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I really dislike infinite combos; they're not fun to play and they're not fun to play against.

... but...

Ley Weaver and Lore Weaver are really cute and I wanted to make a deck with them.

You can't play Ley Weaver and not play with the bonus mana auras. It's against the rules. (I don't make the rules.)

You also can't play her and not run the silly untap engines. Also against the rules.

... and so we end up with a deck with an alarming number of ways to get infinite mana.

Once you have infinite mana, just cast Lore Weaver and deck everyone at instant speed.

To make the deck less stupid, I tried to add a few group-hug mechanics: Jungle Wayfinder, Soaring Show-Off, stuff like that.

ALSO! important note that I plan on using frequently to make myself feel less bad about owing a shameless combo deck, and make my friends still like me while I play a shameless combo deck: Both Ley Weaver and Lore Weaver can help your opponents. So, you can Group Hug pretty hard if you want.

If you want to lean much more into combos that I have chosen to, add Peregrine Drake, Cloud of Faeries, Rhystic Study, and Mystic Remora. Then be prepared to draw all kinds of hate, 'cause all those cards are stupid.


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