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The original idea for this deck was a mix between voltron and control. You would get the Djinn out and start chipping away at opponents while keeping your hand full and picking off anything threatening with your commander's attack trigger. This means you are keeping most of your draw spells in reserve, only using them sparingly to just barely take out what is threatening.

Once you get to turn 7 and beyond, though, this deck turns into something entirely different that I didn't expect. Once you have plenty of mana, and life totals have been whittled down a little, you can do a weird impression of a storm deck where you chain together draw spells to deal an incredible amount of damage in a single attack. My second game with this deck went long, and on turn 10 I was able to chain together 24 draws before attacking by using things like Brainstorm, Treasure Cruise, saccing Commander's Sphere, and activating Soldevi Sage. This allows you to clean up whoever is left in the game extremely quickly. These storm turns also leave you with a full hand since everything you're doing is drawing cards. The biggest single powerhouses for storm turns are Whirlpool Rider, Flux, and Tolarian Winds, since each can easily make you draw more than 7 cards if dropped after other draw spells.

This deck is very powerful against combo or grindy card advantage decks that are light on removal or that rely on having one or two key creatures on board that the djinn can consistently kill. The deck is weak to repeatable tap down effects and disabling auras, though, because of the heavy reliance on successfully attacking with the commander. The commander is also a removal magnet because everyone will feel the threat of you potentially picking off their creatures. The last weakness is to big green stuff, just because this deck is very light on defense. You don't really want to be blocking with your utility creatures, and big green stuff is a lot more difficult to kill since you would rather be aiming all that damage at somebody's face when able. Usually, though, the green player won't feel as threatened by your ability to pick off small stuff, though, so they'll focus elsewhere at first.

I think this deck has a ton of room for fine tuning and optimization, just because there are so many draw spells and effects to choose from. I think this deck will also have a very high skill ceiling because you have so many options for when to use draw spells, who to attack, and what to target with your attack trigger. Right now I don't think i have quite enough interaction, but it's a fine balance between having enough draw spells and having enough removal. After testing, I cut out one or two of the cheap rummaging effects like Faithless Looting just because I rarely have that many cards that I am ok with discarding. Other flashback/retrace/jump-start cards are probably worth looking into, though. On the upside, the haste enablers like Goblin Motivator have been fantastic for fighting against bounce spells.


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