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Green Hills of Dominaria: Gnarlback Rhino PDH

Pauper EDH* Mono-Green Pauper Voltron



Mono-Green Voltron with Gnarlback Rhino

Some of the most powerful things in Pauper EDH are big creatures, Green, and card draw, so why not play a deck with all of that? Though not as powerful as other comparable commanders like Satyr Enchanter and Loyal Guardian I think this deck is still relatively powerful and has different lines of play (and when your competition are some of the best decks in the format I think it is a pretty good sign). It is filled out with lots of fight cards to remove annoying blockers, lots of pump spells to trample over massive damage, and lots of ramp to get it out and keep it out. Built in Trample is great for getting through board stalls and it is cheap enough that you can get it out T3 and start smacking people T4. The biggest struggle is going to be land flooding and dealing with decks that have lots of removal/big creatures.

- Rhino's ability gets around Green's weaknesses like creature removal and card draw
- Deck is aggressive and able to eliminate players quickly
- Deck is very resilient, it will take a full effort from the table to keep you down once you get started
- Deck is ~$35, you can cut $12 out of that by switching out Priest of Titania, Ancestral Mask, Fyndhorn Elves, and Boreal Druid

- Deck is linear and predictable
- Deck does nothing without the commander
- Deck is weak against creature removal and stompy

Estimated Power: 6/10


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