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Renata was chosen by Nylea to remind the mortals of Theros of the power found in nature. Her presence strengthens the resolve of those who join her as she delves into the wilderness, chasing the prospect of glory through feats of true might.

That's about all I got. Save for a small bit of flavour text, she doesn't really have any other backstory. Like, she shot a minotaur (Infuriate, watched a satyr dance (Careless Celebrant) and took out a megaboar (Nessian Boar), aaaaaand that's about it. We haven't got any more lore for her- she's just kinda there.

This deck's pretty simple, and pretty standard for green- gradually fill up the board with creatures, which get boosted with Renata's ability. Classic creatures and counters- then you smash your opponents in the face with your own buffed-up army. It's admittedly a lazy way to brew Renata and there isn't too much trickery to it- but if you enjoy stompy creatures becoming even stompier, this is a great deck to play!

I've tried to include cards which can consistently add to the board, namely token producers, however, there aren't too many in this format, and less so in the newer card frame (since I dislike the older frames). But yeah, in short, this deck relies on hitting your opponents until they die- either with a souped-up Renata with Auras or with an army of tough wilderness-dwellers.

Almighty Brushwagg, Hungry Spriggan, Nimble Mongoose, Oran-Rief Invoker, Werebear- Our low-mana swingers that get stronger as the game goes on in some shape or form, the latter has the bonus of being a mana dork.

Annoyed Altisaur,Oakgnarl Warrior, Rhox Maulers, Siege Wurm, Silverback Shaman, Yavimaya Enchantress- Annoyed Altisaur is a big beater with a bonus of cascade, spin the wheel! Oakgnarl Warrior has the bonus of being able to block after a big swing, Rhox Maulers can potentially become quite huge, and Silverback Shaman grants us a bonus card. Siege Wurm can be brought out early to bring the pain! Yavimaya Enchantress can get pretty big with the help of our enchantments.

Bloom Hulk, Pollenbright Druid- Proliferating our board can lead to some big swings!

Brindle Shoat, Dripping-Tongue Zubera, Mother Bear, Penumbra Bobcat, Penumbra Spider, Tukatongue Thallid, Walker of the Grove- What doesn't kill nature makes it come back stronger.

Crowned Ceratok, card:Gnarlild Colony, Pridemalkin, Nylea's Forerunner- Our trample enablers.

Ivy Lane Denizen- Renata, but with a market stall.

Overgrown Armasaur, Sporemound- Token producers to grow our forces.

Ancestral Mask- Boosts for both our own enchantments and those your foes were foolish enough to weave.

Elephant Guide, Fists of Ironwood, Night Soil- Yet more tokens- the latter immensely helpful to pull out against graveyard decks.

Lignify, Utopia Vow- Some pseudo-removal.

Savage Silhouette, Trollhide- Protect the demigod!

Ancient Animus, Ram Through, Titanic Brawl- The closest thing we have to removal here.

Return to Nature- A surprisingly versatile card, blows stuff up or can make sure an annoying creature stays dead.

Scatter the Seeds, Sprout Swarm, Miming Slime, card:Slime Moulding- Token production- Sprout Swarm can be cast over and over again in the best scenarios. card:Slime Moulding can make a huge ooze depending on the mana you put into it- however, past experience has taught me that whenever that happens someone ALWAYS has a bounce spell, which is far more painful than having it killed...

Reclaim, Revive- ...Which is why I have THESE! Who's laughing now?!

Well, that's Renata, the loreless, I mean, the lawless denizen of the savage wilds. Thanks for taking the time to check my deck, and please let me know of any improvements!


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