Tatyova combo [PAUPER EDH]: Probably the best pauper EDH general in the format (arguably). Drawing cards and gaining life for a land ETB is way solid with all the opportunities for land ETB's to trigger. Ramp,Ramp,Ramp and combo away. The more I play this deck the more I end up just steady grinding and controlling whilst using a steady bought back Capsize to keep their board state tied down. I can also choose to take other routes by producing infinite mana with Peregrine Drake,Mnemonic Wall, and Ghostly Flicker. Then with infinite mana Capsize their board, use an infinitely flickered Sunscorched Desert to kill them or cast an infinitely replicated Stream of Thought to mill your opponent and pass the turn. With the recent bannings that have taken place, I have swapped the Rhystic Study for a Fall from Favor. The Fall from Favor can be bounced over and over again with a bought back Capsize to change lock down targets and also regain Monarch if need be. To be honest it's probably the best card to take Rhystic's old spot.

Always evolving. I'll post updates as I change the deck.

Thanks for stoppin in!


1-4-21: Out Soratami Rainshaper. In, High Tide.

1-4-21: Out Arboreal Grazer. In, Salvager of Secrets.

2-17-14: Out Woodland Stream. In, Rimewood Falls.

5-17-21: Out Rhystic Study. (Due to banning), In Fall from Favor.


Changes to contemplate: Possibly find a spot for Fall from Favor. Was considering changing out the Lignify for FFF. The reason why I'm torn is, Lignify removes abilities. This is super good against Commanders and other crits that I need to turn off.


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