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Pauper EDH* Enchantment GW (Selesnya)


This deck has the most card advantage I have ever seen in PDH. Azra comes close, but requires you to jump through more hoops. The general gameplan is to set up defensively and let your opponents beat each other up while you build an unstoppable army and play twice as many spells as the rest of the table combined.

Pacifism, Arrest, and Lignify type cards will keep major combat threats at bay, as well as lock down some troublesome creature abilities. This gives you time to start accumulating buff auras on your hexproof creatures, until nobody will ever have bigger creatures than you. Then you just start beating face until you win. It's important to never put your auras on your commander, because you stand to lose WAY too much momentum if he is removed. Recasting him isn't the biggest problem, but losing your precious first few buff auras can easily lead to never quite having a big enough creature to block with.

While drawing on cast is great, it's the enchantments that get back to your hand that really make this deck amazing. Cards like Broken Fall and Gossamer Chains will help keep your creatures alive through blocking and take some unblocked creatures out of combat, while giving you even more chances to draw cards. They also will help you not care quite as much about enemies with deathtouch, which are usually a big problem for green. Another wonderful abuse of enchantments that return to your hand is Whip Silk, which basically reeds, "GG: Draw a card." There's several more of these cards in the sideboard that are more expensive versions of Whip Silk. I just decided that they weren't as worth it when they were twice as much mana to repeatedly draw with.

There is one combo in the deck. Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond gives you infinite token creatures and will end the game next turn if nobody can board wipe. It's not the main wincon, but with the ridiculous amount of draw power you have, your odds of finding it are decent.


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