It That Rides as One


Lone Rider  Flip


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon

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It That Rides as One

Creature — Eldrazi

First Strike, trample, lifelink

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It That Rides as One Discussion

ChocoZero on R/G (Splash White) Agro

2 days ago

Pretty decent, my friend.

Sideboard needs more removal for creature heavy decks.

I like the idea, typical aggro deck, but the current meta needs a little variety (depending on your LGS or friends of course). I would throw in a few more creatures that costs 2 - 3 mana, at least in to the sideboard.

PS: I would suggest you to flip the It That Rides as One  Flip card to it's original form, it's kinda misleading as it is.

I like it.

Bhaal666 on Other cards like Akroma?

1 week ago

I know you are looking for splashy creatures but Akroma's Memorial makes even a germ splashy. Odric, Lunarch Marshal and Concerted Effort this would simply be a good idea for what you want. Domri Rade ult can also make lowly germs splashy.

Angel of Invention, Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, Brisela, Voice of Nightmares, Chromanticore, Drogskol Reaver, It That Rides as One  Flip, Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip, Blightsteel Colossus, Blood Baron of Vizkopa

TitanWalls on Life Cat Shenanigans

2 weeks ago

Yeah, there's multiple approaches, and I'm still adjusting my lifegain deck as to whether to include, and how many of Chalice of Life  Flip, Aetherflux Reservoir, or Felidar Sovereign to include as alternate win conditions besides Serra Ascendant and It That Rides as One  Flip. But I figured I'd bring them to his attention and let him decide if they work for him, since it's pretty complicated to decide what the best option(s) are.

COUGARMEAT on Chicken Soup For The Soulflayer

1 month ago

Soulflayer will only care about the front face of a double-sided card. If it didn't, It That Rides as One  Flip would be totally bonkers.

CommandingThoughts on It that gives me lifelink

4 months ago

Not enough other humans - or at least there wasn't when I was running Dwarves, It That Rides as One and Gisela, the Broken Blade

I've changed the 1 drop to a human now, Thraben Inspector, and added Tireless Tracker for a similar reason. So that means more humans. But....

One other problem is that Heron's Grace Champion is a 4 drop and I think I'd rather run 2 more Gisela, the Broken Blades.

mintyfreshmana on My Lil Creepy Ponies - Eldrazi Horse Party

5 months ago

Wow, this is awesome! That turn 3 It That Rides as One  Flip is not bad at all! Nice job breaking Lone Rider  Flip :)

Hollow2517 on

5 months ago

Personally, I very much like Lone Rider  Flip and It That Rides as One  Flip. It's just a great budget card, not only in mono-white, but in Orzhov-Odric and Boros-Aggro. If you want my take on it, though, I don't think that with this deck it would be good. There's not enough Westvale Abbeys to use properly the Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip's flipped ability correctly, imo, and not enough lifelink/lifegain. Another thing that messes me up a bit, you don't have any madness output, but there's a lot of Madness cards in your deck... If you were playing full-on Orzhov, then it would make sense to play Alms of the Vein and Call the Bloodline, but really you're just losing some potential synergy I think. Now, how do you fix that ? Well, some very good cards that I like in standard right now are Harsh Scrutiny, and Chaplain's Blessing. You can remove creatures from your opponent's hand really fast, and disrupt their game, or heal yourself for five to flip Lone Rider  Flip.

Anyways, best of luck mate !


KingEnma on

6 months ago

Blueberrypop Lambholt Pacifist  Flip is a great card but it doesn't fit the goal of this deck which is to provide an equally dangerous threat in It That Rides as One  Flip which is a lot easier to flip into with this current build. I may consider that after Den Protector rotates but because I never play Den Protector unless she can be flipped on the same turn, she will likely be replaced by a combination of Archangel Avacyn  Flip and Verdurous Gearhulk or another 5 CMC card that can provide a big advantage.

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