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Invisible Stalker

Creature — Human Rogue


invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

lakersandangels on B/U/W Exalted Heroes

3 days ago

This deck looks really fun to play! I like the idea of adding Invisible Stalker and Inkfathom Infiltrator for some evasion as well as the playsets of knights.

One thing I might change is the land distribution you have. It goes without saying that you will need some more dual lands, but I would also suggest that you cut down Cathedral of War by at least 1 or 2 since a playset could slow down your deck and interfere with yor mana-fixing. Also, consider running 21-23 lands total. By judging your mana curve, it seems like 24 lands is a bit unnecessary.

If you want, you can check out my exalted deck B/W Exalted .

CallMeCrazySam on Budget Simic Hexproof Aura

3 days ago

The checklands are actually cheaper than the pain lands at the moment due to the pain lands being printed into standard. However, they don't work well with pain lands as pain lands do not have basic land types. They really only work well in a 3 color deck if you have the shocklands to use them with.

The only problem with the Kor Spiritdancer is the lack of hexproof, but it is good enough to run without.

The article basically says it doesn't run blue because very blue card it could run has a card almost identical in G/W and as for creatures, the only creature they could think of running that has blue in it (aside from Invisible Stalker and Slippery Boggle!) is Geist of Saint Traft but at three mana he is just too slow for the deck.

You might also consider Birds of Paradise over Sylvan Caryatid just to provide a more explosive turn 2 play and in a pinch you can enchant and swing with the Birds of Paradise . Or if you wanted to go all out and not keep it budget you could go with Noble Hierarch s at about $60 a pop ;)

CallMeCrazySam on Budget Simic Hexproof Aura

3 days ago

16 pain lands is going to hurt you a lot.For a cheapish mana base I would go with some shocklands and some checklands:Breeding Pool Hinterland Harbor Hallowed Fountain Glacial Fortress Temple Garden Sunpetal Grove

I think the City of Brass ' are not necessary.

As for your enchantments, Auramancer's Guise , in my opinion, is kind of expensive at four mana. But if you like it, then by all means go ahead and play it.You could try Spirit Mantle which essentially gives you unblockable on other creatures than your Invisible Stalker s. Daybreak Coronet is great, but not budget. Then you have stuff like Spider Umbra and Hyena Umbra with totem armor. Also, Curiosity is a blue version of Keen Sense if you find you're mana base is more blue-ish.

Kor Spiritdancer is a nice creature to enchant. Pumps herself and draws you cards.

I know you don't want to do the net deck version, but it's a proven deck and if you want to know why it doesn't run blue, there is a great explanation in this article:

zego on first delve(r) into modern

4 days ago

WOW IzzetGod really nice comment and stuff to think about !

the reason i played Thought Scour was that you can mill cards you don't need after you used Serum Visions to scry for example and fill up the grave for Runechanter's Pike ... well the strategy seemed great to me but it is slower than expected, so you are right that i need some cuts to get more speed - i will replace it soon :)

what do you think about Magma Jet and Electrolyze compared to each other? i really like Magma Jet to be played t2 after a firstturn Delver of Secrets  Flip to get a potentially flip t3 - but Electrolyze splitted dmg and carddraw are awesome too... so i don't know which one to play

i think i stay with Vandalblast instead of Shatterstorm because it helps against affinity but also against pod , Pillar of Flame got to stay in my sideboard against Kitchen Finks for example , Vapor Snag got its place too (not sure main- or sideboard) for example against fatties in tron or reanimator or to safe my own creatures

Spellstutter Sprite +Talrand, Sky Summoner Gut Shot will be removed

i think two Invisible Stalker are enough because they aren't such a big threat without Runechanter's Pike and Young Pyromancer does a better job often (even if he forces our openent to use a removal spell it is still ok)

Counterflux to sideboard seems ok for its manacost

--- ok the update will take a while :) would be cool to hear your opinion! especially towards Magma Jet compared to Electrolyze

Affliction on UB Ultimate Mill

5 days ago

my brother plays a pretty nice mill deck. as long as u have mana then like i said Mind Grind is one of the best i think thats out there since most only have about 20 lands in a deck with wanting to start with 3 so can get rid of a ton of cards. he also plays with a nice combo that plays off of Consuming Aberration and Invisible Stalker that has a cipher attached to it. basically whenever invisible stalker attacks and cipher goes off (unblockable so usually does) Consuming Aberration triggers. one of the ciphers he uses is Paranoid Delusions so basically opponent takes damage, mills top 3 cards then draws till he/she gets a land. if multiple ciphers are on invisible stalker they each trigger separate. ciphers are deadly with consuming aberration. so bad we had to verify with a judge that it was being played correctly. sorry for long post but if you want an amazing mill deck make it a mill/cipher deck. there are only a small amount of ciphers and the invisible stalker + cipher combo works well. especially ones like Stolen Identity and Undercity Plague . thats just the fun challenging way. if u just want to win fast then u just need Leyline of the Void +Consuming Aberration and game is over there next turn since they put cards in there graveyard till they get a land and no card hits the grave yard they have to mill entire deck. again sorry for long post. have fun

RogueDeck on mono blue ninja

5 days ago

Maybe you could add more low casting cost creatures like Ornithopter or try a more "controlish" build with Spellstutter Sprite and Familiar's Ruse , you could include Zephyr Sprite for Spellstutter Sprite 's ability it would work with Quickling and Ninjutsu. Also you could put in Sakashima's Student if you can find it. In addition to the control package you could use Cloud of Faeries and Snap or even Snapback and Foil , but I suggest you try Spellstutter Sprite and Zephyr Sprite first.I'm build a version my own, I'm still testing it and both our list seems alike. I'm thinking on adding Judge's Familiar and Spiketail Hatchling , although it will probably never comes to counter anything, the pressure it makes while it is on board can be quite relevant.You could try something like this:

-1 Mana Leak ;

-3 Ronin Warclub ;

-4 Augury Owl ;

-3 Invisible Stalker ;

+4 Familiar's Ruse ;

+4 Spellstutter Sprite ;

+3 Zephyr Sprite ;

This changes might seem uneasy, but I pretty such that this way you would be able to get more control of the board, thus the damage you would possibly lack by taking out the equipments you would balance with board position and control.

What do you think about Sai of the Shinobi ?

How was Shuriken working for you?


EmperorEvil on Help protecting Chasm Skulkers in ...

5 days ago

I'm running a deck based around card draw/Chasm Skulker in casual. Usually a few turns in I can get him out and then slap an Aqueous Form on him, drawing tons of cards and swinging in for lots of damage while being able to scry from the Aqueous Form and draw with things like Curiosity and Bident of Thassa . I've included Invisible Stalker s to be used as a safer body than the skulker to hold my Avarice Amulet s and Curiosity s, but what can I do to protect my Skulkers? I feel like when playing this deck, he might rake in 20 counters and then get Doom Blade 'd and I'd lose him and my aqueous form. Although I'd still get tons of tokens for that, are there any ways to help protect him? He seems vulnerable.

Also I'm playing on a budget, but any card suggestions are welcome. I'd prefer not to use Ascetism because of the hefty mana cost, but you can talk me into it if you think it's the best option. Any suggestions for the deck are welcome too.

I don't know how to link decks but so far it's at

IzzetGod on first delve(r) into modern

5 days ago

Just like teamawesome1 has stated; you'll need a lot less 1x of copies.

I don't think Thought Scour is what you want. It does help Runechanter's Pike but you're potentially throwing away cards you need by milling yourself. You also need more than 1x copies of Spell Pierce and Spell Snare (maybe 2 of each). Counterflux should be in the Sideboard since it doesn't really help except against Control decks. Dream Fracture you should be able to do without. If you have enough card draw (Serum Visions , Gitaxian Probe , Remand , Electrolyze ), you shouldn't have too let your opponent draw any cards.

Some changes you can make to help for a quicker win that I can think are:

-1 Thought Scour , -1 Counterflux , -1 Dream Fracture , -1 Vapor Snag , -1 Spell Snare , -1 Young Pyromancer

+1 Spell Pierce , +1 Electrolyze , +1 Remand , +1 Invisible Stalker , +1 Magma Jet , +1 Mana Leak


-1 Spellstutter Sprite , -1 Talrand, Sky Summoner . -1 Vandalblast , -1 Gutshot, -2 Pillar of Flame , -1 Tormod's Crypt

+2 Spell Snare , +1 Counterflux , +2 Shatterstorm , +2 Vapor Snag