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Invisible Stalker

Invisible Stalker

Creature — Human Rogue


invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

joriiiii12345 on Hidden power: String

14 hours ago

I LOVE it!

I've been in love with Invisible Stalker since i first saw it. I tried all kinds of things with it (i.e. equipment decks with fireshrieker and quietus spike, etc.), and now I came across this!

Dude, if I ever start playing Modern (which I probably will in about a year), I'll probably start of with running your deck! (or at least the basis of it ;) )

TrevHulkC on Enchantment Voltron EDH

1 day ago

Auratouched Mage and Umbra Mystic are good adds. Eidolon of Countless Battles has juice in here too.

You biggest problem here, by some distance is the hate Bruna will draw. From the looks of it, you'll have a full turn of opponents throwing removal at her.


  1. Give her haste, swing the turn she enters: Swiftfoot Boots , Lightning Greaves and Hall of the Bandit Lord . Those first two are also good protectors...)

  2. Make sure you can protect her. Cavern of Souls to make sure she resolves, Whispersilk Cloak and Spellskite to stop pesky removal spells.

  3. Have an alternate win condition. What do you do if your opponent throws down Terminus ? Well, you could run Ethereal Usher , but if you don't have that, you need to win without Bruna. AEtherling , Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Invisible Stalker could all be nice alternate ways to kill your opponents.

For an alternative route, check out my Bruna, Bitch Queen deck

Programmer_112 on Exalted madness

3 days ago

Bant Exalted is indeed the best, but if you're trying to make a budget exalted deck, I would actually suggest Azorius. Azorius lets you add Ardent Plea , Ethercaste Knight , and Invisible Stalker /Aqueous Form /Triton Shorestalker . Avacyn, Angel of Hope is a bit slow for me, but if you think it works out, then great. Also, Cathedral of War is awesome.

Boza on Little pest shop

5 days ago

Pauper decks consist of only commons. Besides the lands, which are obviously rare, there is Invisible Stalker , Will-o'-the-Wisp ; Memnite and Dismember as well from the maybe board; Rakdos Cackler , Noxious Revival from the sideboard.

magnaboss on Mono White Exalted Tokens

6 days ago

I apologize beforehand for this extremely long comment.

Tokens do work well with Sublime Archangel , basically turning into a +1/+1 buff to your attackers per token. However, I find that Leyline of the Meek shouldn't be in there if you want exalted. You must make the choice: Tokens or Exalted.

I understand that the point of the protection spells is to counter removal to your single attacking creature. But what if you didn't need those at all?

Geist of Saint Traft DOES work with exalted. if you didn't know, exalted triggers when the creature is declared as an attacker. The angel token appears after the creature is declared as an attacker. On the other hand, Traft is not a very budget friendly card.

Invisible Stalker is extremely powerful with exalted. Unblockable attacker that picks up exalted like a pro and doesn't care about removal.

AEther Vial isn't really good here. It's mainly played in tribal decks only for a reason: You can flash in the creatures that you need to resolve, and most of these creatures (eg: Goblin Matron ) are powerful in the correct tribal. I understand that you may want to have extra creatures out for free, but considering your creature base is so small, AEther Vial really won't do the job. Multiples of AEther Vial is also redundant, especially late game. Removing AEther Vial also opens you to using Stony Silence , the best Affinity hoser there is. Shutting down Arcbound Ravager and Cranial Plating is huge.

Doom Blade is an excellent card in limited. In Modern, Go for the Throat is far superior. Besides, if you're up against Affinity, Doom Blade is far too slow for racing Affinity. If you think about it, Affinity's biggest threat is often a Arcbound Ravager , Etched Champion , or something with Cranial Plating . The Ravager can just sac itself whether you Path to Exile or Doom Blade it, buffing some other creature to potentially dangerous levels. Etched Champion is literally unremovable, and with a Cranial Plating , the game is over.

Your creatures are incredibly weak to mass removal, such as Supreme Verdict . For that reason, I think that Boros Charm would be good. The other abilities of the charm are also relevant. Granting a massive creature double strike ends games, as well as 4 damage to the face.

Electrolyze will destroy you, granting massive card advantage to the opponent. It will very often grant a 2 for 1 on top of the cantrip.

I do not feel that Burrenton Forge-Tender is relevant at all. What will you be chumping against a red deck? Goblin Guide ? The sac to prevent damage is also somewhat irrelevant. How much damage will a burn deck push at you at once? Lightning Bolt perhaps?

What does Squadron Hawk really do? More exalted with the Sublime Archangel ? What if you don't draw the angel? The Hawks are sort of useless at this point.

The other main point that feels like it has a problem is that you rely so heavily on Sublime Archangel . Most of your creatures are very insignificant by themselves, and the Archangel will almost definitely get Pathed or Bolted, having 3 toughness. Also, I think that lifegain is very important for a deck like this, especially against Zoo and other aggro decks. You have many shocklands, and despite the low curve of your deck, you're going to want untapped lands producing the colors you need. Azorius Charm solves this problem, and you opponent will often chump with a single creature against your massive beater, so the top of the library part is relevant, and this makes Azorius Charm an excellent finisher when your opponent least expects it. In the worst case, it cycles itself for 2 mana, ensuring that it will never be a dead card.

I also think that you will need card draw if the deck does not consistently kill on turn 3-5. Phyrexian Arena , like your maybeboard states, is an excellent card for this purpose, as is Dark Confidant , if you can afford it.

Those are all my current suggestions for now, and I apologize again if this comment is too long. I do however, have several questions.

How fast does this deck goldfish?

What can you do against a faster deck?

How does it match up against the Tier 1 decks? (affinity, zoo, melira pod, kiki pod, splinter twin, tron etc..)

Overall, I really like this deck. +1 from me.

Kossie on Dimir's Library eater

1 week ago

The think you are discribing is called milling...

Here are some nice cards for milling:

Hedron Crab ,

Thought Scour ,

Traumatize ,

Sword of Body and Mind +Invisible Stalker ,

Trepanation Blade +Invisible Stalker ,

Curse of the Bloody Tome

hiddengibbons on 2014-07-19 update of Battle of ...

1 week ago

why not Augury Owl or Invisible Stalker instead of Storm Crow ? I mean, is this thing serious? Of course I'd probably just scoop as soon as the crow hits the table anyway. No doubt about it; he's The Truth.

HavokX on Oh, You Wanted To Block? I'm Unblockable!

1 week ago

I'm currently working on a modern unblockable deck, and it's always nice to see others doing it as well! I was looking through the comments and I noticed that the cipher keyword was mentioned. Look no further than Hidden Strings . If you cast Triton Shorestalker T1, cast it at the beginning of T2 untapping the lands used for the spell and ciphering it onto the triton, you'll be able to make two T2 plays instead of one. For example, you can cast Phytoburst first main phase, swing for 6, untap both lands when the cipher ability goes off, and then cast a Invisible Stalker during your second main phase. Hope this helps :)

Also shameless plug here:

Blocker? I hardly knew her! Playtest

Modern* HavokX

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