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Tolarian Kraken Tapdown & Beatdown

Pauper EDH* Midrange Mono-Blue Pauper Ramp


The game plan of this deck is to ramp and draw until you can play the commander and hold up some counter magic (krakens don't come cheap, ya know). After that, you maintain some kind of protection for your kraken and use instant-speed draw power to tap down your opponents' threats and blockers on their turn before they can attack, also leaving them open to be attacked. Coincidentally, the commander is a pretty good commander damage threat that can kill in 4 attacks.

The big innovation I think I bring with this list is the use of many repeatable looting effects, like Merfolk Looter. These allow you to trigger the Kraken at instant speed with little to no mana cost. They even have some synergy with madness, flashback, and jump-start cards in the deck.

The other experiment is treating this like a delver deck from 60-card formats. We have so many ramp pieces, cantrips, and looting sources at or below 2 CMC that we can play with a much lower land count.

The last thing to note is that Trinket Mage is a great toolbox for this deck. It can get grave hate in the form of Relic, a buff for our commander with Bonesplitter, ramp with Everflowing Chalice, or even just a land with Seat of the Synod. It can even get you a draw trigger with Conjurer's Bauble.


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