Invisible Stalker

Creature — Human Rogue


Invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

Boza on Dimir Tricks (Open to suggestions)

21 hours ago

UB Heroics are great for the modern meta and can be made really cheaply! The key changes you need to make is lowering your mana costs. Here is a sample decklist that give you some ideas:

21 lands

4 Tormented Hero , 3 Delver of Secrets  Flip , 4 Agent of the Fates , 4 Invisible Stalker , 2 Artisan of Forms , 2 Disciple of Deceit

19 creatures is around the number you want and 7 one-drops is a perfectly good amount. Now, for the 20 non-creature spells:

4 Hidden Strings , 2 Hands of Binding , 1 Distortion Strike , 3 Virulent Swipe , 3 Serum Visions , 3 Mana Leak , 2 Mizzium Skin , 1 Crypsis , 1 Cackling Counterpart

This suite will give you control and early power that your creatures can help solidify through the midgame. Kill them fast!

Whitewing34 on Dimir Tricks (Open to suggestions)

22 hours ago

I playtested the deck, It takes a while before I can actually do anything aside from dropping land until turn 3 or 4 which makes you open to being attacked early. I suggest Mana Leak , Essence Scatter , Invisible Stalker , Spectral Flight , Dark Favor for damage. If you want you can add extra mill consuming abberation, Mind Sculpt , Hedron Crab , Wight of Precinct Six if you want to go more mill. I hope these suggestions help. If you have time please check out my decks as well! :)


4 days ago

I considered too Triton Shorestalker and Invisible Stalker and i think one of them will be a good change but not for Dimir Infiltrator because i can transmute him into liliana's caress, but instead Inkfathom Infiltrator (which is in this deck because he is both blue and black and i wanted to use Helm of the Ghastlord . I have playsets both of them so i will test it soon :)

Nether Traitor - i didnt see it before but its amazing ! its almost unblockable and i can return it from graveyard into play when he mets some Lightning Bolt on his way :)

Abyssal Nocturnus and other discard specters are too expensive for this deck IMO.

Thanks for suggestions its really helpfull !!


4 days ago

Invisible Stalker is an easy replacement for either of your creature choices. You may also want to consider: Nether Traitor , Abyssal Nocturnus , Tormented Soul , Triton Shorestalker

AjaxPancakes on The Izzit Effect

6 days ago

I would personally remove Invisible Stalker and Hands of Binding to focus on card draw like Think Twice , Divination , or Faithless Looting . Or just flat out more burn (Flames of the Firebrand is a personal favorite), or completing some playsets within the deck.

Frytrix99 on Useless lands that can hurts you

1 week ago

Thx for the comments guys! Really appreciate!

Jotefin : Hidden Strings is a good idea. I'll consider it for sideboard. Invisible Stalker is a really strong card, but i think it's not really needed here cause eventually the opponent won't be able to cast spell at all. I prefer to have a 2/2 to end the match as fast as possible.

DuTogira : At 10$ it's a budget deck. I have considered Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , but i don't really think that i can put a card that cost the same cost of the deck himself. I like it and would fit really well here, but for the price, i won't add it. Still, thx for the comment -

Thograr on B/U aggro evasion

1 week ago

Try replacing Deathgaze Cockatrice with Vampire Nighthawk . It costs less mana, has greater toughness, and has lifelink as an added bonus. Also consider Baleful Strix . Seems to fit your theme. Invisible Stalker costs one more than Triton Shorestalker , but it's also hexproof, making it pretty hard to kill. Just a few suggestions.

aeonstoremyliver on Unbeatable low many curve deck ...

1 week ago

I assume this a Modern deck idea? Even so, Chalice of the Void is a thing to be wary of.

As far as Aggro goes, Affinity, Red Deck Wins/Burn, and Zoo seem to be effective in Modern. Bogles/Hexproof does well too.

To stray outside of the meta there are a few options. Immolating Souleater , Invisible Stalker , and Moltensteel Dragon all have potential. Heartless Summoning + Perilous Myr + Glissa, the Traitor can be fun. Add some Disciple of the Vault for good measure; won't work with Heartless Summoning , though.

Creatures are easy to beat with removal. Any deck will run removal. Enchantment/Artifact combos will take game one unless you're playing against a //X deck with access to Abrupt Decay (this is why Hexproof critters w Auras are good). Game two they side in the hate.

Combo decks like Storm can be good, as they aren't seen often, at least in my meta. Other metas may be prevalent. Combo decks in Modern also include Kiki Twin, Kiki Pod, Melira Pod, and Jeskai Storm. Legacy has combos out the wazoo, depending on what you can afford to play.

If you can look at your meta and see what sort of decks are played, you can build a deck to succeed against those decks. Typically, the meta will evolve to hate you out if you are successful, then you make changes or switch decks.

Without further information about the format, deck archetype/style, and budget you have, I cannot give you anymore feedback. Hope this helped, at least. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.5 $1.04 $3.51 $2.74

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.07 TIX 0.17 TIX
Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.07
Avg. cube pick 9.33


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon


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