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Mono black commander with built-in card advantage is too good to pass up, so I decided to build my first mono-colored Pauper EDH deck. The tribal aspect narrowed the search even further, then the life loss part of the commander's ability gave me a route to go in filling the utility slots. The basic deck is pauper zombies. Nothing crazy. Lots of recursion, some free and some value sac outlets.

One of the biggest weaknesses is running out of life too fast due to the commander's built-in card engine. Because of this, I forgo some of the usual black card draw spells in pauper like Sign in Blood, Succumb to Temptation, and Vulturous Aven. When Undead Augur is on the field, those spells generate a ton of card advantage, but that's no good if you're inching close to death. I did keep Read the Bones, though, cause dat scry OP.


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