Peregrine Drake


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battlebond (BBD) Uncommon
Planechase Anthology (PCA) Uncommon
Eternal Masters (EMA) Common
Planechase 2012 Edition (PC2) Uncommon
Urza's Saga (USG) Uncommon

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Peregrine Drake

Creature — Drake


When Peregrine Drake enters the battlefield, untap up to five lands.

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Peregrine Drake Discussion

jamiefosternz on Ezuri, infinite, counters, card draw

1 week ago

Cut Peregrine Drake + Deadeye Navigator. I get that it's a good combo, but it doesn't synergize well with the rest of your deck. If you're adamant on a mana loop, Pili-Pala + Grand Architect is better, as Grand Architect Aynergizes with your creatures, the cards are cheaper cmc-wise, and partially easier to tutor for. Fable of Wolf and Owl isn't that great of a card for your deck, although it does trigger Ezuri. Your curve is already quite low, so Zendikar Resurgent is probably a waste of mana and card slots, you simply don't need the ramp. Orochi Hatchery I think you'll find will be quite a big non-bo when you play it, because it is quite intensive on mana, and by that point you probably have enough experience counters to be effective.

TCK_Green on Don't Blink

1 week ago

Have you considered Ashen Rider instead of Angel of Despair? It's one mana more, but has an effect when it goes to the graveyard (as well as when bounced), and exiles instead of destroys. Also, what with the 15 creatures you have with 2 power or less, Reveillark may also be a pretty useful card. Also, I don't see much draw in the deck - would it be worth adding Sphinx's Revelation or Stroke of Genius?

Also, if you have the money for it, then a Palinchron would do nicely as a back-up for when something happens to your Peregrine Drake. It's a little more, but if you have that and any card that wants infinite mana (e.g. Mnemonic Betrayal) then you can some pretty awesome/awful stuff <(^_^)>

CrazyChessPlayer on Aminatou blink!!!

1 week ago

Thanks so much for your help 5c0r910n and pillowmint:)

I have made the following cuts:

Boreas Charger, Trinket Mage, Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign, Treasure Hunt, and Lightform

To add:

Mulldrifter, Ashen Rider, Infinite Reflection, Trinket Mage, Lavinia of the Tenth, and Reveillark

These are just preliminary cuts and adds. I see a lot more cards I want to put in the deck from your suggestions, but I am not sure what cards to cut for at least some of the following:

Dire Undercurrents, Cathars' Crusade, Knight-Captain of Eos, Rite of Replication, Jace's Mindseeker, and Pull from the Deep

Day of dragons looks awesome do you think Synthetic Destiny would be a worthy include as well?

I don't have a specific outlet for the Peregrine Drake combo but both cards are super powerful in blink and getting infinte mana is always helpful:) Do you think I should work some outlets in for the possibilty of comboing off or is it not worth it?

Thanks again for all your help:)

SaberTech on Harvest Animar

1 week ago

Hi. I'm hoping you can help me understand the Kiri-Onna loops because I have been going over the sequence you lay out and as far as I can tell it isn't infinite. At the point where you use Phyrexian Metamorph to copy Peregrine Drake you have used up all three of your blue sources so you are forced to pay 2 life to cast the Meta. The whole sequence basically nets you at the cost of 2 life each cycle. If the red source is also able to produce then you can complete the cycle without paying life but you don't net any additional mana.

I found an alternate sequence after the Drake is on the board that allows you to net infinite red mana without having to constantly pay life:

  • Kiri bouncing Meta (cost: )

  • Meta paying 2 life copying and bouncing Kiri (cost: 2 life)

  • Kiri to return Meta and bounce Drake (cost: )

  • Drake to untap lands, tapping red source in response (cost . gain . Lands now untapped)

Now you can loop Meta copying and bouncing Kiki -> Kiri returning Meta and bouncing Drake -> Cast Drake to untap lands without having to pay anymore life, and each loop nets you .

So the cost altogether would be + 8 life and 2 counters on Animar to set up the infinite mana loop.

However, neither your sequence or mine is able to set up any other loops involving Imperial Recruiter without the red source also being able to tap for blue mana. I'm not sure that matters though because after getting infinite red mana I just cast the Meta one last time copying the Recruiter to get Walking Ballista for the kill.

I've been double checking both sequences using physical cards so I don't think that I'm missing anything but I very well may be. Can you see any errors in what I am doing?

Spirits on Un-FLICKING-believable!!!!!!!!!!

1 week ago

Hi hoardofnotions,

Thanks for the comments on Spirits Wall.

What do you guys use to value your decks? We use Un-FLICKING-believable!!!!!!!!!! Deck. $60.82 - Basic Lands $1.10 = $59.72. We always found (Sidebar) was always missing cards (Caution triangle), and was so variable made it unpleasant. Interested to know what you guys settled on.

Rakdos Charm in all honesty is not the best, but it is modular (graveyard protection), and it kills a go-wide token strategy that you indicated to have issues with. Also, or alternatively, you can run board clearing, like Chandra's Ignition or Whipflare.

Ontop of Dualcaster Mage + Ghostly Flicker + Piranha Marsh, Archaeomancer + Peregrine Drake also work.Animate Dead + Worldgorger Dragon can also, but he is high risk. Maybe some additional Tutors to consistently get the Ghostly Flicker.

Rite of Replication + Dualcaster Mage / Naru Meha, Master Wizard is infinite Wizards (Don't even need to kick it). Rite of Replication is good on it's own too, especially with all the ETB's you run. Add a Gray Merchant of Asphodel and that's a win-con (unless the opponent is playing heavy life gain), does 60 damage to each opponent ( x 6 Gray Merchant of Asphodel + 5 triggers) by itself, and you gain 180 life.

I see the mana fixing in the base, but so many tapped lands can slow you down too much. May overcome this with the ramp?

Dinrova Horror I understand he can be a powerhouse, and recurring him makes him good, but High CMC, and can't target yourself (efficiently anyway).

Dreamscape Artist that is a hell of a price to pay, I wouldn't. If it could pull any land maybe, but not basic.

I'm not sure Duplicant is effective enough, and high CMC, for his $ cost in a budget format. There's lots of ETB's to abuse, for sure, he is one of them, but not sure worth it. Would rather have money for a Rite of Replication.

Withered Wretch and Ingot Chewer are ok, but I would rather have a Rakdos Charm, I realize can't flicker them, but those creatures aren't the greatest anyway, and Withered Wretch doesn't benefit from flicker.

I would play but evaluate Discovery / Dispersal, doesn't provide any card advantage, have to see how often it is Surveil a card into the graveyard that you return as a %. If it inconsistently works, I wouldn't run it. If you find your usually recurring the card it throws, or your aggressive enough to dig for a combo piece, might be ok. Hard to evaluate.

Evil Twin (CMC4) can be great, or not. Situational. Same with Memory Plunder, too random, too situational. Difficult to evaluate it's value, I usually stay away from those.

Animate Dead is very high $, again would rather see something like a Rite of Replication in it's place.

Nightscape Familiar is not a terrible ramp, and he has Regenerate, so can block Non-Flample pretty good.

Devastation Tide scares me to, because you probably rebuild your board the slowest (or close to the slowest). I wouldn't want to reset myself, after doing all the ramping work. Might be situational good on occasion, but rarely on a miracle. There is a blue card (not Cyclonic Rift that does opponents stuff, name escapes me now, but it has a very high CMC)

Commit / Memory at CMC4 seems pretty high too. Seems to much, lose the game with it in hand and unable to cast, or saving CMC4 and don't end up using it. Not Flash or anything (other than the copy spell guys) to really utilize the saved mana, or draw, etc. Some with the artifact returns/recur though.

Burnished Hart is really good, I know he doesn't ETB, but if you can recur him, lots of ramping. A little $ expensive too.

Most of your drawing is CMC 3+ which, I understand early turns your playing tapped lands for the most part, so you're slowly moving, then turn 3-5 your trying to draw. You have a couple tutors, but you might get overwhelmed before you can get to it. Luckily in a multi-pod, you'll probably be left alone for a while, but hard to evaluate if your fast enough. Since you restrict to only Tier 4+ commanders, you may have enough time, our league doesn't restrict, just restricts the budget, Animar or Brago, you'd never get ahead of, so you have that going for you!

Cloud of Faeries + Deadeye Navigator + Dimir Aqueduct or Izzet Boilerworks or Rakdos Carnarium does indeed make infinite mana.

Razaketh's Rite is high CMC, but the Cycling makes it playable if drawn in opening rounds.

Sever the Bloodline is great for Horde removal too (or indestructible), or Bile Blight. Not sure how often you see it though, we have 1/1 Snake and 2/2 Wolf and */* Vampire in our league. Tragic Slip too (instant speed).

Murder is a good budget removal too. Can free up some $ with a Dissipate instead of Counterspell.

I like the draw on Illusionist's Stratagem but the CMC4 sucks, it's still good though because it triggers the 2 creatures, which you need.

Custodi Lich is awesome (for the extra draw and the sacrifice), but his $ and his CMC5 make him not budget friendly. Plus he many not even get the target your really want to kill, and sorcery speed. Once the Monarch is on the table, if you don't have a way to take it back, you may actually hurt yourself by giving away card advantage.

Notion Thief is best with Wheel of Fortune type effects, or when you play "all players draw a card" type effects. Not sure if you've found him consistent enough in this flicker type build?

Good deck idea, like the flicker. +1.

enpc on The Great Depression Tazri Budget 40$

1 week ago

The change looks good. I think you could also replace Wood Elves with Rampant Growth since you're not running any shocklands, which is where wood elves excels. Also, is there any reason you're not sporting Sol Ring? Just to keep the cost down? Also, Avacyn's Pilgrim and Elves of Deep Shadow can be good early game fixing/ramp.

I would recommend finding some space for Kalastria Healer. This is the main win conditon of combo Tazri lists but is also just good when you're spewing creature into play. Especially with cards like Brago. If you wanted to long term as well you could include a Peregrine Drake and either Deadeye Navigator or Eldrazi Displacer or Archaeomancer (who pairs with Ghostly Flicker) to give you another infinite combo line.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

2 weeks ago

I first started running Animar back when a friend wanted me to play with him in some small two-headed Giant EDH tournaments that a LGS had decided to run. I built Animar and an Azami, Lady of Scrolls deck as partner decks with a bunch of interconnecting combos and interactions. I had Weird Harvest either in the deck or as a sideboard option, I can't remember. The idea was that even if the opponents got to tutor for creatures as well it wouldn't matter because the Azami deck would grab cards like Vendilion Clique, Patron Wizard, Venser, Shaper Savant, and Voidmage Prodigy to interrupt whatever the opponents searched up and let Animar combo off.

On the whole though, I think that Weird Harvest is far too high risk for its potential payoff. I consider it to be about three times more risky than Aluren. And if you aren't also running Peregrine Drake I think that it is pretty much unplayable. If you had the Drake then in the mid-game there is a chance to cast Weird Harvest where X is 3, so 5 mana total, and fetch up two combo creatures and the Drake to untap a bunch of lands so that you could cast those creatures on the same turn. Without the Drake, you are likely to have to wait a turn after giving each of your opponents 3 cards. Even if you only cast the Harvest where X is 1, there are some very real fears regarding Flash Hulk that were voiced in the chat. The deal gets even worse for you if one of your opponents happens to have a counter or removal to stop the card you tutored for.

I can still picture times where the Harvest could pull your butt out of the fire, but when you would be able to cast it profitably would be so dependent on the board state that I wouldn't be willing to place any bets on how consistent it would be to run.

Someone in the chat explained the order for the Kiri combo. I remember seeing it used in some older lists that I found on Reddit but I think that having a 5CMC makes it a bit of a rough pick. It has applications for more budget builds but it would have been so much better if Kiri was 4CMC instead of 5.

PB80 on Surrak test

3 weeks ago


Cultivate gone for a card with lower CMC

Doubling Season Change in strategy

Garruk, Caller of Beasts Change in strategy

Jace, the Mind Sculptor Change in strategy

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets Change in strategy

Kodama's Reach gone for a card with lower CMC

Maelstrom Wanderer It just hits too many cards to be productive

Mirror Image Found it a really nice card but needed the slot

Riku of Two Reflections to mana intensive for current build

Samut, the Tested Change in strategy

Stingscourger Nice card but missing something

Timestream Navigator too slow in this build

Vexing Shusher Change in strategy opens up this slot

Vivien Reid Change in strategy


Amulet of Safekeeping Like the way this tests

Chrome Mox to improve mana

Banefire extra Win con

Etali, Primal Storm heavy hitter and target to force a move

Flash opens up options

Farseek mana improvement

Grinning Ignus combo piece and mana boost

Phyrexian Revoker toolbox

Peregrine Drake combo piece

Protean Hulk combo piece and toolbox

Rampant Growth mana improvement

Spellseeker toolbox

Trinket Mage tutor

Walking Ballista combo piece

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