Invisible Stalker

Invisible Stalker

Creature — Human Rogue


Invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

JWiley129 on Eldrazi Processor Mechanic: Bad or ...

2 days ago

Triforce-Finder - Your points are all valid and well thought out. However I would like to posit that the instances you are concerned about is not violating the perceived intent of the card. In the case of Isochron Scepter, Player A exiles Brainstorm so they can Brainstorm every turn. Player B casts a Processor putting the exiled Brainstorm into Player A's graveyard. At no point did the Isochron Scepter not do what it is intended to do, create a repeatable effect using a cheap Instant. This type of interaction is already a part of the game through Riftsweeper, so there is nothing mechanically wrong with Processors.

I can create other examples for the other mechanics. I Cipher Stolen Identity onto my Invisible Stalker, then you cast a Processor to put it back into my library. At no point did Stolen Identity stop doing what it was intended. I suspend Reality Strobe, then my opponent Processes it into my graveyard. At no point did Reality Strobe stop functioning as intended. Etc.

At the end of the day even Mark Rosewater, the staunchest defender of "exile should be untouchable", said that this opens interesting design space. And what matters most is not that cards can come back from exile, but that you cannot get your own cards back from exile.

LordOfDispair on American Control/Delver? Suggestions!

5 days ago

You're at 68 cards right now, and 60 is the minimum and what you should generally stick to. I would drop the following:

Racecourse Fury

Hidden Strings

Psychic Barrier

Meletis Charlatan

Glimpse the Sun God

Invisible Stalker

Flash Counter > Sideboard against control decks that play lots of instants

Demystify > Sideboard against enchantment running decks

I'll help you change it more later. Delver of Secrets  Flip is a very strong card, and a lot of decks have that plus a bunch of control to try to kill them quickly while keeping their threats in check, so if you wanted you could go for more that build with Keranos, God of Storms as an alternate finisher.

GabeCubed on Can't Touch This! $15 Budget!

5 days ago

Invisible Stalker? And get some dual lands in here(stuff like Dismal Backwater).

crexalbo on Geist Infect

6 days ago

I have made a deck of my own, using your idea of Geist of Saint Traft in the sideboard... and i added a couple Invisible Stalker as well. I have featured your deck in the description.

Duskfell on Flying, counter Spell U/B deck ...

1 week ago

This deck started out as a mess of random cards I put together, but now it's actually looking pretty good IMO. I plan on ordering the cards that I don't have to put this deck together, so please don't try to suggest super expensive cards, or at least suggest a cheaper alternative to said expensive card.

I ended up replacing Murder with Dismember since it simply seems better. I figured that I probably won't be able to counter everything, so I may as well be able to take it out later.Sword of Feast and Famine is in there since it seems really nice to deal damage and have all my mana ready for counter spells. Sword of Fire and Ice would help kill them faster, but dat price though.

Delver of Secrets  Flip seems good since I'm likely to reveal an instant or sorcery and he's cheap.Invisible Stalker is simply because he's both unblockable AND hexproof.

Hypnotic Specter is in there to try to shorten the card selection that they have and seems better than Abyssal Specter.Nightveil Specter just seems really neat since the card I exile could have been useful to them and I get to play it.

Over the Counter Playtest

Modern* Duskfell


AndWelcomeToTheJam on Quest For The Holy Wreckage

1 week ago

For Equipment, you could probably benefit from some Cranial Plating. Against a lot of targeted spells you could have Lightning Greaves as well. I notice you are running a lot of bounce spells, are you targeting your own creatures with them to stack more counters on Quest? If so, then you might like Call to Heel for a little extra draw power. You could also run Clockspinning to get your Quest faster. Creatures look okay, but I don't think you need Glint Hawk. Instead you could run Judge's Familiar for a little protection, or Invisible Stalker to get your Equipment triggers in. Finally, lands. Fetches (Flooded Strand) are the best choice if you can afford it, it gets more cards out of your deck so you have a lower likelihood of getting a dead draw. Cheaper options include Hallowed Fountain shocks, Glacial Fortress checks, or Temple of Enlightenment scrys. Hope this helped!

JWiley129 on Why is WotC Using Protection ...

1 week ago

They do have hexproof on the chopping block, because the community erupted when they made Geist of Saint Traft and Invisible Stalker.

But all the changes for evergreen mechanics going into Origins are all about more interactive games. Intimidate stops you from blocking if you aren't the right color. Protection stops you from interacting at ALL unless you have global effects. Landwalk suffers from the same problem as Intimidate. Wizards wants Magic to have a back-and-forth, not just cards that essentially go "Oops, I win."

TacoFactory on Blue/White Enchantment Deck

1 week ago

Great idea for a deck. While not exactly the same, my deck Aurgasmic Heroes might be of some help regarding enchantments. I agree with a lot of what has been said here but wanted to add my own two cents.

The first thing to do is admit you are creating a blue/white Bogle deck. I have recently had to come to terms with this myself for the deck I have already linked. You are already a step ahead by focusing on hexproof. Here are some suggestions to help with your hexproof goal:

Obviously you will be paying for the Slippery Bogle with . Those combined with rocking aura's will pump up your creatures for big damage. Feel free to look at my deck for ideas but the main ones I would suggest have already been suggested.

In your case I don't recommend running Hero of Iroas (you'd have too many creatures for this type of deck) so keep your enchantment mana costs down as much as possible.

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