Invisible Stalker

Invisible Stalker

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Creature — Human Rogue


Invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

Skalle_the_Reckless on My First Lobotomy

8 hours ago

I agree with TheSurgeon. Invisible Stalker is not only unblockable, but also hexproof and has a lower mana cost than Deathcult Rogue.

And if you feel like creating infinite loops, try using Mindcrank with Duskmantle Guildmage.

Boza on Enhanced Enchant! ~Help Appreciated~

1 day ago

Well, there are far more efficient ways to achieve the same goal. Spectra Ward is nice, but it is 5 mana, far too much for the effect.

$5 is bit too optimistic, given that the deck already costs 30. Just a playset of Invisible Stalker is 4 bucks or 80% of the budget, so Ill shoot for 50 bucks, as per the description.

Lets rebuild the deck from the ground up.

23 lands - basics, but include 4 Tranquil Cove. 37 cards to go.

4 Invisible Stalker, 4 Ascended Lawmage, 4 Cloudform, 1 Aven Fleetwing, 2 Heliod's Pilgrim - saves a lot of deck space to have creatures with hexproof already. Pilgrim adds some utility. 24 cards to go.

4 Ethereal Armor is the star of the deck. We need some supporting action. 20 cards to go.

3 Oppressive Rays, 4 Bonds of Faith, 4 Ordeal of Thassa, 2 Spirit Loop, 3 Curiosity, 2 Auramancer's Guise - 18 more auras that are support. Spirit loop and Guise are what you will search for with pilgrim.

Lower curve, great impact on the game. Consider creating a sideboard to shore up some of the control matchups (counterspells, card draw, etc.) and a bit more aura-hate for creatures like Oblivion Ring.

Total for everything is around $12, which is about as low as you can go with this.

GrahamMo on Enhanced Enchant! ~Help Appreciated~

1 day ago

Sorry for the description, as I was rushed while I was making it. To clarify, I would prefer most suggestions to be under $5 to keep this very affordable.

In response to your "dies to removal", I am aware that is a problem, however I have added a few cards to help against those types of decks. (Indestructibility, Mask of Avacyn, and Spectra Ward). Invisible Stalker already has hexproof, making it a needed playset.

I'm open to ideas about changing the colours, however I think this does just fine. I'd rather it stay enchanment, however I'm open to ideas. This deck is meant to be somewhat competitive, but not taken to seriously.

SirFowler on Bant Enchantments Lockdown? Not Boggles!

2 days ago

Zur the Enchanter is definitely worth splashing black for. I would also add Ethereal Armor and an Invisible Stalker for an alternate win-con. Not sure what you would take out for them though. I'm not much of a Modern deck builder.

hackerheck on Unknown Worldslayer

2 days ago

Yo, True-Name Nemesis isn't legal in modern. I'd suggest replacing them with Invisible Stalkers

disasterarea42 on Rogues

4 days ago

Tribal loves it some Cavern of Souls,and this deck would be no exception. A playset of Caverns would help you splash blue fairly easily.

The sword of War and Peace isn't really doing a lot for this deck, I would go for Sword of Feast and Famine if you have to have the Swords at all.I would replace the Prickly Boggarts with 2 more Pulse Trackers, which gets you more damage through.

A card I would definitely recommend is Stinkdrinker Bandit. You should be able to pay the prowl cost, and it will help get even more damage through.

If you do add blue, Invisible Stalker, Pestermite and Thieves' Fortune are all cards to seriously consider.

Your sideboard is a crazy mess. You also have mostly one-ofs, and you would not likely draw or notice them post-board. Circle of Affliction doesn't do a lot outside of casual play, although its interaction with Bitterblossom is kinda cute. Cloak and Dagger is okay, Damnation is always good, and Drown in Sorrow is good in most decks, although I'm not sure about this one. It seems like that would kill most of your guys but would not guarantee a kill on many Modern powerhouses like Tarm, Spellskite, or Tasigur.

TheSurgeon on My First Lobotomy

6 days ago

+1 cause I LOVE mill.I think Invisible Stalker would do better in here for your unlockable damage and cipher.

Eraser on Turn 2 Infect wins

1 week ago

I always liked using Rancor it helps when situations just arent "Ideal". And Giant Growth is always Mana Efficient

You might consider a way of going after life "possible" in your deck instead of just allowing them to not worry about it at all, I mean with only Infect creatures and no burn at all, your opponet has zero worry about how many times they Bolt themselves with fetches and shocks or phyrexian mana.

I use a G/B infect deck so I like the Tormented Soul and Tainted Strike

I suppose in blue you could try running Invisible Stalker Even if you dont splash the black it can help people think twice about how low they push thier own life total

Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.09
Avg. cube pick 9.25


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon


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