Invisible Stalker


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon

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Invisible Stalker

Creature — Human Rogue


Invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

berryjon on Unblockable + Counters

2 days ago

Gudul Lurker is something I would suggest - the Megamorph synergizes with Hardened Scales well enough, and it works as both a 1-drop and a 3-drop morph.

Unless you're worried about targeted removal, I would suggest Looter il-Kor in the place of Invisible Stalker if you want to keep drawing cards.

Curiosity is also a nice enchantment if you feel confident about it. Easier card draws that way from the combat damage you're doing.

Supahpikmin on Annoy your opponents

5 days ago

Brainstorm instead of Ponder because it triggers Sphinx three times, and Wall of Frost over Glacial Wall because it's a straight upgrade.

I love irritating decks, so here's a few tips on how to piss of an opponent the most:

  • Keep plenty of return-to-hand spells so that opponents have to recast their things a lot, and to buy time until you draw counterspells. Use Boomerang over Chilling Grasp since you already have Claustrophobia
  • Remove Inkwell Leviathan. While it is a really strong creature, you don't have the means to actually bring it out in a reasonable amount of time, and it doesn't really fit this deck. Try Scourge of Fleets.
  • Try fitting in a spell with Cipher. It'll give your Invisible Stalker something to do while it's hitting your opponent. I suggest Hands of Binding

Other than that, this deck seems pretty good. If you wanted to toy around with other cards, , creatures like Man-o'-War that bounce enemy creatures, additional counterspells, and maybe even a touch of lifegain Staff of the Mind Magus couldn't hurt. Another fun little trick is to put in Curse of the Swine use it alongside return-spells to essentially board-wipe the enemy.

hardhitta71194 on How to be a dick 101

5 days ago

Totally agree, I just didn't see you already had Baral when I commented. I would like to do the same in my deck, but my Homuncs are a lot cheaper. Lol

I play the Geist in my deck and have great success pissing people off. My Invisible Stalkers and AEtherling should be in tomorrow. I might have to start playing online afterwards. :P

Dokujin on Right Through You

6 days ago

Feels like running Call to the Kindred without a big nasty spirit like Drogskol Reaver to cheat in with it kind of makes it lackluster so I'd consider trying to run 4x call and 4x reaver one more time otherwise I'd remove call as most of the time I feel like I'd just be searching for traft or your captains which is still good but they're CMC is already quite low to the ground.

A similar deck a friend of mine runs has a creature base made that is very similar yet more concentrated around Kindred to ensure reaver everytime. And although he may not synergise with the spirit theme, Invisible Stalker is hex/unblockable so you could use Curiosity as a method of card draw if you wanted to run more enchants. What fits the theme and can be quite useful is Selfless Spirit.

So, in the end I do have a vision of what cards I'd remove from this deck to include these suggestions but it all depends on your interest and card preferences but if you're not interested in the reaver, I'd remove kindred completely

hardhitta71194 on Keep Calm and Tap for Blue

1 week ago

I had some store credit and ordered x2 Invisible Stalker and a AEtherling!

What do you think of Baral, Chief of Compliance? Looks like he's going to be pretty badass. Decreases spell costs and can let you cycle some cards. That price tho. Maybe I can get some in boosters.

Snap157 on Keep Calm and Tap for Blue

1 week ago

If you need a replacement for the test subject, I would go with Invisible Stalker. He's a bitch to remove and keeps up a steady ping that really gets annoying.

Miniferg on Budget Bogles

2 weeks ago

Being a purveyor of Simic Bogles myself, I have a few suggestions for you.

First, try adding a little more power and toughness to your creature. An effective option for me is Unstable Mutation. If you like instant speed pump spells better, Might of Old Krosa & Groundswell are decent choices. The way I add massive power& toughness to my Bogles is by running more land so that I can play Auramancer's Guise (which basically ends the game when played if you're running the right build for it).

So what to switch out for these suggestions? Try ditching Spider Umbra and probably also Ordeal of Thassa since it's too slow.

Second, you need a bit more card advantage, and in a quicker, more lightweight form than the Snake Umbras that you have in the deck now. Might I suggest Curiosity or Keen Sense? & by the way, 2 Aqueous Form mainboard is good, and probably also the right number to run mainboard; having an extra one in the sideboard is useful though.

Third, having enough targets for your auras. I don't mean to rub it in, but you saw the earlier comments, and I agree that you could benefit from a couple or a few Silhana Ledgewalkers. Also an honorable mention for a bigger creature to include is Witchstalker; just in case you find Silhana Ledgewalker to be a bit lackluster when compared with Invisible Stalker.

Fourth, having a proper land base. You don't have to go all out like I have with fetches and shocks, but nevertheless a land upgrade would greatly benefit you. Hinterland Harbor is a great choice, but for your build - Since you're running Yavimaya Coasts - I would say that Botanical Sanctum is likely the better choice. Personally, I'd recommend replacing the temples with the check lands and the pain lands with the fast lands.

Last but not least, regarding your counter-magic suite, try running Stubborn Denial instead of Rune Snag or Mana Leak once you've improved your ways to make those Bogles BIG!

Best of luck with your improvements...

P.S. I thought about running the man lands - Specifically the Treetop Village & the Faerie Conclave. Ultimately, I think that they just slow the deck down and are inifeective since they aren't hexproof.

P.P.S. Surgical Extraction is great to have in the sideboard if your oppent is running board wipes.

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