An onslaught of 1/1s won't be winning you any games, not even in pauper. But an onslaught of 3/3s? Once they start picking up handy combat abilities, their cheap cost should let these mid-sized mans give your opponent a tough time.

Aven Skirmisher , Healer's Hawk , Kitesail Scout , Lantern Kami , Scryb Sprites , Segovian Angel , Soltari Foot Soldier , Suntail Hawk - The evasive one-drops. A superior air force wins wars, and being able to send a 3/3 flyer at your opponent for only one mana can quickly overwhelm anyone.

Basking Rootwalla , Caravan Escort , Hungry Spriggan , Soltari Trooper , Werebear , Wild Aesthir , Wings of the Guard - Objects in mirror are larger than they appear! Hungry Spriggan gets the boost from Sigil Captain then attacks as a 6/6 trampler. Basking Rootwalla asks only two mana to become a 5/5 bruiser. And if you manage to play Werebear after the Captain but before you have threshold, you can end up with a 7/7 for !

Blisterpod , Doomed Traveler , Hunted Witness , Safehold Elite , Sacred Cat , Tukatongue Thallid - Your opponent kills your 3/3? It hurts a little less if you immediately get one to replace it! You can comfortably play these before the Captain's out to boost them, knowing their replacements will show up fighting fit.

Eyeless Watcher , Icatian Crier , Selesnya Evangel , Battle Screech , Captain's Call , Cenn's Enlistment , Saproling Migration , Fists of Ironwood , Night Soil , Presence of Gond , Vessel of Ephemera , Raise the Alarm , Sprout Swarm - If 1/1s are what you're after, there's no easier way to get a lot of them than tokens! Four mana for three 1/1s may not turn any heads, but what about three 3/3s? Presence of Gond , Icatian Crier and Sprout Swarm provide serious late-game reliability, flooding the board with 3/3s when you have nothing better to do with your topdecks or mana.

Daru Stinger , Deftblade Elite , Elvish Hexhunter , Gideon's Lawkeeper , Goldmeadow Harrier , Qasali Pridemage , Shinewend - We always need that touch of removal. Once Deftblade Elite 's a 3/3, you can pick off an opposing 2/2 or smaller every turn. Daru Stinger can throw around a Shock every combat and Shinewend becomes more interesting once it can pick off not one but three enchantments!

Fencing Ace , Kjeldoran Skyknight , Serra Disciple , Skyhunter Skirmisher , Wild Aesthir - These guys all just kick some ass despite their size. We might miss out on goodies like Swiftblade Vindicator, Beloved Chaplain and Mistmeadow Skulk, but there are a number of good combat abilities to be found on common 1/1s.


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