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Card advantage is main problem in barely each PDH, especially for mono-white and -red.
Humble Defector is one of the most card-advantaging general, and only one in red that can actually draw cards. My opinion that Humble Defector is BEST general in mono-red.


Guttersnipe, Kazuul's Toll Collector and all other can't draw more then 1 card each turn. This means, once you play your hand, until rest of the game you can show only 1 card at turn. There is exception with new Zada, Hedron Grinder and cantrips through.
Yes, you can kill one opponent on turn 3-4 with Chandra's Spitfire, but if they stopped you with, like, Vendetta, you will never overtake game temp.
Same time, Humble Defector gives stability. Even if opponents ruined your attack, you always can draw 6+ cards and try again.

Game plan

50% of games you can kill player on 3-4 turn.
First of all, you need to find opponent who will give Defector back. Believe me, there always be a guy who wants to draw two, especially in Pauper. Just make him promise "I will give you Humble Defector back".

  1. Lotus Petal, Rite of Flame, Simian Spirit Guide give you Humble Defector on turn 1
  2. On turn 4 you have ~10 cards in hand. Mana, Mana, Mana -> 12 in pool. Cast creature with infect Phyrexian Digester, buff it and Assault Strobe, and kill opponent


  • Soul's Fire most powerful killing card here. With infectious creature Ichorclaw Myr and buffs to 10 power you can kill any opponent. Remember - infectious creature deals damage with infect!
  • There is 8 spells that can return Humble Defector until the end of turn, like Wrangle, and give you 2 more cards
  • Crack the Earth or Tremble slow them down at 1-2 turns
  • Burning Inquiry helps to ruine combo or discard their protection.
  • Immolating Souleater can accidentally kill last opponent. 1) Pay 38 HP, 2) attack with evasion or double strike 3) Fling it


As with all general-based decks, Humble Defector is vulnerable, and mono- give poor protection.There can be guy with repeatable pinger, like Cabal Torturer, kill Humble Defector every turn. Try offer to be his hostage, and swap Humble Defector only with him.

Anyway, you still have 8 gains control in deck, so just Traitorous Blood on opponents huge bester, double him Temur Battle Rage and crush their faces.


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