Invisible Stalker

Invisible Stalker

Creature — Human Rogue


Invisible Stalker is unblockable.

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Invisible Stalker Discussion

NinetyFish on The Fencers Might

1 day ago

Sweet deck. Almost like W/U Bogles. On that note, have you considered Invisible Stalker? Except for something like double-strike, it's a bit of a dream card for this deck, right? Also, I think you have a bit too many creatures and could use some counterspell backup. Standard Heroic does fine with 12-14 creatures. (Also, go down to 60 cards!)

If you have any time, I'd appreciate a look at my current deck: It's W/U Control with a Finks/Wall of Omens engine. I've been looking through other W/U decks for ideas on improving it.

kamarupa on 2015-10-06 update of Overgrown Umbral ...

1 day ago

kinda hard not to just chuck the deck and build one around Invisible Stalker Although, there is Silhana Ledgewalker - an Elf, even - which you might find useful. Having a creature enter the battlefield with the abilities is much better than stacking Enchantment Auras.

Pasius1984 on Mill and Crush

2 days ago

Hey Beghty, I just saw this deck, and I also find Mill to be a fun strategy to play. To be honest a QUICK fix, to help with the milling on a faster pace, is Mindcrank. This allows your creature's damage to MILL your opponents deck at the same time. This might be able to help you with deciding on which cards to change out, and for what. There are infinite combos to use with it, but that is up to the player. Also, if you are looking for a good, unblockable creature, I suggest Invisible Stalker. Him with a Sword of Body and Mind is basically an guaranteed hit. Since this is a LEGACY deck, there is always Breaking / Entering as a good option. I was running the Dimir Infiltrator, until I found the beauty in Duskmantle Guildmage. The guildmage and the Crank provide the infinite Mill/Damage Combo. but I found I needed some more control to make sure no threats were on or about to enter the battlefield, to make time for the combo.Also, +1 for Mill :D I'm glad I found your build. I was looking at another player's mill deck for ideas, and I came across this one. If you'd like, you can look at my Mill deck for any ideas, or if you have any suggestions, let me know.

The Creed of House Dimir

At the moment, its at 62 cards, because I am playing around with a few things.

xzzane on wanting input on improving modern ...

1 week ago

I'm guessing it was Invisible Stalker and Ethereal Armor. Am I correct?

HumpFree on Quit Milling Around

1 week ago

I would say:

  • 2 Consuming Aberration due to their higher cost; two is a good number.

  • 4 Nightveil Specter a nice card but we want to focus on mill cards.

  • 2 Howling Mines and Font of Mythos as they are support not the focus of the deck.

  • 2 Dictate of Kruphix as you have the mines and font.

  • 2 Twincast while it is a nice card, you might want to keep your pool open for removal or counters (Psychic Strike is like dissolve but mills for two and is more color friendly, try it out)

  • Mindcrank because the focus on the deck is mill them, it helps but if you're dealing a lot of damage, you might as well go for the beatdown.

  • Traumatize, the only reason I suggest this as to keep your curve lower, you have other five mana spells that you would rather have on the field, I personally would rather have some phantasms out, a wight and the god out to build a wall of creatures that I can tap to mill once my opponent's end their turn. Also, if you have been milling and your opponent has only say 30 cards, casting the Unthinkable with a Aberration out would yield more mill and leave your pool open for other spells.

  • 2 Archive Traps as it is circumstantial, early when your opponent fetches, it is awesome but later on in the game you can do more with five mana.

  • Play around with dark deal and whispering madness, I normally would suggest whispering madness, but by turn four your phantasms could already be 5/5 and may be needed for defense. Dark Deal may be useful due to amount of extra card draw.

  • 2 paranoid delusions, ths are helpful but without an evasive creatures like Invisible Stalker you may prefer casting your straight mill cards over it.

Ultimately, you need to play around with the cards amounts and which ones work best in your play tests, you may prefer font of mythos over the mines to free up turn two for the Erasures. This kind of mill deck is like a puzzle that you piece together, individual parts by themselves are not the aim, it is having pieces that work together.

AwesomeName on A Very Vexing Creation (Budget unblockable) ($30)

1 week ago

Cool deck! Here are some suggestions:

electromancer on unblockable, blue control. (Suggestions Welcome)

1 week ago

Did you intend to make this modern? Because I think this is entirely modern legal. If you're set on legacy then True-Name Nemesis is like Invisible Stalker on roids.

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