Korozda Guildmage


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Uncommon
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Return to Ravnica Uncommon
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Uncommon

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Korozda Guildmage

Creature — Elf Shaman

: Target creature gets +1/+1 and gains intimidate until end of turn. (It can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.)

, Sacrifice a nontoken creature: Create X 1/1 green Saproling creature tokens, where X is the sacrificed creature's toughness.

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Korozda Guildmage Discussion

Reverie42 on Control The Dead - Dark Shaman Best Shaman

2 weeks ago

The two best sac outlets in Meren are probably Ashnod's Altar and Evolutionary Leap.

Some other options are Smothering Abomination, Korozda Guildmage (decent with Skullclamp), and Feed the Pack.

For card draw, Grim Haruspex might be better than something like Underworld Connections.

You might also consider replacing Caller of the Pack with something like Hornet Queen or It That Betrays.

Catacomb Sifter tends to end up being really good in Meren. It doesn't seem amazing on paper, but it tends to get ignored and scry a billion times and Eldrazi Spawn tokens are incredibly good in Meren.

Bobonob on Doran's Gonna Get Your Head Kicked In

1 month ago

I love this deck. it's probably possible to make a fairly budget version, which I love even more :p . With the number of 'anthem' type effects and aggro approach you could probably do with some cheaper creatures regardless - Tasseled Dromedary and the like. There are loads of 1 white mana 0/4s that would make for a very interesting and more consistent turn 3 attack. other nice buffs like Shield Wall would also work well with this. some other plain old walls would also work well with an 'early game' approach if you threw in a little more 'defender' removing stuff. Things like Abzan Beastmaster could help you keep some cards in hand. If you're liking the life gain, Angelic Chorus and maybe even Genju of the Fields could be interesting. Colfenor's Urn seems like it would be worth having. Diamond Valley in an emergency, Proper Burial, maybe with Fruit of the First Tree. If you need tokens, Korozda Guildmage's your gal. Scourge of Skola Vale, Sight of the Scalelords, Sentinel, Sworn Defender, Traproot Kami, and Tree of Redemption could also be fun :)

shadowcaster on Festering Growth

2 months ago

Some cards that were in my Golgari deck were Jarad's Orders, Golgari Charm, Abrupt Decay, Putrefy, and Deadbridge Goliath. Two of the cards I got from my MM2017 box were Golgari Germination and Golgari Rotwurm. Deathrite Shaman is always good and Korozda Guildmage would be good if you went the Saproling route.

lagotripha on B/G Eldrazi Saproling tokens

2 months ago

Nice, simple idea for modern. I think the secret to running budget black decks are a lot of hand disruption and a stable manabase. If you can find some of the more budget b/g lands, that will help. Llanowar Wastes, that sort of thing. Scythe Leopard, Gatecreeper Vine and Liliana's Elite are likely to underperform compared to some other dirt-cheap options.

General advice- go heavy on one colour so that you can pack your deck with cards of that colour then leave the other for later in the game, where you can afford to be paying mana with lands that come into play tapped.

This means either early game black (hand/board disruption) or early game green (Elves of Deep Shadow/Sakura-Tribe Elder). What you choose to focus on can then inform the cmc and gamplan for the rest of your cards. Either way, lots of 1 and 2 drops will help you survive.

I'll start with disruption options- Vendetta, Victim of Night, Smother, Geth's Verdict Bile Blight etc for creature removal, Duress, Black Cat, Ravenous Rats, Rotting Rats, Nezumi Bone-Reader and Thoughtpicker Witch for hand disrution are all solid choices that match your game plan.

Card advantage options- Night's Whisper/Sign in Blood Dark Prophecy/Fecundity/Grim Haruspex

Interesting or efficient creature options Rot Shambler/Mortician Beetle (growing threats), Zulaport Cutthroat/Blood Artist (lifedrain and victory without attacks with a sacrifice outlet), Dross Harvester (bolt and path resistance), Ogre Slumlord for rat tribal combo , Pawn of Ulamog/Sifter of Skulls for more tokens, Quirion Dryad/Vinelasher Kudzu for growing threats Bloodthrone Vampire/Indulgent Aristocrat/Carrier Thrall for vamp tribal, Nest Invader for more token/ramp, Boneyard Wurm/Satyr Wayfinder/Graveblade Marauder/Nighthowler/Splinterfright/Gnarlwood Dryad are all fairly functional for a more graveyard-reliant setup, and Svogthos, the Restless Tomb is a cheap and functional manland.

Green stall so you can increase cmc- Druid's Deliverance, Jaddi Offshoot, Brindle Boar, Dark Heart of the Wood, Feed the Clan

Useful tools Grisly Salvage, Golgari Charm,

Sideboard options Elvish Eulogist(in an elf heavy list) Elvish Hexhunter Vampire Hexmage Bottle Gnomes Dryad Militant Delirium Skeins etc. There is a lot out there in these colours.If a lot of cards are ending up in the graveyard as the game draws out, spells like Hooting Mandrills, Gurmag Angler or Become Immense start becoming more valuable.

Less favourable cards that didn't quite cut it in are also good to look for- Putrid Leech/Rakshasa Deathdealer/Woodlurker Mimic beatdown for example.

Sacrifice creatures for card advantage is a solid archetype that has had a lot of support printed over the years, from No Rest for the Wicked to Korozda Guildmage.

The question is always going to be what is my opponents plan, and how do I stop that- are my opponents playing Rest in Peace or smilar to deal with graveyard shenanigans, will they kill me before I kill them as every card in their deck is effectively Lightning Bolt, or will they be able to Remand all my spells while they hit me with Delver of Secrets  Flip. Things that disrupt their plan are usually good, especially when they help your plan.

There are a lot of cards to much around with and play- I'd reccomend testing online before going hunting for things specific, focus on a single strategy when picking cards and if you choose to go less-budget, focus on lands first. Reliably casting spells is the core of the game.

Workman4137 on Creature's Army leader Meren

4 months ago

I see. That Yavimaya Elder will definately help me out with ramp and card draw though, and I'm trying to get a Sheoldred, the Whispering One.

Of course, the theme of this deck is creatures. Creatures, creatures, creatures! And benefiting from their death! And the Winding Constrictor while helpful, she already gets the basic cap of 12 experience counters pretty frequently and consistently in practice.

However, I am trying to get a Gemstone Array because I doubt an infinite combo involving Dutiful Attendant Eternal Witness Victimize Ashnod's Altar Korozda Guildmage Hydra Broodmaster and the aforementioned Gemstone Array . Of course, this is extremely overcomplicated of an infinite but it works wonders for meren.

damik005 on sacrificed creature's toughness added by ...

5 months ago

I was wandering if i have a creature with something like Slagwurm Armor or Siegecraft and use something like Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim's 1st ability, Korozda Guildmage's 2nd ability or Momentous Fall.
Is the toughness considered with the equip/aura?

hoardofnotions on Mazirek, Shaman of the Swarm ($60 budget)

5 months ago

I've been changing the deck quite a lot to get the budget right so a quick recap of the changes are

Changelog Show

Opifex Thanks for all the suggestions! You're coming in with stuff i've never thought of, and that's awesome!

I am trying to go wide and really liked your suggestion for Cryptolith Rite so i added Rishkar, Peema Renegade

Elder of Laurels seems good, but expensive to use his ability. What would i take out for it?

I've never even heard of Decaying Soil before! That's a clever combo with it too!! I think that if i added that combo i'd need to retool the deck a little more to get the most out of it, like adding the Deathgreeter, Extractor Demon, and Altar of the Brood. I think adding all these cards would weaken the deck overall and i don't run any tutors to find missing combo pieces anyway. I'd have to draw all the pieces naturally, which seems bad imo.

Nether Traitor is an amazing card i wish i had the budget for! i think it fits all the themes i'm going for and has shadow for unblockable beats to boot!

Whisperwood Elemental I just took out. I think it's good, possibly to slow with the amount of tokens it produces but really good in the face of a wrath. I'm still on the fence about this one

Magus of the Abyss is a interesting card. Board control is a good thing and i think i'm warming up to the idea of the card. I just need to find cuts for all these good suggestions i'm getting!!!

carpecanum Thanks for the explaning your card suggestions!

sounds like Curse of the Cabal is the closest thing we now have to Braids, Cabal Minion? I could see politics happening when this card is hanging around in suspend. I'm hoping Wave of Vitriol provides a simliar effect i can more reliabliy cast

bushido_man96 I had Smokestack in the original build of the deck, had to cut it when Tireless Tracker got so expensive. Will have to look into putting it back in now that the tracker is cut.

GregariousG on Living Tokens

5 months ago

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