet. I will say Foundry Inspector is an auto include so that your 1 cost artifacts cost 0 and can be recasted and sacked unless your oppenent wants to eat a lot of damage from Pia's Revolution.

Fennek11 on Padeemed artification.

2 days ago

Lijkt me zeker een leuk deck, maar mis een klein beetje een win condition. Daarom lijkt Mechanized Production mij zeker ook een leuk idee. Misschien combineren met Myr Incubator, Myr Turbine en Myr Matrix voor Myr tokens, Hangarback Walker, Efficient Construction e.a. voor Thopters, of Precursor Golem voor Golems? Oh, en Pentavus natuurlijk. En Prototype Portal?

Je kan Liquimetal Coating en Silverskin Armor er ingooien zodat Padeem zichzelf ook beschermt. En met alle card draw zal Thought Vessel ook niet vervelend zijn.

Verder nog leuk: Foundry Inspector, Cloud Key, Solemn Simulacrum natuurlijk, Scarecrone, Unstable Obelisk, Sky Diamond, Planar Bridge, Whir of Invention, Silent Arbiter, Quicksmith Spy en Trophy Mage.


3 days ago

What about Ruinous Gremlin instead of Foundry Inspector. I notice you don't have any one drops.

Welington on U/R Nuclear Reactor

4 days ago

NoFeet Foundry Inspectors, a bunch of low cost artifacts and Paradoxical Outcome

Take all artifacts back, recast them for free and gain 50 life, burn baby burn. :)

jawz on Bombs Away!

5 days ago

I think you've got something special here. Pia's Revolution + Implements + Foundry Inspector + Ravenous Intruder is a pretty big threat. They have to start taking the damage to stop you from drawing your whole deck, and you're still reloading so fast that they run out of life after a few turns. At first glance the deck looks pretty underwhelming, but it's sneaky how much power it has.

I'd suggest looking at swapping the black for blue instead. I like blue for Trophy Mage and Herald of Kozilek and even Implement of Examination. I think the Ravenous Intruder is enough of a sac outlet that you don't need Defiant Salvager, and I think between the Trophy Mage and artifact cantrips you get enough card selection to not need Diabolic Tutor. Besides Treasure Keeper seems a better fit for the deck at the 4 spot. Some other cards I like for this kind of deck are Inspiring Statuary to help with casting the nonartifact spells (and can be fetched with Trophy Mage), Molten Nursery instead of Reckless Fireweaver since it can damage creatures too, and maybe a one-off Haunted Cloak to get a pumped-up Ravenous Intruder through. I'd probably try out Merchant's Dockhand and Metalwork Colossus too but they seem more iffy.

Zaueski on Speedway Champions [AER]

6 days ago

Fair enough, here's a couple, more viable, suggestions. If you don't have too much trouble with agrro, which it doesn't look like it does... then Spire of Industry could definitely do work in the mana base. Herald of Kozilek also acts as extra copies of Foundry Inspector in case you weren't aware of it... Also with the death of Emrakul, the Promised End you don't really need Summary Dismissal.

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