Invisible Stalker

Invisible Stalker

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Creature — Human Rogue


Invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

SirFowler on Test Series - Mono Blue

2 hours ago

You will need counterspells. Dissipate is great, but Cancel is sub-par. Dismiss is ok, but not the best. If you have them on hand, go for it, but I would consider cheaper spells like Mana Leak and/or Syncopate is you can get some.

Jace's Ingenuity and Strategic Planning are both great because card draw is like 50% of mono blue decks, so add those. Preferably more planning's over ingenuities.

Pongify is amazing because blue kill spells are actually pretty rare.

Aqueous Form is good, but you will need some more creatures. Invisible Stalkers are great if you have them because of the evasion, but the form doesn't add much to it, so idk.

I find they best way to build decks is to search through other peoples decks and playtest them first. There are many different archetypes out there, so many people have come up with interesting decks over the years.

Boza on ciphering heroics

20 hours ago

Dimir Heroics can be a great Tempo deck. Currently, this deck is a far cry from the aggro you think it is. having do-nothing Mythic 5 and 6 drops is not the way to aggro. lets begin from the start:

21 lands

4 Tormented Hero, 4 Agent of the Fates, 4 Invisible Stalker, 2 Artisan of Forms, 3 Delver of Secrets  Flip - these will be the main targets of the heroic spells. 22 cards to go.

4 Hidden Strings, 3 Hands of Binding, 3 Distortion Strike, 3 Virulent Swipe, 1 Artful Dodge, 3 Duress, 2 Livewire Lash, 2 Spell Pierce, 1 Undying Evil

This will give you a nice balance between spells and dudes and will be super aggressive to boot, while disrupting your opponent (the technical term is Tempo).

Scorprix on Deploy Shield's

1 day ago

Honestly, the loss of green here seems detrimental, as cards like Rancor and Keen Sense are lost.

To solve this problem, I'd try cutting your deck down to 12-to-14 creatures. Any more and you will face poor late-game draws. I suggest cutting the researchers and possibly Geist for those reasons, as they are much slower than the rest of the deck.

I also understand that the conscription/wings combo is something cool, but to be honest, it's weak. You need one or the other for the combo to work, and you can't do that. You need to end games on turn 5 ish. I do however like your inclusion of Invisible Stalker. Damn does it bring back memories of equipping Butcher's Cleavers to it in limited. That baby won GAMES! xD

Ok, back to the point. With Keen Sense lost, try Curiosity, since it does the same thing. Cutting Idyllic Tutor might also be nice. So at this point you might as well play the strictly better selesnia bogles deck, but that's up to you. Now, I'd run 2 Spirit Link to fight other aggro match-ups. Grafdigger's Cage is also decent SB tech for CoCo. Maybe just something to try out. Torpor Orb is also good. With a loss of some of the games best beef, we now need some decent auras, like maybe Spectral Flight? It's not great, but it seems decent. Steel of the Godhead would be good, too.

Thundagawd on Question regarding the *Cipher* mechanic

3 days ago

I'm working on an Esper Cipher & Extort deck, and I want to know if you are able to encrypt more than one Cipher on a single creature? If so, can you Cipher 2 instances of the same spell on that creature?

For Example, would it be possible to Cipher 2 instances of Hands of Binding onto, say, Invisible Stalker, and be able to trigger both of those whenever he deals damage to the opponent?

skeletonkey8 on Boogled!!! (Modern Aura Hexproof Deck)

3 days ago

Thank you very much Bloodspawn, i have been looking for a card that could take care of heavy sacrifice decks for my sideboard. i dont think ill use Tajuru Preserver in my main board just because my strategy is a very high risk, high reward version of Bogles where i am only concerned with making a completely unstoppable creature before my opponent can draw an answer (normally a board wipe/sacrifice). To safe guard against sacrifice i have 2 options, first i can play a creature if i had an extra in my starting hand, second i can fetch a Dryad Arbor in response. To deal with board wipes like Supreme Verdict i have Hyena Umbra and Spider Umbra like you said. I like the idea of Invisible Stalker and Hubris though their 2 mana cost holds me back for now. Thank you i think burn and discard are the 2 worst matchups for this deck and i have been contemplating taking 4 Leyline of Sanctity to just really try hard to get one in my hand to start game 2.

@Janktank: Your right, my humble apologize, i did not mean to take credit for the creation of this deck, though i would love to meet its maker. i have added a note right at the start of the description of the deck to clear things up. So about my land base, i see what your saying about Wooded Bastion however IMO it is the best land drop you can play as long as it is not your first land, its fast and gives you all your colors, though you can tap out and get punished. You only need 3 lands in play to have a full mana base in this deck so 3 damage for a land early doesnt feel like a huge investment, then after that you just float a fetch in you pool so you can grab Dryad Arbor.

Thank you jp84, i agree Krosan Grip is better against Chalice of the Void and Nature's Claim is better against Blood Moon which are two cards that would ruin me. to be honest im not sure which route i want to go in my sideboard right now, i feel like Krosan Grip my be the better option just because i can definitely see someone siding Chalice of the Void against me and it would still work against Blood Moon but im not sure i may need to do some testing on that one =)

mcstang1986 on Nope

6 days ago

I'm not a big fan of Greater Auramancy unless you have 4x Zur the Enchanter. It can hurt you as much as help in certain situations. I would look into Curiosity over some of the removal and Sigil of the Empty Throne just seems too slow. Also, this deck seems to want to be midrange and control. I would suggest taking out Ethersworn Adjudicator, Godhead of Awe, and Shipwreck Singer for Invisible Stalker and Slippery Bogle, especially if you are only running 20 lands, which is extremely light. I would also suggest taking out Cloud Key for another land, preferably a fetch land if you have access to another Polluted Delta or Flooded Strand. I would also look into Seachrome Coast, Glacial Fortress, Hallowed Fountain, Darkslick Shores, Watery Grave, Drowned Catacomb, Isolated Chapel, Godless Shrine, and when it gets reprinted in battle for zendikar (I HOPE) Marsh Flats. Even after taking out the higher cmc creatures and enchantments, I would suggest at least 21 lands with 22 likely being the sweet spot. Don't forget the best enchantment for an enchantment deck, Ethereal Armor! Hyena Umbra is also great at getting around kill spellls and wrath effects, and Eel Umbra is similar, but it can essentially be used as a counter to any such effect.

Bloodspawn on Boogled!!! (Modern Aura Hexproof Deck)

6 days ago

I'm not saying "Stuff dies to removal". I'm saying that playing a lot of auras on a single creature is a risky move since you might lose a lot of cards to an opponents single card, and then risk topdecking only auras and lands.

I would rather play a little slower and more safe game, spreading my auras over several creatures and mixing them up with equipments such as Bonesplitter, in order to still have options when the creature dies. You already have Rancor that's a great card in this regard.

While it's true that you cannot plan for every threat, not planning for sacrificial effects is a big risk. I strongly recommend Tajuru Preserver in this regard.

Sweepers, such as Anger of the Gods you can work around by using auras that boost toughness as well as power. Field cleansers are harder, but wont see as much play, and you already have Spider Umbra that saves you from them.

Blue has some cards that would suit this kind of deck idea well, such as Invisible Stalker and Hubris. In this deck they might ruin the deck focus however.

goblinking55 on The Thrill of Denial

1 week ago

Try Rule of Law, and Faith's Reward can help vs boardwipes. Also you could win with creatures like Invisible Stalker or something and then pump him up with lifelink and Spirit Mantle, Daybreak Coronet, Ethereal Armor, Angelic Destiny, etc.

In terms of other spells, Path to Exile is a must.

Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.12
Avg. cube pick 9.24


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon


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