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Radiant is such a cool card...

But at seven mana, she's hard to utilize well. I've kicked around a bunch of different ideas for partners for her, and not been entirely satisfied with any of them. Then my boyfriend suggested Ardenn. I hadn't given much thought to making the deck mono-white -- the card-draw problems are real.

But the idea of auto-attaching a bunch of severe equipment and auras the turn Radiant hits the field (and probably swinging a lot of unblockable haste damage immediately) was such a interesting explosive idea that I had to run with it.

And this is the result:

  • We got equipment that provides good power buffs and good keywords, and we're not too fussed about whether or not it's expensive to equip 'cause we'll probably dodge most of the equip costs.

  • We got Auras that provide some bonus protection - Radiant might not always need it, but I don't want to run out of fliers, and I can move it around with Ardenn if I need to protect other things.

  • We got a nice removal suite - White doesn't draw cards well, but it's got some versatile answers.

  • We got some fliers to shield Radiant. I wanted other Angels for flavor points, but a couple non-angels slipped in as utility (e.g. Pilgrim's Eye, Carrier Pidgeon, Custodi squire)

  • We got lots of rocks. Radiant is mana-hungry. Lots of the rocks are great mana-sinks for after Radiant is in-play, like Bonder's Ornament and Magnifying Glass.


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