Baleful Strix


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
MTGO Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Anthology Uncommon
Commander 2016 Uncommon
Eternal Masters Rare
Vintage Masters Uncommon
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Planechase 2012 Edition Uncommon

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Baleful Strix

Artifact Creature — Bird

Flying, deathtouch

When Baleful Strix enters the battlefield, draw a card.

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Baleful Strix Discussion

Nightdragon779 on The More the Better - Scarab God Creature Control

9 hours ago


I actually really like Duplicant and the Ingester. Exiling, especially in my meta, is much Moreno useful than destroying. I can also process it back if I need to. It usually works in my favor. I play Dragonlord Silumgar and Sidisi in my Untap list, idk why it's not updated here.


I don't like Baleful Strix that much, I feel like while it's good, it doesn't do that much.

Fathom Feeder I don't wanna play because I only have one processor in the whole deck and I'd rather kill over ingesting.

I will be adding Reliquary Tower, just forgot about it.

Doran_The_ButtFighter on The More the Better - Scarab God Creature Control

2 days ago

The versatility of this general is great! I went with more of a zombie tribal build, but I'm digging the control. Baleful Strix works wonders in this deck, no loss of card advantage and provides amazing defense while you build up your/ your opponents' graveyards. It also is a great reanimated target. I also see use for Fathom Feeder, Baleful's earthbound Eldrazi cousin, since you have that Processor interaction (btw LOVE the Oracle of Dust) Great build! +1

Deepstriker29 on Nekusar, The Mindrazer Commander

1 week ago

Ah, Nekusar! I figured you may want to switch from Thrax to good ol Mr Bones and his wild wheeling ride. However, an important thing to remember when playing a wheelhouse deck is that graveyards are ubiquitous in Commander, and your strategy can help that inadvertently. You will definitely want to find a spot for Bojuka Bog in your manabase (I recommend subbing out one Mountain with your improved fixing stepping in to help). You'll want a hexproof source to protect your Vessel and Spellbook - I recommend Padeem, Consul of Innovation for additional draw and a decent blocker (she comes down right out of a Thought Vessel ramp play too!). Isochron Scepter can help you keep a consistent removal/deck manipulation spell through all your wheeling (you currently have 7 different removal effects Scepter can copy if counterspells are included), and if you wheel some fatties into the yard, Victimize lets you trade a creature for two of them (imagine trading Baleful Strix for Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and Consecrated Sphinx on TURN 3 after a wheel!)

Zaane2 on Marchesa the Immortal Rose

2 weeks ago

@Jpegwun, I'd recommend you proxy the Deck IRL or playtest it on Cockatrice before buying-in. Marchesa has been my bae since I started playing EDH and I know that she's the perfect Commander for me. Whether she's fun or not will depend on your playstyle and your preferences.

I play Marchesa as a value Engine. You can recur creatures with ETBs to generate a bunch of value through this Engine. For Example: Baleful Strix ETBs and draws a Card. You attack with Strix to trigger Dethrone (While Marchesa is out), then sacrifice the Strix on your 2nd Main Phase. On your End Step, Strix will recur itself, netting you another Card and whatever the output of your Sac Outlet is. This Engine can be looped for as long as you can Dethrone and only gets more insane as you add in more pieces. Add Grave Pact to cause an edict effect every loop. Add Grim Haruspex to draw an additional Card each loop. Add Flayer of the Hatebound to throw around some damage each loop, etc etc. Also, remember that Marchesa will protect herself with her own ability.

The standard loop can be repeated once every round. However, if you add Vigean Graftmage, Unspeakable Symbol, Feast on the Fallen, or Olivia, Mobilized for War, you can repeat the loop on every turn, generating 4 loops of the Engine every round. There's a bunch of stuff that you can add to make the Engine more and more insane. Then finally, when you've generated a bunch of value, you Combo off using a combination of Cards from the "Combo" section of my Decklist. You create a loop where a Wizard with Persist will never die, and you generate Infinite outputs depending on the Sac Outlet being used: Mana, Damage, Mill, Draw, etc etc.

Lastly, things like Karn Liberated, Chain of Vapor, Chaos Warp, and Venser, Shaper Savant are all included so that I can hit Enchantments. My group plays hard-Stax and I need to be able to remove a Rest in Peace. You can change and remove these, along with expensive Cards like Sneak Attack and Mana Crypt to suit your playgroup's and your own needs. I also ran Bearer of the Heavens before Razaketh as a mass-enchantment boardwipe that also ends the game.

PickleNutz on B/W/U Control (Work in Progress)

2 weeks ago

This deck has synergy issues, but I have a few suggestions since you haven't built it yet.

Blue cards

Black cards

White cards

Those are some pretty solid staples to those colors for modern, some are a bit more costly than the others.

As far as creatures




Some multi-color cards

These cards will do significantly well for you in the control department, and almost all of them are pretty affordable besides Snapcaster Mage and Thoughtseize.

It may also benefit you to take out a few lands and use a few more creatures. This deck archetype on a budget has a hard time working well.

You can also try this Planeswalker out, it's a pretty useful one.

It's 3 cost to play and can be a draw card outlet for you, it's not going to replace a Liliana of the Veil though.

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Illusionary Horror (Torpornought)

3 weeks ago

Part II:

Your grixis delver Matchup (MU) is amazing.

You can ice out Snapcaster Mage, Baleful Strix, and Vendilion Clique from giving your opponent value. Your mainboard Abrupt Decay will also help remove their threats.

Your Stoneblade / Deathblade MU is amazing.

SFM coming down as a vanilla beater is not where the SFM want to be. Stoneforge Mystic.


Eater of Days looks like a great way to blank a Griselbrand

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