Invisible Stalker

Invisible Stalker

Creature — Human Rogue


Invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

GoldenDiggle on Need lots of help for ...

2 days ago

Sygg was my first blue EDH deck, and I personally think he encourages some very interesting play types, other than, "Mill to do X" that most generals in his colors do.

That being said, card drawing ability on creatures is good, but in comparison, Unblockability Ghastlord of Fugue Invisible Stalker and off-turn damage effects Vela the Night-Clad Bloodchief Ascension are more consistent when combined with Sygg.

No maximum had size is important for Sygg, because his potential is limited if he doesn't have it. Recursion is always better in this case, so I suggest picking up a Venser's Journal or even a Spellbook to allow more common access to it.

Creature-wise, cards like Drana, Liberator of Malakir and Stinkdrinker Bandit perform well when given unblockability, and an unblockable Daring Thief has won me many games by literally just trading value cards on the board. A Clone, or card with similar ability Stolen Identity is always appreciated for Sigg, allowing him to 'borrow' a few useful creatures from his opponents. Marang River Prowler is nearly always recastable Inkfathom Infiltrator in this deck.

Sigg has few true wincons, but the ones he does have are brutal. If you are running any rogues, or can land a hit with Sigg, Notorious Throng not only gives you a ridiculous amount of flying tokens, but also allows you to take an extra turn. (That's one spell worth buyback.) Access to unblockable creatures gives you access to cards like Quietus Spike, Necropolis Regent, and Elbrus, the Binding Blade  Flip.

You have all the draw staples like Bident of Thassa and Coastal Piracy which make unblockability a stronger.

Bonus prick mode: I like to use Seer's Vision and Telepathy and watch when my opponents beat eachothers' faces in when they see eachothers' hands. Meanwhile, I draw cards.

TL;DR lean a bit towards more unblockability, you will find that it is easier to draw cards and close out games when you have said cards.

Hobbez9186 on Kill & Mill

1 week ago

So I built a Proxy deck to get some more realistic playtests, and this is crazy. It has two reliable win conditions that both work in 5-7 turns. There is quite of bit of chance involved with both, but since the aggro fuels the mill it works very consistently. I'm definitely vulnerable to burn and removal, but the hexproof on Invisible Stalker comes in handy since I really only need one attacker to make this work. Being able to stack equip him with Trepanation Blades and hopefully at least 1 Curiosity has been able to mill 30 cards with just one attack. The more colors you are up against the harder it will be, but since it includes the land that gets revealed as part of the mill, it can still slow down three color decks by taking away from their delicate mana pool. Against ramp that grabs land right out of their library it works especially well because the ratio of land to non-land cards is in your favor. Of course Sphinx's Tutelage can be devastating or completely underwhelming, but the unblockable aggro can edge out a win in a few short turns as well. Or not. Just luck of the draw.

So far it has worked exactly the way I want it to. The next step is of course playing it against a real deck. I think it could be great, it certainly is exciting.

swatty524 on Bant hexproof

1 week ago

i originally had Invisible Stalker in the deck, but took it out because Aqueous Form lets me not have dead draws.

and yea Horizon Canopy is just too expensive

JonnyG21 on Bant hexproof

2 weeks ago

Invisible Stalker is nice, but makes Aqueous Form worse.

MrBacanudo on Simic Unblockable Aggro

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions, Drakender.

I'm trying to avoid cards like Latch Seeker and Deathcult Rogue because it's a little hard to get consistently that much mana of a single color in the first few turns.

But I'll certainly try to include the other ones, especially Forced Adaptation and Ordeal of Thassa. They seem to fit well in an Invisible Stalker, which is hexproof.

Acid_Drop on Aura Crusade

3 weeks ago

Don't rule out Invisible Stalker

Drakender on I hate the name of this deck

3 weeks ago

I'm sorry for multiposts, but I just realised that Spirit Mantle or Holy Mantle might be very good in your deck, since you can block and take no damage or just not be blocked, so you can put Geist of Saint Traft and you will get a better version of Invisible Stalker...

Drakender on I hate the name of this deck

3 weeks ago

I would also play Mesa Enchantress instead of Kor Spiritdancer and more than one time, its more budget and trigger on all enchantements, but do not boost itself, I also agree, you need more Invisible Stalker.

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