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Vizkopa Guildmage Burst Drain

Pauper EDH Lifegain WB (Orzhov)


This life drain deck is made to burst down your opponents quickly, killing the table in one to three turns. It will often feel like a combo deck in that its success depends on whether others prioritize killing you before turn 6 or 7. This deck usually can gain enough life to outpace half-hearted attempts to pressure or keep life totals under control, but commander damage and big green tramplers can add up to a loss pretty quickly if you're the only target.

One of the themes I stuck to pretty hard was making a lot of my life gain cheap and instant speed, so I could use it on my opponents' turns. For example, Wall of Hope may not seem very impactful until I block your 5/5 with it while also activating my guildmage and playing Riot Control. Suddenly the table just lost 15 life. Throw in a few other cheap/free effects like a using a creature equipped with Sylvok Lifestaff as a chump blocker and activating Luxa River Shrine, and you can really pile on the drain during their turns, making it harder to attack you. These low/no cost ways to gain life also give you the opportunity to double activate the guildmage so your opponents lose two life for each point of life you gain.

Once you have 6 to 8 mana available, you can usually end the game in one shot by activating the guildmage and playing things like Sever Soul and Congregate.


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