Peregrine Drake

Creature — Drake


When Peregrine Drake enters the battlefield, untap up to five lands.

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Peregrine Drake Discussion

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

I definitely understand that need to tinker. It's fun to see if you can make something more efficient or if you can find a new way to apply it.

If you are currently considering Ainok Survivalist and Dream Stalker as flexible slots, I suppose that it could be a decent time to test out Phantasmal Image if you haven't already. From my experience:

Cons: Like any clone spell, its viability and power vary with whatever is on the battlefield. The Image is also a poor clone to use if you are looking to clone something that you expect to want to interact with. It has negative synergy with Cloudstone Curio.

Pros: It's cheap to cast, can double as a card-draw creature if you already have one out, is even better as an extra copy of a tutor creature, and has on multiple occasions allowed me to keep the storm train going by copying Peregrine Drake. Another thing worth noting is that the ETB triggers of Shrieking Drake, Dream Stalker, and Ancestral Statue don't target so you can actually use them to return the Image to your hand if you need to.

I'll admit that I miss the days when Legendary permanents destroyed each other when there were two of the same Legendary on the battlefield. Back then the Image could count as a kill spell for commanders and the Metamorph could destroy Umezawa's Jitte. Oh well, those are days long past.

My rough (and situational) priority list for Image targets is:

1) Tutor creatures.

2) Bloom Tender and Peregrine Drake

3) "Enchantress" creatures like Primordial Sage

4) Card-draw creatures.

5) An opponent's hate bear creature like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben if there are fast combo decks that I want to hamper more.

I'm not hard-set on that priority listing though. I'll generally go with whichever of those categories happen to be on the board at the time. I'm not against just cloning a mana dork if it means putting a counter on Animar and putting my ramp for the next turn that much further ahead.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

I'd keep Phyrexian Metamorph in the deck. Although the Imperial Recruiter + Shrieking Drake + Phyrexian Metamorph combo is more for 1v1, there have been a lot of times where I've used it to pump out a quick eldrazi that was in my hand. Because the Metamorph will get to bounce the eldrazi back to your hand once, that's still drawing 8 cards or exiling 4 permanents. The metamorph has also been really helpful for netting more mana or cards for free while trying to storm off by copying a Mulldrifter or Peregrine Drake. I've used the card for so many different plays that I have a hard time picturing the deck without the versatility it offers.

If Torpor Orb isn't a worry for you then I think it's fine to cut the Ainok Survivalist. I've always considered it a meta pick.

Between Dream Stalker and Man-o'-War, I would be more inclined to cut the Stalker first. For this deck's purposes, its mostly just a slightly worse extra copy of Shrieking Drake. Man-O'-War has extra utility in that it can bounce a blocker, Recover Animar if someone stole it with Gilded Drake, and in my playtesting it is one more way to delay a Hermit Druid deck by a turn by bouncing the druid.

Regarding the card-draw creature options that you listed, It's hard for me to ignore that Whirlpool Warrior and Champion of Wits only let you filter cards. They don't net you any additional cards in hand, they don't even replace themselves as a card in hand. However, I like that the Warrior can mess with opponent's hands. The downside to it in comparison to the Champion is that the Warrior is useless if you already have one combo piece in hand and are trying to dig for another piece.

Slithermuse used to be an Animar staple years ago when the first competitive versions of the deck were floating around. I used to run it, but the fact that it isn't guaranteed to draw you cards and that its triggered ability is when it leaves play were hassles. The double blue mana to keep it on board was awkward, especially since you weren't getting immediate value out of it, and casting it for the Evoke cost meant that it wasn't going to stick around long enough for you to use bounce shenanigans to net a ton of value out of it. The card always seems to hover on that borderline of being playable, and I guess it would be worth it if your meta has a lot of control decks that like to keep their hands stocked with cards.

I was mulling over the pros and cons of Slithermuse vs Sandstone Oracle as replacements for Kozilek in low budget Animar builds last night but I didn't really put in enough thought about it to come to a conclusion.

Foul Emissary comes with the chance that it won't find a creature in the top four cards, but considering how many creatures are in the deck I think that the statistical chance of that happening is low enough that it is worth consideration anyway. If it doesn't hit anything that means that it probably filtered away a bunch of non-essential ramp and land cards, although there's a good chance that tutor spells will also get swept away by it's ability. I'll admit, I'd probably want to smack my head against the table if I was in a pinch and the Emissary filtered away a tutor that was on the top of my deck without netting me a creature.

So of the options you've listed, my priority choices for cards to take out would be:

1) Ainok Survivalist. 2) Dream Stalker. 3) Man-o'-war. 4) Phyrexian Metamorph.

And my priority list for card-draw creatures to put in would be:

1) Slithermuse (meta dependent). 2) Champion of Wits. 3) Whirlpool Warrior. 4) Foul Emissary.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

And just to clarify in regards to my previous comment, yes, I know Peregrine Drake still works with Kiki. I was focusing more on the Eldrazi with that comment and phrased it awkwardly.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

So with Cloudstone Curio out of the deck, do you think that puts cards like Peregrine Drake, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth under scrutiny? One of the major reasons to include them as a top end to begin with was because of how they are able to combo with Curio, so how effective is their role now considering that they don't work with Kiki?

There are still a lot of ways for the deck to bounce them back to your hand multiple times. On a number of occasions I've gone off with Ancestral Statue, cast Ulamog, bounced it back to my hand with Shrieking Drake, cast Ulamog again, bounced it back with the Statue, then cast it a third time. Exiling 6 permanent in one go is usually adequate for clearing the way to kill a player with Animar.

On the down side though, the Eldrazi are awkward to get in an opening hand. Are there cheaper options that aren't as reliant on the Statue to be viable earlier in the game?

All three cards are still great in the deck, but since the lack of the Curio removes a number of the lines of play that they were normally a part of I figure that it is at least worth throwing the question out there for consideration.

And as another thought, does Spellseeker make Grapeshot a viable inclusion in the deck? It allows 3/4 of your 3 CMC tutor creatures to be able to fetch up a win-con after going off with the Statue, and with the number of spells Animar can cast on a non-combo turn the Grapeshot would still make a decent removal option for clearing out annoying creatures like Hushwing Gryff that would otherwise be tough for Animar to get rid of.

enpc on General Tazri's Allied Forces of Awesomeness

1 week ago

Have you considered Palinchron or Peregrine Drake to go along with your Deadeye Navigator? From there you either play or bounce atazri, getting Kalastria Healer and then game. I get combo isn't for everyone but you do already run one and you're running most of the pieces for a second.

goblinguiderevealpls on brago the whitewalker: winter orb is coming

2 weeks ago

i like the idea of Heliod's Pilgrim and Peregrine Drake as i have a copy of both. not sure what to cut for them

Tsabo's Web does tap some of my lands, buts its mainly there as another 2cmc cantrip alongside Wall of Omens and Spreading Seas, its also worth noting i would run Back to Basics if i had one, and web doesnt tap as much of my stuff as Stasis or Winter Orb/Static Orb, and not to mention i can untap the lands affected by web via Cloud of Faeries,Flickerwisp, Felidar Guardian

stensiagamekeeper on brago the whitewalker: winter orb is coming

2 weeks ago

Wormfang Manta lets you take infinite turns if you play it with Brago out. I also like Peregrine Drake as another way to go infinite with Deadeye Navigator and Eldrazi Displacer and I've found the toolbox effect of Heliod's Pilgrim really useful. I count six lands which seem awkward with Tsabo's Web so maybe that needs a rethink.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

2 weeks ago

I used to run Inferno Titan alongside Deadeye Navigator back before the mulligan rules change forced me to cut most of my higher CMC creatures due to them becoming liabilities in the opening hand. The two of them + Peregrine Drake used to be a common way for me to net a turn 5-6 win. I also liked that the Titan was able to deal with Hushwing Gryff if it was able to attack. That being said, in the end I cut the Navigator due the it needing 3 blue mana to cast and activate on the same turn, which was restrictive to how often I was able to combo off on earlier turns. Without the Navigator, the Titan got cut as well because it lost about 50% of its utility.

I might consider putting the titan back in if my local meta used decks with lots of utility creatures. In those situations the Titan could probably take out 2 creatures when it enters and then it presents a lot of pressure on subsequent turns. It may be a better card for 1v1, where it can repeatedly kill smaller utility commanders and clear out mana dorks.

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