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Invisible Stalker

Invisible Stalker

Creature — Human Rogue


invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

djohn230 on Mimeoplasm EDH. (help needed)

1 day ago

I really like the Invisible Stalker idea. Thank you for the tip! Are there any creatures you would take out?

beetleborgs on Light of Divinity

1 day ago

Did you ever consider hexproof such as Invisible Stalker or Geist of Saint Traft . I know they don't play into searching or drawing for you but hexproof with all those auras will do some good.

HydraOoze on Mill-Nation

2 days ago

Sword of Body and Mind would be a good thing to equip to Invisible Stalker . +1

JPremWeb on Mimeoplasm EDH. (help needed)

2 days ago

Mine's not exactly a "budget" deck, the individual cards aren't that expensive save a few of them (Birthing Pod, Kira, and the 'walkers mostly) but anyways here's my Mimeo list

I get a lot of compliments on it when I take it out (and by compliments I mean groans of frustration lol)

I would HIGHLY recommend Invisible Stalker , Havengul Lich , and Prophet of Kruphix though

Lord007 on Dimir Unblockables HELP

4 days ago

As for my earlier suggestion, (although it seems like you've decided to go a different route) I would say cut the Jace's Mindseeker for another copy of Hidden Strings as for card draw, you could stay with the ciphers theme and run Last Thoughts or you could run Curiosity (enchanting or ciphering Invisible Stalker is the best thing in the world)

Boza on Dimir Unblockables HELP

5 days ago

hmm, i really like where this deck is headed, but you are wasting a lot of deck space by having your control and your damage on separate cards. Heroic (and inspired) are very nice abilities to combine with all those spells.

Lets rip out the core of the deck and build around it. 22 lands, 4 Invisible Stalker , 4 Hidden Strings , . Those are 30 cards and leaves us with 30 cards to combine with them. I like the unblockable effects of tormented/triton, but we can get the same effects for more in other cards.

4 Tormented Hero - a cheap heroic creature that is offensive, but still helps vs aggro. i can see this being a shade/triton.

3 Disciple of Deceit - gets anything in our deck and it instantly becomes useful.

4 Pain Seer - provides solid card advantage for some life.

4 Agent of the Fates - board control on a stick.

2 Artisan of Forms - a wildcard that can do anything.

1 Daring Thief - disciple target most of the time

These 18 creatures will form our creature base and help us dig through the deck and control the battlefield. we need some spells to activate all of those. 13 cards left.

3 Hands of Binding - helps us control the battlefield and makes our creatures unblockable.

2 Distortion Strike - 2 spells in one and gives us unblockable.

3 Virulent Swipe - at the very least, you get rid of the pesky blocker. at the very best, it is a spell that accelerates our clock and can be cast 2 times for 1 mana.

2 Springleaf Drum - a turn one play that accelerate our plan and turn on inspired.

2 Writ of Passage /Aqueous Form - all our creatures have 2 or less power (expect Agent), so this is a good card. This is generally a flex slot.

I really like the idea of the Dimir unblockables and adding the heroically inspired creatures to the mix has only increased the threat level of the deck. Additionally, by shaking off the unnecessary mill and consolidating the control into the creatures and spells themselves has lowered the the CMC (we have 5 cards with 3 CMC, everything else is below that) and improved the tempo.

joriiiii12345 on Hidden power: String

6 days ago

I LOVE it!

I've been in love with Invisible Stalker since i first saw it. I tried all kinds of things with it (i.e. equipment decks with fireshrieker and quietus spike, etc.), and now I came across this!

Dude, if I ever start playing Modern (which I probably will in about a year), I'll probably start of with running your deck! (or at least the basis of it ;) )